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David Hooper MIA, IML

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Last updated on 05/Feb/2013


Run in a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere.

I can offer courses in all aspects of mountaineering and outdoor education in general.

I am also a provider for the MLTUK Single Pitch Award and Climbing Wall Award and the National Navigation Award Scheme.



6 Feb, 2010
just come off SPA assessment with Dave (and chewy) cant recommend this man enough!!! superb!! very relaxed and friendly. vast amount of knowledge not just in climbing!! will certainly look forward to our next meeting. thank you :D

14 Dec, 2009
My father and I had our CWA assessment with Dave last week and like most people we can't reccomend him enough. His approach made us forget that we were actually being assessed and we really enjoyed the day. We'll definitely be going to Dave for our SPA in the new year.

16 Nov, 2009
I also have done my SPA trainig with David, cant reccomend him enough. I will certainly be doing my assesment with him! Great bloke!!

15 Nov, 2009
Just did my SPA training with David (and chewy) great course, really insightful i now feel that i know where i am and what i need to do in terms of readying for assessment. had a great couple of days and learned a great deal i'd reccomend Davids coaching to anyone

12 Oct, 2009
David provided my CWA Training and abseil module at Awesome Walls. David covered material beyond the scope of the CWA. A very worth while experience. Top Bloke. Highly recommended.

11 Oct, 2009
Completed my CWA and abseil module training this week and thoroughly enjoyed david's teaching technique and guidance. He is very knowledgeable and patient. I will be very happy to return to him for my assessment when the time comes. Thanks David!

29 Sep, 2009
Did my SPA training with David at the weekend. Must be said, top guy! Will definately be coming back for my assessment in a few months. Plus his dog is by far the coolest crag dog known to man.

25 Jun, 2009
Just back from a great day out with David developing multi-pitch skills. David's calm professional approach has done good things for my confidence, which was the aim of the day.

17 May, 2009
Just had a really good day's pre-assessment work experience with David. Absolutely top guy, friendly, knowledgeable, full of enthusiasm for climbing and very helpful with much good advice on things to look out for. :-)

27 Feb, 2009
Just passed my CWA with David; really patient guy and very knowledgably! I'll be back for the SPA ;o)

26 Feb, 2009
I've just done my CWA Training with David and it was great, he's a great guy and certainly knows his stuff! I'd recommend him to anyone!

29 Jan, 2009
Dave - Many many thanks for taking us through your advanced ropeskills course. You made a lot of stuff which I'd picked up from others in the past and hadn't properly understood, all make sense. I now feel much more confident that I'd be able to deal with any problems that may crop up while I'm climbing.

23 Jan, 2009
I have just done an Advanced Ropeskills course with David and enjoyed every minute of it. I learnt things that I didn't know where possible but I now think are essential skills for all climbers! David's relaxed teaching style was great and he let us choose what we actually wanted to learn. I definately recommend David and am hoping to do my CWA asessment with him soon. Thanks.

22 Jul, 2008
I think I learned just as much during my SPA assessment as I did during the training!! That in itself tells you a lot about David's style - I can thoroughly recommend booking some time with him.

16 Jul, 2008
David's relaxed style eased me into my SPA assessment gently. Learned plenty of new skills, always the best sort of asessment. The personal climbing felt more like a day out with mates than a stressful test. No hesitation in recommending David for SPA.

13 Jul, 2008
Just done SPA training with David. A great couple of days of clear and easy to understand instruction in a fun and laid back atmosphere. David was particularly good at being sensitive to many learning styles in the group, including my general fidgetting and lack of ability to sit still and listen for too long! Nice one guv!

1 Apr, 2008
I first did my SPA training with David and was very impressed by his style of teaching, his courses are laid back and relaxed and you would think you were just out climbing with a friend, and yet i left with so much more skill than i arrived with. Enjoyed it so much i booked my assessment with David, this was done in Wales, based from 'The Office' in the heart of Snowdonia it was a superb two days again, climbing under the eye of David another nice weekend, Very professional and I cant thank him enough, see you soon mate and good luck!

28 Mar, 2008
I accompanied my family on a day out with David learning to do multi pitch. He assessed both my husband n son ( he was 12 at the time) before the day at a local wall before agreeing to take them out to learn. David enabled someone with severe vertigo to do his first multi pitch with the 12 yr old both leading, seconding and belaying his Dad. Quite an accomplishment. He was calm clear and reassuring throughout the day encouraging both Father and son to step out of their comfort zone with confidence. A fantastic day!

28 Mar, 2008
very helpfull ,he explained each piont in great detail and made it easy to under stand and if i got stuck he was allways very reasureing

28 Mar, 2008
My mate Jon and I did our SPA (Single Pitch Award) training with David. It was absolutely brilliant. He knows his stuff backwards (and upwards, downwards and sideways!) Everything was put across in a relaxed, easy-to-understand manner. It really doesn't matter whether you're a complete beginner or, like me, with 40 years of bad habits (err, climbing experience). There are lots of good people out there but David really is exceptional. Give him a go (if you can grab a booking). You'll be amazed!

28 Mar, 2008
On my first multi pitch i found daves guidance really helpfull.He gave us plenty of instruction before the climb about the techniques to use and what to expect on route .Very professional and great to get along with he matched instruction with our abilities really well,a brilliant day out for father and son alike.
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