270m. Summit to Johanhjortfjellet.

Ascend the plateau via Styggdalen from Russvika or by means of other accessible gullies along the coast of Hopen.

Arrival by zodic from main ship is treacherous as large sandstone reefs are prominent and water is very shallow for a good distance out to sea.


UTM33X: N8520290, E761090
UTM35X: N8498610, E451000
UTM37X: N8540160, E142820

DD.DDDD: 76.5614°N, 25.1108°Ø
DDMM.MM: 76°33.68'N, 25°6.65'Ø
DDMMSS: 76°33'40"N, 25°6'38"Ø

GarethSL 09/Aug/11 -

Ascended first via Styggdalen and the aptly named 'Nasty Valley' then again by a gully system between Styggdalen and Hugosøkket Livbåtstranda. Nasty valley is named so as it hosts permanent snow which is hollow beneath. Moulins can be found with a plummet of some ~30m, serious caution is advised when passing these patches. Ascent via other gullies is fine, but beware loose rocks.

with Frode Karlsen, Tore Klaussen