120m. The guys running the campsite below the crag(who bolted all the routes) have made a wire zipline from one end of the crag across the 'bay' in the cliff to the other. If you speak to them, they will lend you a petzl double pulley to put on it, DO NOT GO DOWN ON A KARABINER!!! People have tried this, and the krab WILL wear through completely before you get to the end!!! Even the backup krab we had jangling along behind the pulley on a slack sling was too grooved to use for climbing after three goes.
Now, the braking system - unlike most ziplines in playgrounds etc., this one doesn't sag, and you will accelerate all the way to the end when you hit the crag if you don't have a brake. Serious injuries or death are very likely. The system they recommended to us was to clip a krab onto the wire and tie a rope onto it. Then clip yourself into a belay chain on a route about 10m from the end of the wire and belay the 'brake krab'. When the rider comes down, the pulley will hit the 'brake krab' and try to pull the rope through your device. We stopped quite successfully with this method, but it is a very harsh stop, mainly due to the angles involved - so use a figure of 8 and gloves.

Toerag ??/2003 Lead O/S

Proper good scary fun!

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