An abandoned walkway, with sections missing or damaged. Access is via ferrata style over rungs starting below the rail bridge. These lead to the dodgiest walk ever. There is a cable running the length of the walk which can be used for safety. A must do.

Hidden 03/May/16 -
Megamomaniac 03/May/16 -
Sofie Quist 23/May/14 -

Got up at 5am to sneak onto the walkway before workers showed up to lay more planks on the first section. Absolutely fantastic day out! We met a couple of other groups on our way back - no ropes for abseiling so we walked the route twice. Had to play a nice game of 'who can be more stubborn' to convince the workers who had shown up in the mean time that they should let us pass them so we could go down. Unfortunately they seem to be done with their work now - such a shame :(

with Victoria Slaymark, Louise Kennedy, Anita Andreasen
Hidden 24/Apr/14 -
oli25 24/Apr/14 -
Hidden 30/Mar/14 -
dereke12000 30/Mar/14 -

Awesome! Lower + upper gorges and back again.

with Ian
kishanvekaria 20/Mar/14 -
TraverseKing 15/Mar/14 -
vinspin 11/Mar/14 Solo
with sera, steve joyson, sammy
keith_duncan 11/Mar/14 -
with Michael Lodge, Alice Tomlin, Reece Duncan
Hidden 11/Mar/14 -
Hidden 11/Mar/14 Solo
ma.cecilia 10/Mar/14 -
Rintygold 10/Mar/14 -

With QUBMC Group

Siobhan Vye 10/Mar/14 -
Sinéad 10/Mar/14 -

Great day out

Hidden ?/Mar/14 -
Hidden 26/Feb/14 Lead β
billyf1 25/Feb/14 -
Hidden 25/Feb/14 -
alp79 01/Jan/14 -

So fun!

ashtond6 01/Jan/14 -

many times, amazing fun

kp64zl ?/Jan/14 -


Hidden ??/2014 -
Bertbee 29/Dec/13 -
Hidden 29/Dec/13 -
luke384 28/Dec/13 Solo O/S
with matty
Mattlamb90 28/Dec/13 Solo

2nd crossing

with Ben, Luke
Chriswallis2 10/Dec/13 Lead O/S
with Pete
Hidden 28/Nov/13 -
Climbster 28/Nov/13 -

Via Ferrata

with Vick
Macleod 10/Nov/13 Solo O/S
Ugly Kid Jo 21/Oct/13 -
with Chomp, Andrew Funnell, Ruth
Chomp 21/Oct/13 -
with Ruth Creamer, Andrew Funnell, Jo Morrison
Hidden 19/Oct/13 Lead O/S
EmilyElouise 19/Oct/13 -
steven 19/Oct/13 Lead O/S
with Ade
Hidden 19/Oct/13 Solo O/S
ewanjp 16/Oct/13 Solo

Did before they made it safe.

with Rich Price, trannumrahim
Hidden 15/Oct/13 -
Hidden 03/Oct/13 -
ElBarto 02/Jun/13 Lead O/S

Nice little walk, can't say I found it that scarey and mainly did it because my friends wanted to but still enjoyed it! Wish they weren't about to make ti all 'safe' would've loved to go back and do the whole thing (not just the dangerous parts) and video it.

with Mike Kean, Sonia Marsh
climbhannahclimb ?/Jun/13 -
paul reah 24/May/13 Lead O/S

Had to come back for a third time :) a quick blast through with Jamie and a bit of a photo sesh :) Mucho fun!!

with laura strong, jamie murray
paul reah 22/May/13 Lead O/S

Had to do the Camino again, there is even less of it now than when i last did it :)Laura loved it! i have the pictures to prove it haha :)

with laura strong
anthonyp 03/May/13 Solo O/S
domskezz 12/Apr/13 Lead O/S

Really nice - used to access El Povorin and Cotos.

with Jamma
Hidden 08/Apr/13 -
BedRock 06/Apr/13 Lead
joe hallam 05/Apr/13 -
with andrew senior, Andrew Duncan
joem 04/Apr/13 -
with clure
ClareM.123 04/Apr/13 -
Hidden 01/Apr/13 Lead O/S
Hmgslade 01/Apr/13 2nd
with Jack
Hidden 01/Apr/13 -
Gary K Duke ?/Apr/13 -
with Nick Low
Andrew Duncan ?/Apr/13 -
with andrew Senior, joe hallam
Gibclimber 31/Mar/13 -
Zara_92 30/Mar/13 Lead O/S
with Henry
Henry Brown 30/Mar/13 -
with Zara_92
joem 28/Mar/13 -
Matt88 28/Mar/13 -
Cheese Monkey 28/Mar/13 Solo O/S
with Vienna
partz 28/Mar/13 Lead O/S
beakerburgess 28/Mar/13 -
Alex Wade 28/Mar/13 -
MichJ 28/Mar/13 -

Part way to ruins in the middle

with Joel Pither, Pauline Bloxham
Hidden 28/Mar/13 -
Hidden 28/Mar/13 -
CLyus 28/Mar/13 -
with Hannah
JonnyW 28/Mar/13 -
Hidden 16/Mar/13 Solo
Hidden 15/Mar/13 Solo
CrispsSmiths 14/Mar/13 Solo
with cem
cem 14/Mar/13 Solo
with Tom Eveleigh, Josh Richardson, Chris Smith
UnkArl 07/Mar/13 -

Great rainy day adventure done in various stages of downpour.

with Uncle Bill, Dad
Connorsgrandad 07/Mar/13 -
Hidden 06/Mar/13 Lead
Celia Watson 06/Mar/13 2nd
the rec 03/Mar/13 -
Amber Chaloner 03/Mar/13 -
Hidden 03/Mar/13 Solo
dprctr 28/Feb/13 AltLd rpt
willoates 01/Feb/13 Lead O/S

awesome rest day activity! keep going up to the top gorge. its well worth the walk.

with Becky Brown
BeckyBrown1989 29/Jan/13 Solo

LUSH views

Hidden 13/Jan/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 13/Jan/13 Solo O/S
givemetea 06/Jan/13 -
with Katusha Dali
mol 30/Dec/12 -
with Ken, Jesse
luke384 27/Dec/12 Lead O/S
with matty
Mattlamb90 27/Dec/12 Lead O/S
crack 25/Dec/12 -

with simon
Emma-Louise Anderson 18/Dec/12 -

Absolutely awesome! Somewhat daunting but fantastic.

with Shona Hamner
Hidden 06/Dec/12 -
Hidden 06/Dec/12 -
mjeffery 15/Nov/12 Solo O/S
with Ross, Ando
escostar 14/Nov/12 Lead O/S
vix 04/Nov/12 -

Full walkway this time

BenedictIEP 04/Nov/12 -
with Mark Chitty, Brian Moseley, Rowan Leech, Vicky Jennings, Nick Boone, James Pawson, Tom Hobbs
thedatastream 04/Nov/12 -
with Ben
AliciaHarrison 26/Oct/12 Lead O/S


Hidden 26/Oct/12 Solo O/S
Adamwillclimb 25/Oct/12 -
katherinesydney 24/Oct/12 Solo dnf

Turned around at the bridge when it started raining: bugger!

Hidden 17/Oct/12 Solo
runwildjohn 14/Oct/12 Solo
with Naomi Fraser, Darren Waters, Mark Ward, Stu Howie, Mike Silver
gavster2405 10/Oct/12 -
with jane phillips
Laura Parker 31/Aug/12 -

Papabear proposed to me on this! A truly wonderful and memorable day! :-)

Alex Parker 31/Aug/12 -

mama bears 40th birthday and i proposed on the walkway! an amazing experience, very exposed in places and the gorge/walkway oozes history. i would loved to have seen it and the local area during it's peak.

Hidden 21/Aug/12 -
cactus111 02/Aug/12 Lead
Sannan75 02/Aug/12 Lead O/S

What an amazing experience!

Sannan75 02/Aug/12 Lead rpt

Adding a repeat for the return leg.

saalty 24/May/12 Lead O/S
with Lynsey
cstockford 16/May/12 -

Not really a climb more of a hike but one for the bucket list

Jaime Mitchell 30/Apr/12 -
Hidden 17/Apr/12 Lead O/S
crag_hopper_Jay 17/Apr/12 -
Hidden 16/Apr/12 Lead O/S
elCapitano 12/Apr/12 Solo O/S
AndyMcCoy 08/Apr/12 -
caroline256 08/Apr/12 -
Hidden 08/Apr/12 -
birthers 08/Apr/12 -
SiyP 08/Apr/12 -
malumb 05/Apr/12 -
with Billy, Dash, Rich Dagnam
vertigo 01/Apr/12 -

A must do! Great to be the only ones in the gorge. Apart from the goats that is...

with Mike Lumb, Billy, Dash
jmr 22/Mar/12 -

An experience! Did Upper gorge too after afternoon climbing at Los Cotos, but hadn't heard that the last 50m of path there had also been removed. Uber scary realisation in the darkeneing day. Climbed out of the gorge (fortunately easy) in the gloming!

with Jon Price, Ian Tadman, Ian Atkins, Dave Walker, Paul Greenhow
s.c.white 08/Mar/12 -
with Lauren Wallis, tom white
TimHarwood ?/Mar/12 -
Hidden 25/Feb/12 -
tim91 22/Feb/12 -

Excellent day out, lower gorge is easy the whole way, the upper gorge is a bit harder with a lengthy section of walkway missing with no steel girder, but a small rock ledge you can shuffle along. I stepped off the end to have a sizeable section of walkway fall from under me. We didn't do the entire upper gorge, leaving at the bridge.

tony07 22/Feb/12 Lead O/S
with tim, Benji Mon
Jordan-Miles 22/Feb/12 Lead O/S
with Kevin Cheung, Benji Mon, Thomas Fegan, Thomas Prebble, Christopher McKay, Michael Campbell, Tony Fearon
Climbslikeaduck 22/Feb/12 Lead O/S
elyben 14/Feb/12 Lead
NCorbett 14/Feb/12 -

Awesome! Lower Gorge fully protected. Stunning walk. If you gancy a bit more follow the track at end of lower george for about 1km, until you reach the Upper George. This is even more interesting, no via ferrata except for the gaps in the walkway, some long stretches, that would be a struggle for anyone below 5ft. walkway has completely fallen away just shy of the end and there is no protection. Metal door bars route on other side anyway, forcing you to retrace your steps.

Hidden 06/Feb/12 Lead O/S
zoeimogen 01/Feb/12 -
zoeimogen 30/Jan/12 -
Hidden 21/Jan/12 -
Tom Keaveny 10/Jan/12 Solo O/S
Rich Clague 03/Jan/12 -
Hidden 01/Jan/12 Lead O/S
marcb 01/Jan/12 Lead O/S

An extremely memorable experience, easy as you like but the exposure is brilliant, recommend taking a gopro so you can scare your parents when you get home!

ranga ??/2012 -
OliBangbala ??/2012 Solo
Kevster 30/Dec/11 Lead O/S
mark20 25/Dec/11 Solo O/S
bigdrew 25/Dec/11 Solo

Dressed as Santa, with Santas'

Tris.w 25/Dec/11 AltLd O/S

With santa.. video here:

with Brad Cox
Jake Young 25/Dec/11 Solo O/S
with Santa
katiep 17/Dec/11 -
callans 17/Dec/11 Lead O/S

Amazing. Balance beams over the abyss.

Tesni 17/Dec/11 -
Matt Smith 17/Dec/11 Solo O/S
with Jamie Parkin, Jonny Pearson, Oli Brend, Caroline Hammond
El3ctroFuzz 16/Dec/11 Lead O/S

Lower Gorge is NOTHING Compared to the Upper gorge! You can do a lovely round trip: DO the Camino Lower Gorge and follow the path after all the way round to the Upper, go to the dead end, come back cross the Upper gorge bridge and go back via the Tunnels. An excellent day out! No roped leading is essential as stated elsewhere.

with Tom White, Elaine Budden
Hidden 07/Dec/11 -
ANC 07/Dec/11 -

A must in El Chorro, good fun on a rest day!

Hidden ?/Dec/11 Lead
Hidden 22/Nov/11 Solo O/S
lottiec 22/Nov/11 -
with Mikey P
Cardi 21/Nov/11 Solo
mariannekhoo 19/Nov/11 -

Climbed it in the rain. Took the rain tunnel back to the bridge, which involved wading through knee-deep murky brown stagnant water.

vix 14/Nov/11 -

Socks and sandals in a thunder storm

thedatastream 14/Nov/11 Solo
paul reah 22/Oct/11 Solo O/S

Very nearly turned back when I first saw it, but was persuaded :-D and its so worth it! Amazing exposure, stunning views, wading across the river was fun as were the slabs on the other side of the train tracks :-D 3* Spanish government keep saying they are going to restore it, cant see it now!! go do it!

john_ni 18/Oct/11 -

Brilliant day, Lower gorge lunch at the farm & a walk through the valley to the upper walkway - in many ways better than lower as canyon is narrower. Returned through tunnels today then did the Lower gorge return back from Los Cotos 2 days later & abbed off end as got dark.

with Ian Wilkinson, Adrian Goldstraw
georgenvk 14/Oct/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 08/Oct/11 -
Hidden 08/Oct/11 -
Hidden 04/Oct/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Oct/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/Aug/11 Lead O/S
Hidden 01/Aug/11 Lead rpt
Hidden 20/Jul/11 Lead O/S
ian-rad 17/May/11 Lead O/S

Climbing down the gorge after the initial via ferrata and trying to cross the fast flowing river, then scrambling up the other side of the gorge to end up walking back throught the railway tunnels, takes about 3 hours, and pushes the grade up a bit, but sooooooooooo much fun its unbelievable, do it without a guide and it feels like a true adventure, getting across the river is a real problem solver (hint) head up stream if in doubt

with Al Fee, Diana Crabtree
Hidden 08/May/11 AltLd
Alkis 30/Apr/11 -
Hidden 27/Apr/11 -
Rebecca Earnshaw 24/Apr/11 -
Hidden 19/Apr/11 Lead
Hidden 17/Apr/11 -
CRiddiford 17/Apr/11 -
with Joe, Mike, Lisa, Mirithiar
JHiley 17/Apr/11 -
Hidden ?/Apr/11 -
jev ?/Apr/11 -
with Sian, Flo
Hidden ?/Apr/11 -
dale 42 ?/Apr/11 -

great time on rest day

Rich A-Wilkes 29/Mar/11 -

Great fun on a 'rest' day. Express via ferrata training

Hidden 24/Mar/11 -
Hidden 23/Mar/11 TR O/S
mark4344 23/Mar/11 Lead O/S

great fun and a must do trip for the area. only dodgy bit is the start before the cable as only protection is a v. sad looking faded fixed rope.

with Andy Philipson
Hidden 19/Mar/11 Solo O/S
jon_gill1 11/Mar/11 -

WOW what a great place, made far more scary in the heavy rain that Chorro had to offer!

ad82amr 08/Mar/11 -
with Amy
monika paprzycka 01/Mar/11 -
Hidden 01/Mar/11 -
stv ?/Mar/11 -

Lots of fun. Well worth doing if your in the area.

with B, Beans, Ina
John 'B' Hutchinson ?/Mar/11 -
with Bean, Steve, Ina
Hidden 25/Feb/11 Lead rpt
alek 25/Feb/11 -
with Will Murray, James Kay, Laurence Everitt
grubes 17/Feb/11 Lead O/S

Only clipped in on the dodgy sections. Went back through the train tunnels

with Chess, Chris
Andy Chubb 28/Jan/11 Solo
with John Keska, Steve Goodman, Guy Hustinx
afrosam 23/Jan/11 -
with carl manley
climbingpixie 23/Jan/11 -

Ace fun and a bit scarier than I'd expected!

with Andy
Hidden 05/Jan/11 -
Hidden 05/Jan/11 -
Hidden 05/Jan/11 -
Matthew Scott-Chalmers ??/2011 -
Haydn Jones ??/2011 Lead O/S

great fun

charlietorrance ??/2011 -

I loved it! amazing.

Hidden 22/Dec/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 05/Dec/10 -
johnpuddephatt 04/Dec/10 -

Excellent fun.

with Ryan Mole
RyMole 04/Dec/10 -
Hidden 27/Nov/10 -
sarahlizzy 25/Nov/10 -

This was so much fun we went back and did it again the next day!

with Syv
willworkforfoodjnr 12/Nov/10 -
Lenny 09/Nov/10 -
vix 09/Nov/10 -
willworkforfoodjnr 09/Nov/10 -

In the rain. Great fun!

Hidden 09/Nov/10 Solo O/S
Hidden 30/Oct/10 -
garywong 29/Oct/10 -
with Brandon Lau, Loic Menzies, Jason Kleine, Harry Trevelyan, Craig Jenkins
harryt 29/Oct/10 -
with Jason
kleinej 29/Oct/10 -
with Brandon, Craig, Gary, Harry, Loic
Hidden 24/Oct/10 -
Rhys_Alun 24/Oct/10 Lead
auld al 18/Oct/10 AltLd
jules699 25/Sep/10 -

awesome outing!

with Rich
Bisteris 25/Sep/10 AltLd O/S
sir 04/Jul/10 Solo O/S
with Alan McDonald
Dave Mason 05/Jun/10 Solo O/S
with Gemma Mason
Jim Slater 27/Apr/10 -
with SWMC
igneouscarl 12/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Apr/10 2nd
Adam_42 04/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 04/Apr/10 -
Hidden 04/Apr/10 -
Danhan 04/Apr/10 Lead
with Dasa, Jiri, Nick
rustyclimber91 04/Apr/10 Solo O/S
with robbie
Qisheng Xie 03/Apr/10 Solo O/S

YUMC El Chorro Trip

Hidden 02/Apr/10 Lead O/S
BorisVBlade 02/Apr/10 Lead O/S
SaraAT 02/Apr/10 Lead O/S
krasavenko 02/Apr/10 Lead O/S
tallthinmonkey 01/Apr/10 Solo O/S
with Rob Leuhman
LiamAD ?/Apr/10 -
Harry Holmes ?/Apr/10 Solo O/S
with Aliastar Rocke, Thomas Rust
Hidden ?/Apr/10 TR O/S
Hidden ?/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 31/Mar/10 Lead O/S
Will Hunt 31/Mar/10 -

Rest day and scoping out Zeppelin.

sam820 31/Mar/10 -
JonathanJones 31/Mar/10 -

Pretty cool walk, abseiled off on return.

Hidden 28/Mar/10 -
gknyus 28/Mar/10 -


with Ahmad Wana
McDan 28/Mar/10 -
with Matt Pycrofft
Jack Loftus 28/Mar/10 -
gb05 26/Mar/10 -
matthewjames 25/Mar/10 -
with Cherie McCormack, Mike Byrne, Matt Cooke, John Cheung
knicos 25/Mar/10 -
danoflynn 24/Mar/10 -
Ciro 24/Mar/10 Lead O/S
Andy Chubb 22/Mar/10 Solo

Got to do it!

with Guy Hustinx
Dizz 06/Mar/10 -
Petarghh ?/Mar/10 Lead
tobydunford 18/Feb/10 Solo O/S
with Harry Martin
Skullfire 15/Feb/10 Solo O/S

Awesome, the high winds and rain we experienced on the day added to whole experience. Well worth the 3 stars.

with Jonas Gustafsson
Sparky!!!3 14/Feb/10 Lead
valentinesbabe 14/Feb/10 Lead O/S

Awesome experience, definitely worth every one of it's three stars. Slightly concerning that someone fell off though just after we'd finished it. Had to phone rescue services and it took more than two hours for them to get him out of the gorge so go steady peeps!

Tithe Technique 14/Feb/10 Lead O/S
with Steve Fletcher, Angela Paul, Charley
chumleywarner 14/Feb/10 Lead O/S

just amazing

charley 14/Feb/10 Lead O/S
JLS 11/Feb/10 Lead O/S
with Team El Chorro
Hidden 11/Feb/10 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Feb/10 -
Hammy 31/Jan/10 -
Lawrie Brand 21/Jan/10 Solo O/S
with Alison Mann, Susan Mc, Jamie Wilson
adam06 16/Jan/10 -

3 stars without a doubt! will be rubish when its fixed

with chris carr, Sarah Lewington
Christian Reynish 16/Jan/10 -
DafSWMC 16/Jan/10 -
LaylayPants 14/Jan/10 Solo O/S

Very fun!

RKernan ?/Jan/10 -
CathS 31/Dec/09 Solo
Ed Westwood 17/Dec/09 Lead O/S
with gidmord
searla 16/Dec/09 -
dswansonlow 16/Dec/09 Solo O/S
funsized 16/Dec/09 Lead O/S
jacobjlloyd 15/Dec/09 Lead O/S

fun in the rain : )

JonBrown 13/Dec/09 Lead O/S


with Jit, Alec
cem 13/Dec/09 Solo
Hidden ?/Dec/09 -
dannyboy83 ?/Dec/09 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Dec/09 Lead O/S
Tom_Harding 15/Nov/09 Lead O/S
with Mat
joe king 27/Oct/09 Solo O/S
with Rose
ldavies87 20/Sep/09 AltLd dog

Via feratta climb with parts of soling over parts of the path that had been fell through by previous climbers and boulders ... Also did second part of the camino without via feratta. What a place!

alicedaisytee ?/Aug/09 -
Ade7 09/Apr/09 Lead O/S
with Nicola, Mark, Leah
Liam Ingram 04/Apr/09 -
clairejane ??/2009 -


with will
Roberttaylor ??/2009 Lead O/S

Wow....a must do. Amazing fun.

Hidden ??/2009 AltLd O/S
cem 01/Apr/08 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Feb/08 Lead
Julesthe1st 23/Dec/07 Solo

Glad to have done this back when it was still a Via Ferrata.

chrishedgehog 25/Mar/01 Solo O/S
butteredfrog ?/Aug/99 -
Hidden ?/Apr/95 -
Dave Musgrove 23/Feb/95 -

Both Ways!

with Mike Stacey, Julian Cooper, Andy Watts
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