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Mon-Fri 1000-2200, weekend 1000-7000 (except Christmas day - closed!)


£5.50 annual membership

£5.50 Child Entry
£7.50 Adult Entry
£6.50 Student Entry
£6.50 Concession Entry

~Non Members ~
£6.50 Child
£8.75 Adult
£7.50 Concession
£7.50 Student

Season Passes

10 Climb Pass £70
20 Climb Pass £130
30 Climb Pass £210

3 Months £150
6 Months £270
12 Months £360

10 Climb Pass £40
20 Climb Pass £78
30 Climb £11

This wall is a dedicated climbing centre and ABC member

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Last updated on 17/Dec/2017


Main competition wall 23m high 8m overhanging with to side overhang at 6m, leading,in-situ quickdraws and top roping with probably the best new wave cellar bouldering around. Gear hire available and all ablities, groups and users are welcome.
"The wall is simply the best,the highest and the biggest in Europe. Great, exciting atmosphere with an interesting and challenging set of routes and problems, from some of the best route setters in the UK.

"Some awesome routes" [Steve Crowe 1/03. We dunno if he works there - UKC Ed.]

User Photo Gallery

Finishing off © bigpad
Finishing off
© bigpad
Natty Berry leading on the main lead wall at Sunderland Wall © Dave Berry
Natty Berry leading on the main lead wall at Sunderland Wall
© Dave Berry
Natty Berry bouldering at Sunderland Wall © Dave Berry
Natty Berry bouldering at Sunderland Wall
© Dave Berry
The bouldering walls at Sunderland Wall © Dave Berry
The bouldering walls at Sunderland Wall
© Dave Berry
The main lead wall at Sunderland Wall © Dave Berry
The main lead wall at Sunderland Wall
© Dave Berry
Ross leading a 6a at Sunderland Wall © Haighy
Ross leading a 6a at Sunderland Wall
© Haighy


16 Dec, 2017
"Without those awesome 23m long and 8m overhanging routes to train on, our objective to climb would probably have remained a distant dream." Steve Crowe after climbing Mundo Feliz 8b+
6 Feb, 2008
personaly this wall is over rated and over priced. do your self a favour save up and go to Rotho adventure centre now thats a climbing arena to the gods. the kids walls are even full of tech spots and mini overhangs they got a web site have a look. and for sunderland claming to be the biggest just have a look at the ratho site and deside for your self if its the biggest in europe hahaha
16 Oct, 2007
Best climbing wall I've ever visited, I'm now a member. Why bother moaning about the cold? You're climbing, if you got any warmer than you do, you might as well be climbing in a sauna, I like the draft. Bouldering walls are excellent, they change the routes too often for me, I prefer to have a familiar route to warm up on. People seem to like the changes though, so I'm not one to moan. the roped walls are great, lots of different size walls to give you a varied climbing experience. The staff here are great too, definately a great place to learn how to climb. I'd recommend it to anyone.
23 Apr, 2007
Ive been climbing this place for just over four months now. Excellent place to be. Staff couldnt be better and atmosphere is very laid back and friendly people all over willing to help you and guide you on that problem. Main walls are well routed and Big enough for anyone climbing indoors to be honest. The bouldering wall is well set out and changes every 2-3 weeks normally. Those who have moaned about the cold need to give their heads a shake if you belive it would be easy to heat a building of that size!! There is a hot drinks vending machine if needed people :P The Shop is now open if you need to grab some chalk or tape.. or even some shoes or clothing :D. Go in your climbing gear if you are affraid of getting changed infront of people. Only thing i would like to see are some lockers but i never take anything valuable in with me. Anyway id rate this place highly 10/10. Try it you will enjoy it :D
5 Oct, 2006
Sunderland wall is a great day out, get changed into your climbing gear before you go if you're shy, or go to the loos. The people that go there seem to be honest types and I've never had a problem leaving my stuff in the middle (Just use common sense and don't take anything too valuble right?!) I normally go wearing a hoodie which keeps me warm enough belaying and amazingly I am able to remove it when I start climbing and warm up! lol yeah ok so its a bit mucky and it leaks over the far end (where u dont need to be) with heavy rain, but theres food/drink facilities and a great atmosphere. I find the staff are always willing to advise/give tips or tell u when your harness is twisted (LOL). Its probably the only wall in northumberland where i come away feeling like I've achieved a lot in one day. Newton Aycliffe etc are ok cos they are more representative of real rock but sunderland is a real challange, theres nothing like the buzz u get leading the main wall...its a top place, stop moaning!
Mark Aspin
19 Jul, 2006
I'm a regular there and just can't get enough of those high walls. Bouldering is excellent too with new routes regularly put up. Staff are helpful as well as fun and are always looking for a laugh in wierd and wonderful ways. Defo recommended to anyone regardless of skill or ability 10/10!
Impressed as a first time visitor to the wall - obviously not as well developed as some more established walls, but some good routes on a range of different angles + heights. Worth going just for a crack at 23m of leading! Real shame there isn't a cafe though.
13 May, 2006
after a 30yr lay off a heart attack and one small granddaughter pestering me to take her climbing .(i tell a good story) stepping into the wall area was awsome for me. rock gymnastics. best efort was extreme, hopfully with the aid off the wall i will get her up a respectable rout.Mac
2 May, 2006
this wall seems like it has the makings of a great wall all it seems to lack is features. it has a few but it would be hundereds of times better if they were added. the staff for the most part seem to know what they are doing, which is reassuring. the ropes are well looked after and the holds do stay put! nice wall!!! shocker2day
18 Nov, 2005
Tis fantastic and friendly. People who complain about heating obviousy dont climb outdoor and should probably try it. Same goes for lack of changing rooms. Routes are excellent and staff very good. VISIT SUNDERLAND WALL. ps. no i don't work there
19 Jun, 2005
Went here the other day and there is still a problem with the cold. The Bouldering routes set are excellent eprcially the overhang ones. A major problem being is that every hold is like glass, there is no friction what so ever. The price is still a major problem aswell, newcastle eldon square is easier to get to (for me anyway) and costs between about £1.60 and £2.40 a hell of a lot cheaper. I would recomend this as a one of place for bouldering, not some where to visit all the time, but if its climbing high up a wall then this is the place for you:)
20 Apr, 2005
Took up climbing to keep my girlfriend active & this wall has just what I need. Friendly staff helped with solo climbs and boosted my ability to go higher & safer. Can get a bit packed when the rock-monkeys are in on Sat/Sun mornings. True there is no secure locker/changing areas and it's cold first thing, but outside climbing is opened to all weathers. Got me toned up & pumped up to that bit further. The boulder wall changes all the time giving me great warm-up fun. The staffs choice in music is ACE!!! well worth a second look
tendon popper
8 Apr, 2005
bang on. the wall is awesome! bouldering wall is the business. friendly, enthusiastic staff who try there best to make sure you have a good time. who cares if its a bit chilly, at least you get warm properly. this wall is tip top
15 Mar, 2005
big wall if you like a bit of exposure, friendly staff, don't expect it to ever be heated as the building is so high, remmember, heat rises. could do with some auto belays, as climbing on your own is a problem in the north east....
Mark. G
11 Jan, 2005
S/land wal are getting things well sorted , such as regular routes and problem changes. The floor has been painted this will stop alot of dirt and staff are listening to customers doesn't do any harm having the likes of Any Earl& Steve Crowe setting routes etc. There is a real good atmosphere go try it - excellent training venue!
Dan wilson
9 Dec, 2004
Sunderland wall is a great place to climb even thow it does get crowded sometimes put the people there are great what more can you say a busy place is a good place. also the staff are always willing to help you with that boulder problem thats got you stressed lol Nice one sunderland wall lol
andy nicholson
9 Dec, 2004
my local wall which i regular visit and the staff/walls/bouldering are all brilliant and cant recommend the place enough though a little busy midweek but where isnt. a great place to build your stamina and to get more use to hieghts
9 Dec, 2004
my local wall which i regular visit and the staff/walls/bouldering are all brilliant and cant recommend the place enough though a little busy midweek but where isnt. a great place if you want to get your stamina up or get more use to heights.
Adam Palmer
20 Aug, 2004
Having recently moved into the newcastle area and having climber regularly in birmingham bristol and swindon, i can say that sunderland is a proper climbing wall. Yes it's not finished, and yes there aren't secure changing or storage areas. However the place has been open for just over a year, and the holds whilst not features like are two things, clean and chalk/rubber free. The grading of climbs is fair and accurate (realising that it is subjective of course)and whilst the place is not finished what is there is being used by people who want to climb and are friendly. it will over time develop, and it's definatly worth a visit if not just to have a bash at the main wall. It's a place that compells you to develop your technique which is considered a good thing. It will be a very good climbign centre, it will however take time. Go and have a look and have a climb and enjoy yourself!
Nate Dogg
12 May, 2004
Pretty impressed, plenty of room. Have heard some complaints about changing facilities but god your there to climb not get ready for a fashion parade!! If you do climb instead of complain you'll love it here, big variety of stuff. Some BIG leads if you feeling strong, you'll need to be cos the main wall is very tall!!! I came away feeling more pumped than i ever have before. The bouldering was interseting too wicked overhang to push yourself on, very fun. Atmosphere was very informal and very friendly, just what I like. Basically if you go there just expecting to climb as I did you'll love it,if you're expecting five star accomodation don't bother. I mean what do you do when you are outdoors!!!
mark medley
4 Dec, 2003
This is a good wall for serious climbers. Sure it could be improved but most of the complaints about mats and changing rooms should not put people off using what is the BEST wall in the north east. At last a decent training facility in the NE with some leading.
Mick Dyson
13 Oct, 2003
If the Sunderland wall had all the facilities its telling everyone it has already it would be shit hot. Unfortunately it hasnt so it aint... Is it so bad to want a secure changing area. The place is full of mackems after all...It has got a lot of potential to be a great wall but £7 is steep for whats on offer at the moment. if things improved people wouldnt object to paying all that money.. Sorry to be negative
8 Apr, 2003
they seriously need to do something about the floor its filthy - which is making all the holds go polished and a lovely shade of black a lot quicker.
Roy Batty
13 Mar, 2003
The Sunderland wall needs the following in order for it to become the type of place its telling everyone it is already: Sufficient matting on all routes, Secure changing facilities, Cafe, Gear Shop, And yeah it is bloody cold in there so a few heaters wouldnt go a miss. Also theres a lot of space in there going unused.
Roy Batty
13 Mar, 2003
The Sunderland wall needs the following in order for it to become the type of place its telling everyone it is already: Sufficient matting on all routes Secure changing facilities Cafe Gear Shop And yeah it is bloody cold in there so a few heaters wouldnt go a miss. Also theres a lot of space in there going unused.
28 Feb, 2003
I feel that I must refute the two unfairly negative reviews appearing above*. Sunderland wall is a serious wall for people who are serious about enjoying their climbing. It is not for people who feel that a 1 metre fall onto a Cassin mat is dangerous, for people who insist on 'dedicated changing facilities', or for people who like climbing at 30ºC+. It is for those who want to climb superbly set routes and boulder problems of all grades, in an atmospheric setting. Nuff said? (*No, I do not work for the wall.)
David Ballantyne
24 Feb, 2003
The previous comments are reasonably fair, however bear in mind that this is early days for this wall. As with any new business venture, the sooner trading starts the better. In this instance it seems to have meant that some of the facilities are not as perfect as we would all like. Given time, I'm sure that this will be rectified. In the three or four times that I have been to this wall, it clear that a an enthusiastic 'scene' has developed already. I have enjoyed every visit. As regards pricing, about which there have been a number of complaints, having looked at the websites of a number of other major walls around the country, there does not appear to be a major disparity in pricing. In comparison to the other local walls in the North East, none of them offer the option to climb as high as you can at the Sunderland Wall. For training your head for heights and your stamina, none of the other local walls can match the Sunderland Wall. I think that the vast majority of climbers in the North East and particularly in the Newcastle/Sunderland/Durham area will appreciate the business risk taken by the proprietor in attempting to provide them with a national standard wall.
Storm Baines
12 Feb, 2003
My high expectations of this wall were dashed on a dirty uneven concrete surface which closely resembled the floor type chosen by the manager of this wall. The main wall is big but unfortunately only approx. half of it has routes on and the safety matting underneath doesn't extend far enough for climbers on the most overhanging lead wall. There is no dedicated changing area, no gear shop and as far as i could feel no heating. I do feel that at the present moment in time the(imaginatively named) Sunderland wall is not value for money. The only plus point was the bouldering with a good selection of routes but once again the saftey matting was insufficient. Unfortunately the venue looks like a building site and the facilities are not adequate. The wasted potential for a building as impressive as this is a crime.
10 Feb, 2003
This is possibly the biggest climbing disappointment all year. The place isn't finished yet, in fact in places it’s dangerous. I know climbing is a risky sport, but I expect expensive indoor walls to at least have the bouldering mats extending the whole length of the bouldering wall, not finished with a couple of Cassin mats. I also would expect the protective flooring to cover all the leads routes not just the beginning of them. The bouldering routes are nice, although grading them would be a thought. The main routes for climbing are awful. I've climbed more entertaining ladders. It is overpriced for an unfinished wall. £7.00 to climb somewhere this bad is a joke. If you want an indoor climb, either Eldon centre or Newton Aycliffe are much, much better.
31 Jan, 2003
good wall (big), some holds on walls spin,one of the best bouldering overhang for indoor that ive been on. its worth the visit.
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