Privacy Policy

UKClimbing Limited is dedicated to giving you the website resources and information you desire on the web site, without compromising your personal data integrity. We hope that this privacy statement is a testament to our privacy commitment.

If you have any questions, concerns, or requests regarding the UKClimbing Limited Privacy Statement, please feel free to Contact Us.

User Profiles uses User Profiles to enhance and personalise the user-experience. User Profiles are free to set up and the only data we require is a functioning email address, a user name and a password. This information is collected via an input box and is submitted by the user and stored on a private database on our server. The email address is confirmed by sending an email to the submitted address with a link that is clicked on to validate the User Profile. A browser cookie is used to identify you on return visits.
UKClimbing Limited does not divulge any of the information from your User Profile to third parties. The password information is encrypted but don't use the same password for other sites, especially for important sites like online banking.

Emailing Other Users

If the user has allowed contact via their User Options, it is possible to email other users via a button on their User Profiles, or next to their User names in the Forums. The actual email addresses are never publicly disclosed on the site although users should be aware that, when sending an email using the forms, your regsitered user email address is included in the sent email to allow replies. This will expose your email address to the person you send the email to which means that the security of the email address is then out of the control of UKClimbing Limited.

It is possible to keep your communication completely private by blocking form emails from unregistered users, or even blocking it completely by using your 'User Options' linked to at the top of each page. Newsletter

There is a Weekly Newsletter at The mailing list for this Newsletter is held on our web server which is based in the UK. If you don't wish to receive the Newsletter then you can deselect the 'Subscribe me to the Weekly Newsletter' option in your 'User Options' linked to at the top of each page.

Privacy Options on your User Profile

The following privacy options are possible:
1) Under 'User Options' at the top of all pages, you can edit a lot of privacy options. You can set yourself to be unreachable by the on-site email function, you can request a user name change, and you can unsubscribe to our Weekly Newsletter.
2) You can manually edit all the text fields in your User Profile, or delete the contents of every field.
3) Individual photos can easily be removed from your gallery by licking on the 'Edit/Remove Photo' button in the top right-hand corner of the photos screen.
4) Logbook entries can be removed (see HELP page on the Logbook section) or the whole Logbook can be set to 'Hidden'.

Removing your User Profile

User Profiles are automatically removed after 2 years of inactivity. Browsing the site when logged on to a particular profile will re-set that profile as 'active'.
Although User Profiles can be deleted from our database before 2 years has passed, we discourage users from doing this since deleting a profile doesn't really achieve much, but can cause problems at a later date. The only data that is removed when we delete a User Profile is the personal data associated with that profile (which can be easily edited anyway) and the personal climbs Logbook (which can also be edited away or hidden beyond view). All the forum posts from the Profile, and photos in the gallery stay in place. By deleting a Profile we actually break the link between the Profile and the posts, gallery and Logbook and this link cannot be re-established at a later date. In the past we have had problems with people trying to lose old profiles only to build new ones under a new identity, however often they then come back to us and request their old Logbook and photos back which is not actually possible.

If you wish to have your User Profile removed please first empty it of all data, delete your logbook and photos, then Contact Us and we will remove the Profile.

Forum Posts

The forums at are some of the most popular outdoor-related forums in the World. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these message boards becomes public as soon as you have posted it. You should exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information. On most of the Forums the threads are archived permanently even if your Profile is removed.


UKClimbing Limited is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of external websites which are linked to from the website, either from editorial content, classified listings, or the cross-site advertising.

Website Statistics

UKClimbing Limited uses Google Analytics for our websites statistics. We do not gather browsing behaviour of individual users.