Sicily Rockfax Cover
Author Daimon Beail
Published Rockfax (2021)
ISBN 978-1-873341-68-1



Another in the glorious sunny sport climbing destinations in the Mediterranean category. The crags around San Vito and Palermo have more in common with a compact venue like Kalymnos than the more spread out climbing on Mallorca and the Costa Blanca. This book covers everything on the main crags including and is the only book you need.

Crags covered by this Guide
Sicily crags # climbs Rocktype Faces
Cala Firriato - DWS 22 Limestone NE
Castelluzzo Outdoor Wall 11 Limestone NW
Cattedrale Nel Deserto 66 Limestone N
Cinema Paradiso 19 Limestone NW
Crown of Aragon 35 Limestone S
Grotta di Cerriolo 5 Limestone SW
Il Grande Occhio 14 Limestone W
Lost World 22 Limestone NW
Monte Monaco - Sperone Est 9 Limestone E
Mount Pellegrino - Mariella Crack'n Up 34 Limestone E
Mount Pellegrino - Roccia dello Schiavo 85 Limestone W
Mount Pellegrino - Valdesi 148 Limestone SW
Never Sleeping Wall 25 Limestone W
Nuova Ossessione 39 Limestone E
Parete Nord 17 Limestone N
Pizzo Monaco 9 Limestone NW
Rocca Firriatio 26 Limestone NE
Rocca Perciata 16 Limestone N
Scogliera Di Salinella - Central 251 Limestone W
Scogliera Di Salinella - El Bahira 67 Limestone W
Scogliera Di Salinella - Far South 127 Limestone W
Scogliera Di Salinella - North 203 Limestone W
Scogliera Di Salinella - South 174 Limestone W
Timpone Ridge 1 Limestone all
Torre Radio Nord 7 Limestone NE
Valanga 23 Limestone SW

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