For use to log supervision sessions for qualifications

billyjoel2995 08/Nov/17 Lead G/U
gilandcoop 29/Oct/17 TR

@ the Leeds Wall; supervising my children on TR and auto belay (first time for the boy at that location)

Jonredhill 17/Oct/17 Lead O/S

Supervising Bec back into lead climbing and belaying.

gilandcoop 15/Oct/17 -

Supervising the boys on bouldering, TR and auto belay; @ Huddersfield Climbing Centre

billyjoel2995 13/Oct/17 -
with scott coleman
Jonredhill 21/Sep/17 Sent rpt

An impromptu session as Tim Scriverner couldn't take the AT that afternoon and my class were in with the NVQ guys all afternoon. After the faff of sorting out insurance and how it would be financed on arrival. Even though I'd been assured it had been sorted by the gym. We finally got on the wall. Due to time constraints we stuck to just Bouldering after a quick caffeine fix. The guys were taught techniques straight arms, balance etc. A couple of games to warm them up and the use of soft balls placed in the hands willing climbing challenged them. Overall they got all the routes done upto F4-5 on a very productive and well recieved session.

Jonredhill 20/Sep/17 TR O/S

3rd session of grass roots with the phase twos completed in HMS RALEIGH. This session incorporated more technique training and refining the skills acquired. New routes were set with the help of Kayleigh an semi experienced climber belaying as I set up new routes.

Jonredhill 13/Sep/17 TR O/S

2nd Grass roots session in HMS RALEIGH with the Phase Two Trainees. a group of CIS (SM). The session started with a warm up with each student contributing with an exercise each. I got them thinking of the muscles they will use and the best way to warm them up. Once warm we went through holds and how to grip them, parts of the shoe and how to maximise the use of the shoe. We then progressed onto ABC and economic climbing techniques. The group were not as proactive as the last and took longer to understand the skills including tying in/ belaying so I decided to start off with Bouldering. A game of twister, musical statues and trying s traverse challenge across the length of the wall had them more interested and implementing the techniques. After teaching them the belaying techniques I had them top roping. They all achieved the routes but were not doing so well with the belaying. One lad let go of the dead rope, I was glad that I had taught them with gri Gris and had them backed up. Overall they enjoyed the session and were surprised they got to the top.

Jonredhill 06/Sep/17 TR O/S

My first grass roots session performed with the phase twos at HMS RALEIGH. The maximum of 6 students arrived all of them being Aircraft Handlers. The session started with a light warm up and gaining a knowledge of experience which there was some present. To gain a little confidence and to get them on the wall as soon as possible I got them on the one auto belay available and went through techniques, holds etc. All had a go and then they self critiqued each other's climbing. We then progressed onto equipment used and types of climbing. The next phase was tying in and the reyhreaded figure of eight which ty all picked up quickly. The belay technique was demoed and shown then broke down step by step. At first gri Gris were used and then a bug to show a variety of belay techniques required. All students top roped on three different routes with a go on both of the routes dual options. One student even performed a 6a+ on his first attempt at climbing. All students enjoyed the day and shown interest to attend again next week. The first session of an upcoming 5 to fulfil the RMT requirentment. An enjoyable day and I look forward to the next session next week.

gilandcoop 03/Sep/17 -

@ Rokt supervising my children on a bouldering session

gilandcoop 27/Aug/17 -

Supervised a group of teenagers (aged 13-16) at Indy Climbing Wall; my cousins. Activities include bouldering top roping and autobelay. All were able to climb at 4+ and two managed 5b. Two very creditable attempts at 6a (!).

gilandcoop 25/Aug/17 -

Supervising a small group of children (aged 7-16) conducting top roping bouldering and autobelay activities. Taught tying in belaying various foot/hand/body position techniques. Great fun taking my children and cousins to Indy Climbing Wall.

gilandcoop 11/Aug/17 -

Supervising the boys @ Huddersfield Climbing Wall. Another low-key session with my children once again focussing on reducing fear of exposure rather than technique. A short bouldering session as a warm up (never really popular with the boys) followed some autobelay for both of them; both are comfortable with this after visiting ClipnClimb at Ikley. The eldest remained on the autobelay whilst I belayed the younger on several routes; no grade recorded for either of them as both were content to use any colour and my intent was to get them relaxed about height. Both climber to 3-4m with some ease and being relatively relaxed.

gilandcoop 05/Aug/17 -

Low-key bouldering session @ Rokt with my eldest son with the main emphasis being placed on reducing his fear of exposure; as he reached the ceiling of the bouldering room on several occasions it seems to have been a success.

gilandcoop 02/Aug/17 -

@ Indy Climbing Wall. Assistant instructor to a group of OCdts (with very mixed experience and ability) from YOTR. Supporting a JSAT RMT and a very experienced JSAT RCS. Due to poor weather went to Indy. Took the less-experienced students in group bouldering to introduce various techniques (predominantly foot placement, spotting, body position and maintaining CoG). Moved to climbing area and taught tying in and belaying (with backing up). Students asked me to demonstrate each climb (all top roped) and conducted four climbs (4 4+ 5a 5b); all students climbed to 5a and one managed 5b.

gilandcoop 30/May/17 -

Introducing my boys to top roping at Indy Climbing Wall; both climbed a number of routes, achieving 4+

aaronhall321 23/May/17 TR O/S

Indoor wall at HMS Sultan. From 1700-1845.

gilandcoop 23/Oct/16 Sent O/S

Supervising my two children (6 and 8) in bouldering and helping them develop confidence and technique. @ Huddersfield Climbing Centre. Got in some low-level routes myself. Far less choice of routes than Rokt/Harrogate; boys prefer Rokt.

gilandcoop 16/Oct/16 Sent

Supervising my two children (6 and 8) in bouldering and helping them develop confidence and technique. Got in some low-level routes myself. @ Huddersfield Climbing Centre

gilandcoop 02/Oct/16 Sent

Supervising my two children (6 and 8) in bouldering and helping them develop confidence and technique. Got in some low-level routes myself. @ Rokt

gilandcoop 23/Aug/16 Sent

Introducing my two boys (aged 6 and 8) to bouldering @ Rokt. Many of the routes in Rokt being reset at this time so quite difficult for the youngest to reach holds on a number of routes. All-in-all, a very low-key, fun session to introduce the boys to more than the children`s room at Rokt and learn some basic techniques.

gilandcoop 28/Jun/16 -

Supervisory session at Army Foundation College climbing wall at Harrogate. Supervised 4x adult climbers (mixed ability) at AFC climbing wall. Fun session introducing 2x inexperienced climbers to indoor climbing and 2x experienced climbers to this particular wall. Wall still ungraded; all routes used at 4+/5 or less.

gilandcoop 09/Jun/16 -

A short session at the indoor climbing wall at the Army Foundation College (Harrogate). The wall has a number of routes but all require a correct assessment for grading. This has been identified and the contractor informed. A supervisory and demonstration session with one inexperienced climber and another, more experienced, who is returning from a long-term injury. Took both climbers on short bouldering session to practise / instruct basic techniques. Then confirmed both climbers` ability to tie in and belay in correctly-worn harnesses. Then climbed several routes in turn with me going first, then experienced climber (technically better than me but out of practice) and novice having watched us.

gilandcoop 01/Jun/16 -

At Harrogate Climbing Centre. Supervising an individual coming back to climbing after a long time away. Gentle session demonstrating and practising basic techniques for about an hour. Intent very much to have fun, remember skills and develop confidence.

BelleVedere 30/Sep/13 -
BelleVedere 23/Sep/13 -
BelleVedere 16/Sep/13 -
BelleVedere 01/Aug/13 -

Teaching 2 of Andy's Venture scouts to climb indoors, with the aim of them passing the competent climber test for the indoor wall, so they can climb themselves. They had already done one session with andy. Covered belaying, knots, harness, buddy checks etc

BelleVedere 04/Mar/13 -

Took Susan MacLennan climbing for the first time. looked a little bit at the mechanics of climbing, Harness and shoes, figure 8 Knot (she got straight away). 3 climbs done on top rope.

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