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Tafraout - Rock Climbing in Morocco's Anti-Atlas

Tafraout - Rock Climbing in Morocco's Anti-Atlas
Author Steve Broadbent
Published Oxford Alpine Club (2013)
ISBN 978-0-9567288-2-1

Website www.climb-tafraout.com


A comprehensive guidebook to 2000 rock climbs around Tafraout and the Anti-Atlas, covering all the major climbing areas including the quartzite of Jebel el Kest and Jebel Taskra, as well as the granite sport, trad and bouldering in Tafraout. Detailed background information, including everything you need to plan an unforgettable winter-sun holiday, with climbing to suit all abilities from Easy to E7, F4 to F8b.

Crags covered by this Guide
Souss-Massa crags# climbsRocktypeFaces
Aday Road28Granite?
Adrar Asmit8QuartziteNW
Adrar Imtwan2QuartziteS
Adrar Umlil78QuartziteW
Afantinzar Peak / Akida16Quartziteall
Agadir Tower1QuartziteSE
Aguchtim Flakes2Quartziteall
Aguerd Cioch7QuartziteSW
All Relative Gorge12Quartziteall
Amelu Wall15QuartziteNE
Amzkhssan Wall9QuartziteS
Anammer Crags126QuartziteS
Anergui Playground12QuartziteSW
Arches Crag1QuartziteNW
Asgaour Gorge South Wall12QuartziteN
Azumer Crag21QuartziteN
Babouche Buttress6QuartziteS
Belle Vue Buttress, Oumsnat9QuartziteS
Black Crag, Anergui / Crag AX8QuartziteE
Black Crag, Tazult9QuartziteN
Black Pyramid2QuartziteN
Cheshire Cheese Crag29UNKNOWNS
Crag A Tafraoute29QuartziteSW
Crag B, Igordan10QuartziteS
Crag BX16QuartziteS
Crag C / Sanglier Slab1QuartziteE
Crag E7QuartziteSE
Crag F Tafraoute18Quartzite?
Crag G10QuartziteE
Crag H12QuartziteSW
Crag J Assagour10QuartziteS
Crag K Tafraoute19QuartziteS
Crag LX4QuartziteSW
Crag M (Assgaour)7QuartziteW
Crag N10QuartziteSW
Crag NA8QuartziteNE
Crag NB8QuartziteE
Crag O, Oumsnat7QuartziteE
Crag P, Oumsnat5QuartziteS
Crag Q, Oumsnat4QuartziteSE
Crag U, Lower - Tighalt10QuartziteS
Crag V7QuartziteSW
Crag W11QuartziteSW
Dent d'Isabel2Quartzite?
Diamond Crag4QuartziteS
Dwawj Slabs37QuartziteNW
Finger & Thumb4QuartziteN
Foussaoun Riverside8QuartziteS
Fylde Crag13Quartzite?
Harram Peak3QuartziteW
Hidden Arete Area3QuartziteN
Icebox Canyon23QuartziteN
Ignir Crags1Quartzite?
Ksar Rock92Quartziteall
Labia Majora1Quartzite?
Lightning Crag1QuartziteSW
Long Crag, Anergui4QuartziteS
Maid Marion Rocks27QuartziteSW
Maison Rouge2QuartziteN
Marmalade Wall1QuartziteS
Mosque Valley Slabs6QuartziteS
Oumsnat Gorge25Quartziteall
Palm Tree Gorge32Quartziteall
Prickly Pear Gorge5QuartziteE
Prophet Peak3QuartziteS
Raven Crag3Quartzite?
Roadside Crag (Idaougnidif)6QuartziteS
Robin Hood Rocks96QuartziteSW
Sermon Slabs5QuartziteN
Sidi M'zal0Quartzite?
Sif Rock3QuartziteN
Tagzene Gorge30Quartziteall
Tamalont / Crag DX12QuartziteS
Tandelt / Crag L19QuartziteS
Tarakatine Pass139Granite?
Tasga Crag HX13QuartziteS
Tassila Gorge2Quartziteall
Tazka Road46Granite?
The Cromlech13QuartziteN
The Fortress3QuartziteS
The Pimple12QuartziteN
The Sanctuary11Quartziteall
The Sentinel, Tazult3Quartziteall
Thyme Buttress7QuartziteS
Tifghalt - The White Tower7QuartziteSW
Tifghalt - Upper Crag5QuartziteSW
Tizgut Gorge (Crag R & Crag S)43QuartziteW
Tizi Gzaouine34QuartziteSE
Tizi Gzaouine Gorge19Quartziteall
Tizim Waylim10QuartziteSW
Upper Buttress2UNKNOWN?
Upper Eagle24QuartziteN