In good snow/ice conditions (usually in early summer) it is possible to climb almost anywhere on the face at about the same grade. The face is bout 900m high and almost as wide with an angle of 50-55 degress. Choice of route will often depend on where it is possible to cross the bergschrund. Some lines finish on the ridge between Pt 3811.4m and the summit, whilst others finish at the summit. A line up the centre of the face ending on the ridge about mid-way between the summit and Pt2811.4m is about the easiest, and is sometimes used as a means of descent on this side of the Lauterbrunnen Wall.

C Macdonald with P Bernet & C Jossi snr 02/Aug/1895

High D+
Mid D+
Low D+
High D
Mid D
Low D
High D-
Mid D-
Low D-