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Mon-Sun 0800-2100 (closed Xmas, New Yr hols).


£3.80 unlimited session, no joining fee. £30/month gives full centre access
This wall is not a dedicated climbing centre. It is might be ran by a school or leisure centre

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Last updated on 28/Nov/2013


The wall is within a community leisure centre which includes a good pool and a reasonable fitness room. 10m high wall. Small - 11 ropes for top-roping and 2 lead routes. Although limited in scope there is a good range of features: about 50:50 with bolt on holds. The features make it good for bouldering despite the limited space (if you use your imagination). The wall is always quiet and you are likely to get it to yourself. Note for beginners: No shoe hire, although harnesses, belay's and locking carabiners are available.

Some local Stirling Climbers don't seem to rate the wall but I was pleasantly surprised by the bouldering possibilities due to the large amount of good features. I haven't done any of the top-roped routes, but these look varied and interesting.
Definitely small compared to the Glasgow Climbing Centre, Alien Rock or Hadrian's Wall. It does however have the attraction of being beautifully quiet. [John Keith 8/00]

There are now 11 top-roping routes and 2 lead routes have been added to the over hang wall. All routes are now graded and are maintained by the Glasgow Climbing Centre. Still reasonably quiet, never seen more than 6 folks in there at a time, which makes it great for a midweek practice wall if a trip to Glasgow/Edinburgh isn't possible. [jbellj 01/07]


26 Aug, 2010
Nice small wall. Signing in was hassle free, and very good value for money. Some interesting routes set on the corners as well as on the faces. Took two novices there. Not a lot of easy routes set, but enough to do with them if you are not strict about following colours.
29 Oct, 2007
its alright me and my girlfriend have just started really so its alright for us apparantly the set up has changd since easter this year and there are loads of routes to have a crack at. Its never been that busy either but its now £4 odd a session which lasts as long as you want. its alright in my eyes.
28 Sep, 2004
I live in Callander, and yes, it is usually very quiet, and it is also a good place to introduce your kids to climbing....has advantage of the swimming pool and a cafe as well, which can make for a good day out with the bairns if it wet etc.
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