Eden Climbing Wall, Penrith Leisure Centre

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Southend Rd, Penrith, CUMBRIA CA11 8JH

01768 863 450

£5.50 Adult all time unaware of children price. Be active card required. No block price despite asking several times.

Opening times
Mon-Fri 1000-2200, weekend 1000-18:00

8m leading walls (one overhanging by 1.5m) another with overhanging prow. An extension of Penrith's swimming pool and fitness centre rather than a climbing centre in its own right. Now well over 120 sq m of wall surface as 2 new walls have been added. Courses available. Sports centre facilities. - The bouldering walls have now been replaced by more leading walls but there are plans to add additional bouldering areas in the future.

All the walls have new features, added in March 2000, and the routes are all changed at six-month intervals. Routes from F4 to F7c, so something for everyone. [Andrew Huddart 5/00]

A few new routes added recently but many have been up for more than a year

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Near junction of A66 and M6.

NO, part of a school or leisure centre

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User Comments

Have found just lately that the top karabiner is often seized up. Mentioned it to the staff to no avail.
ichtus - 20/Feb/09

Dpipfho - 20/Apr/08

Dpipzjg - 20/Apr/08

They Have Now Upgraded The Climbing Wall! (NOV 2007) Removing the Bouldering area (see end note) Featuring Many more Lead Climbing Opertunities, lots of new routes, clean holds (well for now so be quick!) and routes of all abilities and styles Perhaps slightly easy on the grades- but maybe its just that they're short routes!>? Bouldering Room Not Currently Available (Under Construction 23/11/07) Colin Crockart (Local Instructor)
Colin Crockart - 23/Nov/07

i climb there loads and i think its a pretty good wall for penrith and theres rumours going round that they might be extending it so that should be good. the routes arent changed every 6 months though, the routes were changed the other week but they had been up for just one month short of a year.
noah - 28/Oct/06

Very neat little wall. A bit smaller than I had first imagined but that didn't really matter as I was the only one in there. There is no staff supervision which I think is a bit of a bad practice so make sure you know what you're doing! All walls appeared to be lead walls because there was no rope already up when I went. I was on my own so I was just bouldering. Nice big fitted mats with some very nice routes. A little disapointed that there were very little set routes and no grading, but what can you excpect on a moulded wall? All in all I'd give it a 7/10.
Mark Aspin - 16/Aug/06

Not a bad little wall. The leisure centre has recently had a refit but the wall wasn't part of that. When I went there were quite a few spinners so watch your step!
soveda - 06/Oct/05

My friend climbs at the climbing wall every Tuesday she says it is great! Soon i will be going to the climbing wall with her! I am looking forward to it! It looks better than the one at our school! (Can't wait)
Jess - 12/Apr/05

i climb at penrith once a week i am a beginner some of the walls a nice and easy others a more difficult
ak - 22/Mar/05

Penrith is nice and small. i climb five days a week there. 9m high so not so many clips required. boldering wall is cool big mats so nice soft landing. great place. much nicer than keswick.
Bruce Allmighty - 22/Nov/04

i climb here like every day for my lunch break and their arn't 2 bouldering walls its all the same one but not bad for a small wall. And theirs 18 leading walls with various routes on each ranging from 3 to 8A+ so even more for every one I climb their soooo often and i have been to better walls but i like our little wall and if u ever get board i have like over 25 problems on the bouldering wall and help set routes soo know it like the back of my hand sad i no
crazydiamond - 07/Oct/03

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