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Climbing Technology's range of winter specific equipment gets better each year. For winter 2018 / 2019 they have a consolidated line of some of the most innovative and best value for money products on the market. All products are made to a very high standard in CT's own factory in Milan, Italy.

North Couloir Axe and Hammer

This is the second year in the CT range for the North Couloir. It's had some great reviews since it was introduced and is a very versatile and great value for money technical tool. Both an Ice and Mixte pick are available and can be interchanged depending on the type of climbing. The adze and hammer can be removed and are also available as spares.

Weight Adze - 545g | Weight Hammer - 585g

RRP - £170

Alpin Tour & Alpin Tour Plus Axe

The Alpin Tour and Alpin Tour Plus are Climbing Technology's most popular walking axes. They are fantastic value for money and perfect for winter hillwalking in the UK, along with easy alpine outings and glacier travel. Both models have a light alloy shaft and hardened steel head. The Alpin Tour has a smooth shaft whereas the Alpin Tour Plus has the addition of a rubber grip.

Alpin Tour Weight | 50cm - 460g, 60cm - 495g, 70cm - 530g

Alpin Topur Plus Weight | 50cm - 490g, 60cm, 525g, 70cm - 560g

RRP | Alpin Tour - £65, Alpin Tour Plus - £85

Nuptse Evo Crampons

The Nupste Evo Crampons have been around for many years now. They are tried and tested 12 point general mountaineering crampons suitable for everything from winter hillwalking right through to low grade icefall climbing. They are most at home on the winter munros and simple alpine ascents. Available in 3 different versions - Classic (C1), Semi-Automatic (C2) and Automatic (C3).

Weight | Classic - 945g, Semi Automatic - 1000g, Automatic - 995g, Classic Flex - 994g

RRP £100

Snow Flex Crampons

The Snow Flex Crampons are new for winter 2018 / 2019. They are ski touring specific crampons that weigh a scant 530g per pair. Constructed from alloy, they are extremely light and pack down small for easy storage. The front points have increased surface area over normal crampons which aids performance in in snow. The Snow Flex also come with anti balling plates fitted, are very easy to adjust for sizing and are available in Classic, Semi-Automatic and Automatic fittings.

Weight 530g

RRP £100.00

Nevis Flex Crampons

The perfect choice for winter hillwalking and for anyone who requires simple, reliable 10 point crampons. The Nevis Flex have a flexible centre bar so they easily be fitted to B1 walking boots and come with both anti balling plates and a crampon bag as standard. They are also supplied with an extra set of longer bars so enable them to fit a very wide range of foot sizes.

Weight | 814g

Size range | EU 34 - 47

RRP - £80

Ice Traction Plus Crampons

Great in marginal icy conditions, or when full crampons are overkill, the Ice Traction Plus Crampons are a good option for winter hillwalking. They have stainless steel points and chains and a full rubber rand with top velcro strap. Available in 4 sizes.

Sizes S - XL

RRP | £40.00

Agile Kit & Agile Kit Plus

A really innovative solution for ski touring and ski mountaineering. The Agile is an integrated shovel and axe kit. The axe can be used on its own and in emergencies can be inserted into the shovel and used as a handle. The Agile Kit Plus is identical but features an axe with a steel, rather than aluminum head.

Weight | Agile Kit - 655g, Agile Kit Plus - 770g

RRP | Agile Kit - £120, Agile Kit Plus - £110

Snow Blade Shovel

Snow Blade

The Snow Blade is an aluminum shovel for ski touring and mountaineering. Featuring an ergonomic handle for ease of use and improved digging efficiency. Ribbing increases rigidity and holes enable the shovel to be used as a snow anchor. The Snow Blade comes in two versions; one has a fixed removable handle and the other a removable telescopic handle.

Weight | Snow Blade - 670g, Snow Blade T 780g

RRP | Snow Blade - £40, Snow Blade T - £45

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