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Joshuabowers 19/Jul Lead
Hidden 08/Jul Lead O/S
Hidden 23/Jun TR
Bryn williams 17/Jun -
Bryn williams 16/May -
Bryn williams 15/May -
Bryn williams 01/May TR
jonnyhainsworth 30/Apr -
jonnyhainsworth 28/Apr Lead
billyjoel2995 22/Apr Sent O/S
with Kimberley Entwistle
Bryn williams 16/Apr TR
Jonredhill 01/Apr TR O/S

Tri service training camp in quay climbing centre Exeter. Robin O Leary was my groups mentor. Lizzie was in my group with 4 other people. Warm up auto belay.

Jonredhill 01/Apr TR O/S

Tri service training camp in quay climbing centre Exeter. Robin O Leary was my groups mentor. Lizzie was in my group with 4 other people. Warm up after dinner. Good food in the cafe from Chef Paul, BBQ Pizza.

Jonredhill 31/Mar Lead O/S

Plymouth life with Becky May.

Jonredhill 24/Mar TR O/S

Plymouth life with Becky May.

BigHairyIan 19/Mar TR

at Kendal Wall - after bailing out of a walk in the Lakes

with Katy Stranack
Jonredhill 14/Mar TR rpt

Plymouth life centre with Becky May, Lizzie Crofts and Rosie. Speed climbing on the auto belay with becs at the end of our climb. 30 seconds the first time around for me.

Jonredhill 14/Mar TR rpt

Plymouth life centre with Becky May, Lizzie Crofts and Rosie. 2nd time around sowed racing with Bec. 23 seconds this time.

BigHairyIan 12/Mar TR O/S
with Katy Stranack
Jonredhill 12/Mar -

Plymouth life centre. Sunday session with Becky's new harness and shoes. First climb for Becky to get used to lead belaying.

Jonredhill 09/Mar TR O/S

Plymouth life climbing with Becky May and Lizzie Crofts. First night Becky has belayed for people. Auto belay warm up climb.

BigHairyIan 04/Mar 2nd O/S

Stockport Rt 62 black

with Katy Stranack
Bryn williams 04/Mar TR
DCIGadget 03/Mar TR
with Tal Son
Jonredhill 01/Mar TR O/S

Plymouth life centre on my own. Met Callum Luke at the end of climb. He will be going to Fontainebleau with me. First climb of the night on the first auto belay.

DCIGadget 26/Feb TR rpt
DCIGadget 15/Feb TR
DerwentDiluted 05/Feb -
with Nicola Pettit
DCIGadget 18/Jan TR O/S
Stephen3005 08/Jan TR
Bryn williams ??/2017 -
Jonredhill 16/Dec/16 TR

Plymouth life on my own. Cardio training up and down on auto belay 5 times down climbing.

Stephen3005 04/Dec/16 Lead
Stephen3005 04/Dec/16 Lead
Hidden 17/Nov/16 Lead
DCIGadget 16/Nov/16 TR rpt
Emily Tranter 07/Nov/16 TR rpt

f4+ was just a warm up climb, did this one about 2 times, as i hadnt been climbing for a couple months i used this easy climb to get back into the swing of climbing.

with kane nevin
Kane T nevin 07/Nov/16 TR
jayuk0 02/Nov/16 -

Supervising top rope, 3 students

DCIGadget 02/Nov/16 TR
swhite 31/Oct/16 TR

First use of auto-belay.

broniblack 28/Oct/16 Lead dog
jayuk0 26/Oct/16 -

Supervising top rope, 3 students

jayuk0 19/Oct/16 TR rpt
jayuk0 12/Oct/16 Lead rpt
Jonredhill 11/Oct/16 Lead O/S

First lead climb session in months. Lizzie and mine first climb together in Plymouth Life. First climb of the night.

jayuk0 05/Oct/16 Lead rpt
jayuk0 28/Sep/16 TR rpt
jayuk0 21/Sep/16 TR rpt
jayuk0 14/Sep/16 TR rpt
Jonredhill 09/Sep/16 TR RP

Plymouth life centre. Hard route for grade, achieved redpoint on 4th climb.

Jonredhill 09/Sep/16 TR β

Plymouth life centre. A revisit to a route previously done and achieved first time after previously struggling with it at the end of a session on previous climb.

jayuk0 07/Sep/16 TR rpt
Jonredhill 06/Sep/16 TR dog

Plymouth Life Centre Last climb after two hours of hard bouldering. Attempted 4 times failing at same point. Final attempt was successful but arms were pumped.

Connor93 28/Aug/16 TR O/S
Kane T nevin 27/Aug/16 TR
with Em
Emily Tranter 27/Aug/16 TR rpt

timed climb (30 seconds) also done for a warm up climb

with kane nevin
Jonredhill 12/Aug/16 Lead O/S

RSF - Indoor climbing

Jonredhill 08/Aug/16 TR O/S

RSF - Indoor climbing

DCIGadget 30/Jun/16 TR
DCIGadget 15/Jun/16 TR rpt
Hidden 27/May/16 TR O/S
Hidden 07/May/16 Lead
DCIGadget 02/May/16 TR
DCIGadget 14/Apr/16 TR
DCIGadget 28/Mar/16 TR
with Tal Son, Nye Son
Hidden 24/Feb/16 TR O/S
DCIGadget 20/Jan/16 Lead rpt
Sean Kelly 20/Jan/16 2nd
DCIGadget 09/Dec/15 TR
anubis1975 29/Nov/15 TR O/S
greenerd 28/Nov/15 TR
DCIGadget 25/Nov/15 TR rpt
DCIGadget 04/Nov/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Nov/15 TR O/S
jayuk0 28/Oct/15 -

Supervising top rope, 2 students

jayuk0 21/Oct/15 -

Supervising top rope, 3 students

jayuk0 07/Oct/15 TR rpt
DCIGadget 07/Oct/15 Lead
jayuk0 30/Sep/15 Lead rpt
jayuk0 23/Sep/15 TR rpt
DCIGadget 23/Sep/15 Lead O/S
DCIGadget 19/Sep/15 TR O/S
jayuk0 16/Sep/15 TR rpt
DCIGadget 16/Sep/15 TR O/S
with Rob SDMC
jayuk0 22/Jul/15 -

Supervising top rope, 3 students

jayuk0 15/Jul/15 Lead rpt

Bolt protection

jayuk0 08/Jul/15 -

Supervising top rope, 6 students

jayuk0 10/Jun/15 Lead rpt
jayuk0 29/Apr/15 Lead rpt
jayuk0 22/Apr/15 Lead rpt
jayuk0 15/Apr/15 TR rpt
jayuk0 08/Apr/15 TR rpt
Hidden 14/Mar/15 TR O/S
Hidden 16/Feb/15 -
Darrengold 17/Jan/15 -
with Dave Lee
jayuk0 01/Oct/14 -

Supervising top rope, 5 students

jayuk0 24/Sep/14 Lead rpt
jayuk0 23/Jul/14 -

Supervising top rope, 3 students

jayuk0 16/Jul/14 -

Supervising top rope, 3 students

jayuk0 09/Jul/14 -

Supervising top rope, 4 students

jayuk0 02/Jul/14 Lead rpt
jayuk0 28/May/14 Lead rpt
Hidden 11/May/14 Lead O/S
jayuk0 19/Mar/14 Lead rpt
jayuk0 26/Feb/14 Lead rpt
jayuk0 19/Feb/14 Lead rpt
jayuk0 12/Feb/14 Lead rpt
jayuk0 22/Jan/14 Lead rpt
jayuk0 15/Jan/14 Lead rpt
Emma Grant 03/Dec/13 TR O/S
with sultan climbing club
jayuk0 13/Nov/13 Lead rpt
jayuk0 16/Oct/13 Lead rpt
jayuk0 25/Sep/13 Lead rpt
jayuk0 18/Sep/13 Lead rpt
jayuk0 11/Sep/13 Lead rpt
jayuk0 31/Jul/13 Lead rpt
jayuk0 24/Jul/13 Lead rpt
jayuk0 17/Jul/13 Lead RP
jayuk0 10/Jul/13 Lead RP
jayuk0 26/Jun/13 TR rpt
jayuk0 12/Jun/13 TR rpt
jayuk0 05/Jun/13 TR rpt
jayuk0 06/Mar/13 TR rpt
jayuk0 27/Feb/13 TR rpt
jayuk0 20/Feb/13 TR rpt
jayuk0 13/Feb/13 TR O/S
jayuk0 06/Feb/13 TR O/S
radioshed ??/2012 TR
jayuk0 16/Nov/11 Lead rpt
jayuk0 09/Nov/11 TR rpt
Hidden 20/Sep/11 Lead
jayuk0 27/Apr/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 25/Apr/11 TR
Hidden 24/Apr/11 TR
jayuk0 20/Apr/11 Lead rpt
jayuk0 13/Apr/11 Lead rpt
jayuk0 06/Apr/11 Lead rpt
jayuk0 30/Mar/11 Lead rpt
jayuk0 23/Mar/11 Lead RP
jayuk0 16/Mar/11 Lead rpt
jayuk0 09/Mar/11 Lead RP
jayuk0 02/Mar/11 Lead RP
jayuk0 23/Feb/11 TR rpt
jayuk0 16/Feb/11 TR rpt
jayuk0 09/Feb/11 TR rpt
Slaney 12/Dec/10 Lead O/S
jayuk0 24/Nov/10 TR rpt
jayuk0 17/Nov/10 TR rpt
jayuk0 10/Nov/10 TR O/S
Hidden 10/Aug/10 Lead
Hidden 10/Aug/10 Lead
Hidden 10/Aug/10 Lead
Big Steve 17/Jul/10 -
jayuk0 03/Mar/10 -

Supervising top rope

jayuk0 24/Feb/10 -

Supervising top rope

jayuk0 17/Feb/10 -

Supervising top rope

Hidden 11/Feb/10 TR rpt
jayuk0 10/Feb/10 -

Supervising top rope

Hidden 05/Feb/10 TR O/S
Hidden 05/Feb/10 TR dnf
jayuk0 03/Feb/10 -

Supervising top rope

Hidden 01/Feb/10 TR dnf
Hidden 16/Jan/10 TR β
Hidden 16/Jan/10 TR dog
Hidden 04/Jan/10 TR RP
Hidden 04/Jan/10 TR dnf
Hidden 21/Aug/09 TR O/S
jayuk0 22/Feb/09 Lead rpt
jayuk0 15/Feb/09 Lead O/S
jayuk0 08/Feb/09 Lead O/S
jayuk0 01/Feb/09 Lead O/S
jayuk0 25/Jan/09 Lead O/S
jayuk0 18/Jan/09 Lead O/S
jayuk0 11/Jan/09 Lead O/S
Tom_Harding ?/Jan/09 Lead O/S
henbot ?/Aug/08 Lead O/S
jayuk0 18/May/08 TR rpt
JSA ??/2008 -
High 5a
Mid 5a
Low 5a
High 4c
Mid 4c
Low 4c
High 4b
Mid 4b
Low 4b
Style of ascent
Not Set
Flashed (β)
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