Jersey Climbs

Jersey Climbs Cover, 9 kb
Author Kevin Eloury
Published Pinnacle Sports - Jersey (2004)
ISBN 0954995007

Jersey Climbs, published in Sept 2004, contains the latest rock climbing offerings from the Channel Island of Jersey. [Kevin Eloury] Tidal range is very big in Jersey, and presumably so is the difference between Spring and Neap tides. Perhaps this is why this guidebook isn't always clear about how tidal the crags are. Recommend tide tables. [Brian Mullan]

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Crags covered by this Guide
Jersey crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Bumbley Buttress42GraniteNW
Dangle Dell87GraniteW
Grosnez Point11GraniteW
Guano Zawn7GraniteW
Gun Cliff1GraniteNW
Jewel Crag11GraniteW
L'ille Agois35GraniteN
La Corbiere67GraniteS
La Cotte De St Brelade43GraniteS
La Moye56GraniteS
La Nethe Falaise52GraniteNW
La Prison77GraniteW
La Vallette22GraniteS
Le Puleq5GraniteNW
Le Vyi35GraniteNW
Mourier Valley29GraniteN
Rabbit's Bottom23GraniteW
Radar Buttress71GraniteW
Rouge Nez76GraniteNW
Sorel Point101GabbroN
The Pinnacle47GraniteNW
The Rabbit's Head55GraniteNW
Trespass Point75GraniteS
Wolf's Caves1GraniteN