C.A.M.P. Radion Ice Screw Product News

The Radion is our most advanced ice screw. A unique hanger rotates independently on the shaft, ensuring the force of a fall is applied at the optimal angle. The Radion features a reverse angle on the threads (flat side towards the ice), to distribute pressure more uniformly in brittle ice.

Placing a Radion is greatly simplified by the aggressive front teeth, an ultra-smooth shaft, and a stiff lever arm with a rotating knob. The 12-mm colour-coded Dyneema sling saves the weight and hassle of an extra draw if necessary. With a carabiner pre-attached—the Nano 23 or Orbit Wire are ideal—you can be moving upwards faster than ever. The screw can be placed or removed while clipped to the rope ensuring it will never get dropped. A carabiner hole on the steel hanger gives a second option for racking.

  • Ice and Alpine Climbing
  • Can be clipped to the rope while placing to prevent accidental loss
  • Machined with a shaft thickness tolerance of only 0.03 mm
  • Chromoly steel is nickel-plated to prevent rust
  • Front teeth are milled with three different angles for fastest penetration
  • Reverse angle threads are optimized for brittle ice
  • Angled lever arm provides clearance during placement
  • Ability to reduce total rack weight with the built-in sling
  • Bright finish on hanger and lever helps reduce melt out in the sun
  • Easy racking with two clipping points
  • Includes tip protector and thread guard for packing


  • 12 cm – 155 g
  • 17 cm – 177 g
  • 22 cm – 199 g

For more information visit Allcord Ltd

12 Dec, 2010
New unique idea I don't think!! The Russian titanium ice screws that everyone used a couple of decades ago used a very similar hanger and handle and Grivel now has it's own version...
12 Dec, 2010
Not to mention they aren't all that good
13 Dec, 2010

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