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Most walkers or hikers like to keep a tally of the mountains they have climbed and for those of you who love ticking off or bagging mountains you can now buy a Munros map and a Wainwrights map where you can scratch off the mountains as you climb them.

Munro and Wainwright maps, 206 kb

Munros are mountains in Scotland which are over 3000 feet high and are named after Sir Hugh Munro who created the first list of mountains in 1891 which subsequently became known as Munro's Tables. The scratch-off Munro-bagging print is a large glossy A1 sized map and shows the position of all of the 282 Munro mountains including their height in metres and feet. Each peak is covered by a gold scratch-off latex coating which can be scratched off to reveal the colour beneath.

Munro Map Framed, 166 kb

Since there are 282 Munros, ticking-off or "bagging" all of them is a serious challenge and one which will normally take even the most committed and serious walker many years to complete. These maps allow you to have an attractive record of the peaks you've done and the ones you still have left to complete.

Munro Maps scratching, 186 kb

The scratch-off Wainwright print is the perfect gift for walkers / hill climbers or lovers of the Lake District.

Wainwright Map framed, 179 kb

Alfred Wainwright began compiling his seven volume set of Lake District Fells in 1952 and it took him 13 years to complete. Wainwright documented 214 fells in total and each significant Lake District fell has its own section in one of his seven volumes. The 214 fells later became known as the "Wainwrights". Many committed or enthusiastic fell walkers and hikers will have, "ticking-off all the Wainwrights" on their bucket list.

The scratch-off Wainwrights print is a large glossy A2 sized map and shows the location of all 214 Wainwright fells along with their height. Each fell is covered by a gold scratch-off latex gold coating, allowing you to record each one you have 'bagged' by scratching off the foil to reveal a colour underneath. The fells are coloured to be in-line with (but not exactly the same) as the colours used by Wainwright for each of the seven books. Also featured on the map is a tally that you can update with a dry wipe pen as you go along so you can see how many more you need to bag.

Wainwright Maps scratching, 200 kb

These maps are great gifts for a walking/climbing enthusiast whether they have been walking for many years or have never climbed a mountain but have aspirations to do so.

The maps provide an attractive way of recording your walks and also act as a great motivator to encourage your next trip.

These are part of a Collect and Scratch range by, other maps in their range include scratch off top UK cycling climbs, golf courses as well as beer, whisky and many others.

The maps are available as a rolled map print or as a framed map from

For more information visit Maps International
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