UKC Listings - Helpful tips

Using the search form

You can quickly search through all our Listings using the form on the left of page. The Search by Business Type menu can narrow your search to a single type of business - perhaps you are looking for an campsite, or an outdoor shop. Or you might want to see all Listings near to you, using Search by Location. You can enter just a town name, or a postcode, or indeed a full address. e.g., Main Road, Hathersage, Derbyshire S32 1BB. If you supply a maximum distance as well, a circle will be shown on the map, highlighting Listings within that distance. Finally you can Search by Name, so if you can remember part of the name of the business you are looking for then a list of the closest matches will be shown.

Using the map

If your web browser supports Google Maps (all modern browsers do), then you can look through the Listings on our map. There isn't room for everything on the map at once, so areas with lots of items are shown with a icon. Click once on these to zoom into the map and show more items, or use the controls at the top left of the map to zoom in and out, and scroll around. You can also scroll around by dragging the map with your mouse, and zoom in by clicking twice.

Each Listing is shown on the map with a coloured pin - click once to open up a new page with further details. e.g., opening times, how to get there, review and users comments. Each colour relates to a different type of business - outdoor shops, accommodation, clubs, etc. There is a key to the colours at the bottom left of the map.  

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, then you can also show GE feed UKC Listings in Google Earth.

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