Author Jens Richter & Sabine Tittel
Published Pianco Alpinverlag (2007)
ISBN 978-3-936740-41-7

Very thorough brick sized guide to the area. Traditional and sport routes over a region with lots of small to medium sized crags. Mostly single pitch. German language.

Other editions of this guidebook
Pfalz Panico Alpinverlag (2013)

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Crags covered by this Guide
Dahn crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Adelfelsen15Sandstone (hard)all
Asselstein62Sandstone (hard)all
Backelstein15Sandstone (hard)S
Braut & Bräutigam1Sandstone (hard)all
Bruchweiler Geierstein50Sandstone (hard)all
Buchholzfelsen3Sandstone (hard)NE
Burghaldefels55Sandstone (hard)SE
Büttelfels37Sandstone (hard)S
Dahner Kuckuckfels2Sandstone (hard)S
Fensterfels1Sandstone (hard)all
Fladensteine55Sandstone (hard)all
Hochstein67Sandstone (hard)S
Honigfels1Sandstone (hard)all
Hundfels20Sandstone (hard)all
Kaltenbacher Teufelstisch3Sandstone (hard)all
Klosterfels23Sandstone (hard)?
Lämmerfelsen34Sandstone (hard)S
Luger Friedrich20Sandstone (hard)all
Munzfels & Jungturm43Sandstone (hard)all
Nonnenfels23Sandstone (hard)all
Pferchfeldfelsen5Sandstone (hard)?
Rappenwand1Sandstone (hard)S
Rindsberg Westpfeiler17UNKNOWNS
Schulerturm22Sandstone (hard)S
Schützenwand (Haferfelsen)10Sandstone (hard)SW
Trifels25Sandstone (hard)?
Vorderweidenthaler Gebiet crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Lauterschwaner Rappenfels11Sandstone (hard)S