339m. The plateau summit to Muen. A popular location with not only geologists but Palaeontologists too as the plateau is littered with Ichthyosaur fossils. It is illegal to remove any fossiliferous material from Muen without permit from Sysselmannen. Any new fossils found can have their GPS location and altitude recorded and details may be passed on to the geology department at UNIS.

Summit Location Information:

UTM33X: N8645110, E649900
UTM35X: N8643330, E367470
UTM37X: N8699100, E90350

DD.DDDD: 77.8082°N, 21.3703°Ø
DDMM.MM: 77°48.49'N, 21°22.22'Ø
DDMMSS: 77°48'29"N, 21°22'13"Ø

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