Lancashire Rock

Author Les Ainsworth, Dave Cronshaw
Published British Mountaineering Council (1999)
ISBN 0-903908-17-4


A huge tome (1.3 kg), the result of the writers' desire for all the climbs to be in one book and the BMC guidebook commitee's desire to drag the script and contents into the 20th century. A source of many sizest jokes, the guide nevertheless brought back attention onto an important climbing area, although the star system is peculiar to Lnacashire indicating the potential quality of a route, rather than its quality on first aquaintance!

Other editions of this guidebook
Lancashire Rock British Mountaineering Council (2016)

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Crags covered by this Guide
Cumbria crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Barker Scar2LimestoneW
Birkrigg Quarry45LimestoneSW
Brant Fell27ShaleW
Chapel Head Scar85LimestoneSW
Eccle Riggs Bank Quarry (Donkey Rocks)3SlateW
Farleton Crag92LimestoneW
Farleton Quarry7UNKNOWN?
Farleton Upper Crag33LimestoneW
Hoad Slabs7Rhyolite?
Kettlewell Crag0LimestoneN
Meathop Quarry0LimestoneS
Greater Manchester crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Blackstone Edge307GritstoneW
Lancashire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Anglezarke Quarry183Grit (quarried)all
Ashworth Moor Quarry (Cheesden Lumb Mill)69Grit (quarried)W
Baines Crag (Quernmore)12GritstoneS
Barrow Scout Cove18LimestoneN
Billinge Hill Quarry34Grit (quarried)NE
Black Yews Scar0UNKNOWN?
Bow Marble Breast0Slate?
Britannia Quarry1Grit (quarried)?
Brownstones177Grit (quarried)S
Cadshaw Rocks50Gritstone?
Cardwell Quarry34Grit (quarried)N
Central Quarry27Grit (quarried)NW
Cliviger (Ratten Clough)2UNKNOWN?
Cold Stone Crag16GritstoneS
Cow's Mouth Quarry105Grit (quarried)W
Crag Foot15LimestoneS
Craig y Longridge158Grit (quarried)SE
Cross Stone Quarry30Grit (quarried)S
Deeply Vale38Grit (quarried)W
Denham Quarry108Grit (quarried)W
Docky Dam (Doctor Dam)6Grit (quarried)?
Egerton Quarry186Grit (quarried)?
Fairy Steps226LimestoneW
Flying Shed Quarry12Grit (quarried)?
Gauxholme Crag6GritstoneS
Goldmire Quarry16Limestone?
Grey Stone Quarry3Grit (quarried)?
Hall Stones Quarry (Lower Winsley)16Grit (quarried)S
Harcles Hill Quarry68Grit (quarried)N
High Newton Crag2UNKNOWN?
Higher Lench0UNKNOWN?
Hoghton Bottoms0Gritstone?
Hoghton Quarry139Grit (quarried)N
Houses o' th' Hill Quarry29Grit (quarried)?
Hutton Roof Crags95LimestoneW
Jack Scout Crag47LimestoneSW
Jackdaw Quarry5UNKNOWN?
Kemple End32Grit (quarried)E
Knowle Heights Quarry2Grit (quarried)?
Latterbarrow Crag0Limestone?
Lee Quarry23Grit (quarried)?
Lester Mill Quarry81Grit (quarried)W
Lindale Slabs8LimestoneSE
Little Bowland Quarry19Limestone?
Lower Montcliffe Quarry31Grit (quarried)?
Millhead Quarry6LimestoneSE
Newchurch-in-Pendle Quarry9Grit (quarried)SW
Ousel's Nest43Grit (quarried)S
Pack Horse Quarry16Grit (quarried)NW
Peel Quarry30Grit (quarried)S
Pinfold Quarry44Grit (quarried)S
Rabbit Delf0Grit (quarried)?
Raven Lodge Crag5Limestone?
Reddyshore Scout41Grit (quarried)E
Rough Knarr25Grit (quarried)?
Round Barn Quarry82Grit (quarried)W
Scott Park Heights Crag1UNKNOWN?
Scout Crag Quarry4Limestone?
Shaw Quarry45Grit (quarried)?
Shore Quarry20Grit (quarried)SE
Silverdale Sea Cliffs0LimestoneSW
Stainton Quarry0UNKNOWN?
Standedge Quarry53Grit (quarried)SW
Stanworth Quarry95Grit (quarried)E
Star Delf0Grit (quarried)?
Stronstrey Bank Quarry106Grit (quarried)W
Summit Quarry107Grit (quarried)S
Thorn Crag139GritstoneS
Tonacliffe Quarry51Grit (quarried)W
Trough of Bowland Quarry17GritstoneSW
Troy Quarry116Grit (quarried)SW
Warland Quarry19Grit (quarried)?
Warton Main Quarry89LimestoneS
Warton Pinnacle Crag123LimestoneW
Warton Small Quarry48LimestoneS
Warton Upper Crag49LimestoneSE
White House Quarry (Blackstone Edge Delf)47Grit (quarried)?
White Scar29Limestone?
Wilton 1294Grit (quarried)NE
Wilton 281Grit (quarried)?
Wilton 3114Grit (quarried)?
Wilton 443Grit (quarried)NE
Wiswell Quarry2UNKNOWN?
Witches' Quarry88LimestoneN
Withnell43Grit (quarried)N
West Yorkshire crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Castle Quarry (Lobb Mill Delf)14GritstoneNW
Lumbutts Quarry46Grit (quarried)NE
Nab End25Grit (quarried)NW
Pule Hill Rocks148GritstoneNW
Shooter's Nab111Grit (quarried)N
Worlow Quarry (Lower Pule Quarry)31Grit (quarried)?