on your Mobile Phone

Nokia 7110 Now you can get all the great features of UKClimbing direct to your mobile phone. Looking for a dry crag whilst you're on the road, or need your nearest climbing wall? Want directions or a phone number for a gear shop, camp site, or climbing centre? At the crag and want to check the new routes database to see if someone has claimed your new line yet? Or just browse the latest climbing news from the UK and around the world.

View the WAP site in your browser

You can view the mobile (WAP) site in your normal web browser if you want to (although there isn't anything unique on the WAP site, it is just formatted for small screens and fast downloads, has no graphics, etc):

What is on

We couldn't fit the whole of UKClimbing onto the WAP site, and in particular we decided not to have the forums on the mobile site, but you can access all of the following :-

Does my Mobile Phone support WAP?

Almost all mobile phones support WAP, including Pay-As-You-Go phones. If your phone has any of the following menu options:

  • Services
  • Internet
  • Web
  • WAP

then you can probably assume your phone is capable of accessing WAP or HTML pages.

How do I use WAP on my Mobile Phone?

If you have not accessed a WAP or website before, you may find you need to set up your phone before you can access the service (though many phones are supplied pre-configured). Remember, the address you need to enter for UKClimbing is

If you're not sure, contact your mobile provider or handset manufacturer; the following websites may prove useful: