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Lightweight Compact Trekking Poles

In search of a pole that's as small and light as possible for carrying in a climbing pack or holiday hold baggage, we compare five adjustable-length models at a range of budgets.

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C.A.M.P Sky Carbon and Sonic Alu Trekking Poles

Lightweight, compact and well made, C.A.M.P's Sky Carbon and Sonic Alu trekking poles represent pretty good value for money. As these are basically the same pole in either aluminium or carbon fibre, we've reviewed them both in a one-er.

Tour Carbon 3 Poles from Leki

There are many ways to wreck a pair of poles. My favoured approach is to pick a course back and forth across huge piles of unstable moraine whilst carrying a large and overloaded pack. With that in mind, I took a pair of Leki's Tour Carbon 3 poles out on...

MSR Talus TR3 Walking Pole

Walking poles are great opinion dividers. There are those who think they are cumbersome wastes of time, and those who swear by them... Alan James tests the MSR Talus TR3: "An excellent robust and lightweight pole with an innovative compression system..."

Black Diamond Ultra Distance Trekking Poles

Viv Scott reviews Black Diamond's 'Ultra Distance' carbon fibre folding trekking poles. The 3-section Z-Pole design...

Comparison Review

Comparison Review Trekking Poles

Alison Culshaw from Adventure Expeditions offers some tips on choosing trekking poles, and reviews three pairs, each with their own...

Grivel Trail Pole

The Grivel Trail Pole is a compact, lightweight trekking pole, revolutionary in its design and execution, says Mike Kann. "A pole's a pole right?...

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These are annoucements direct from manufacturers

Leki Micro Vario Carbon

The Micro Vario Carbon, which is also available in a Ladies and a Strong version as well as with an integrated anti- shock  feature,  is  always  the  first  choice  – whether for trekking, multi-day cabin tours or fixed-rope routes. 

Komperdell Trekking Poles

AS Wimbledon fortnight approaches, it's worth noting that the trekking world owes a nod of thanks to the Murrays and Haleps et al who'll soon be gracing the courts of SW19.

NEW Go Pro attachment on the LEKI racing poles

LEKI poles have just got media friendly: they can now accommodate a GoPro. This feature has been added to LEKI's entire racing pole collection making it easy to fit a camera to the top of the pole.

Fizan Compact Poles

Mr Fancati Domenico, (1913-2013), founded Fizan in 1947. A man of vision, he was the first to produce ski poles in aluminium when steel...

CAMP Poles

These ultralight, foldable trekking poles, weighing only 450g per pair for the Sonic Alu and 377g per pair for the Sky Carbon, pack down to just...

LEKI's Chiller and Breeze: unfold, kick back...rel

Effect Chairs; the Chiller and Breeze – compact, lightweight and comfortable folding chairs. Perfect...

LEKI'S Tour Carbon 3 Pole: Built for big mountain

LEKI'S Tour Carbon 3 pole (£139.95 a pair) has been built for big mountain powder days: it's light,...

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