Rockfax Description
III, 15km there and back, 1 day. The most popular and straightforward route up Mont Blanc is often busy. The description starts on the approach slopes just above the Refuge de Tête Rousse.
Approach - Take the Tramway du Mont Blanc to the Nid d'Aigle at 2372m, either by boarding it at St Gervais, or by meeting it half way having taken the Bellevue cable car from Les Houches (this has the advantage that it can be reached from the rest of Chamonix Valley using public transport). From the Nid d'Aigle, walk south for 50m on the wide track before branching off left on a smaller path, which is marked with regular dabs of red paint. Initially the path twists and turns, before straightening to reach the Baraque Forestière des Rognes (a small, unmanned hut). From here the path gets gradually steeper and more exposed as it zigzags up to the ridge of the Aiguille du Goûter. The ridge divides the Griaz and Tête Rousse Glaciers. Both have shrunk considerably in recent years and are not especially attractive, although the rest of the scenery around here is excellent.
At the top of the ridge is a warden's hut, where you may have to show proof of a hut booking, or at least demonstrate that you are not planning to camp in the vicinity of the Refuge du Goûter. Camping seems to be tolerated around the Refuge de Tête Rousse, and there is normally a large collection of tents just east of it.
If you are stopping at the Refuge de Tête Rousse, cross the Tête Rousse Glacier easily to reach the refuge (crampons may be necessary). Reaching the hut should take 2 to 2.5 hours from the Nid d'Aigle. Staying at the Tête Rousse has two main advantages - it is quieter and therefore easier to get a reservation (and a good night's sleep), and it allows you to cross the Grand Couloir in the cooler temperatures of the night rather than in the heat of the day when rockfall is worse. The glaring downside is that it adds three hours of uphill to your summit day.
If continuing up to the Refuge du Goûter, take a more direct line towards the west face of the Aiguille du Goûter, and cross the Tête Rousse Glacier diagonally, heading for its southeast edge, and the ridge which divides it from the Bionnassay Glacier. Having reached this ridge, follow it to the Grand Couloir, which is made obvious by the metal wire which crosses it. The route description begins from here.
1) Move quickly up to the Grand Couloir, pause to check for rocks, and then move quickly across it. This is the most dangerous part of the ascent to the Refuge du Goûter, and some of the path before the couloir is exposed to rockfall, with only the very last few metres before the crossing being sheltered.
Having crossed the couloir, a vague path leads you up and right onto the south side of the ridge up to the Aiguille du Goûter.
Crossing the Grand Couloir Safety Notes
- The couloir is often busy, wait in a safe spot until you have an opportunity to cross without affecting others.
- Don't be afraid to jump the queue; if a group is putting you in danger by making you wait, ask to go ahead. Etiquette and a desire on everyone's part to keep moving normally ensures that you don't wait around for long.
- The wire across the couloir can be useful, but consider whether you need it. The couloir is roughly 30m wide, and 40 degrees, usually with a very good path across it. Many people prefer to quickly dash across rather than introduce ropes and other things that may slow them down. The best way of staying safe is to be quick.
- If you use the wire, clip a karabiner to it, clip your rope through the karabiner and then tie each party member on to the rope with plenty of slack and carry the slack in your hands to avoid tripping over it. The wire is only there for an emergency in case of a fall and it is not to be used like a via ferrata. Do not clip into the wire with a sling - the wire is several metres away from the path across the couloir, so if you clip into it with insufficient slack it will pull you off the path and leave you hanging in mid-air.
- Once across the couloir, and headed for the Refuge du Goûter, you are still threatened by stonefall (but less so) for the first 50 vertical metres or so. Keep moving!
- Higher up the ridge, you can often see into the couloir, and will be able to shout to people crossing lower down if you see any rocks falling. The word normally shouted is "caillou" (French for pebble/stone, pronounced "kai-oo"), but any loud expletives should work.
2) From here follow the vague path, polish, crampon scratches and occasional red paint marks up the ridge, over some enjoyable and straightforward scrambling, until roughly 3600m, where cables have been installed as handrails. Follow these to the now disused old Refuge du Goûter (which is now completely locked up and can't be dossed in, but which does have a fantastic view of the route you have just completed). Go around the hut to the right and climb a short snow slope (often equipped with a handrail) to reach the top of the Aiguille du Goûter.
3) Having taken in the superb view of the Aiguille du Midi, walk south for 100m along the flat snow ridge to reach the new Refuge du Goûter. Getting to the Refuge du Goûter takes roughly three hours from the Tête Rousse. Breakfast is served in the small hours of the morning at the Goûter (the exact time depends on what month it is and when the sun will rise) so the approach to the Dôme du Goûter is usually climbed in the dark. Luckily the route finding is straightforward.
4) Immediately after leaving the hut, pass two rises on their eastern sides and then climb up the Northwest Face of the Dôme du Goûter. There are occasional crevasses, but generally the climb is a series of gentle switchbacks with little to worry about.
5) The route narrowly misses the summit of the Dôme du Goûter, and few people bother tagging the top. Having passed under the Dôme, descend gently to the Col des Dômes, at the foot of the Bosses Ridge - 2.5 to 3 hours from the Refuge du Goûter.
6) From here, 100m of steep snow leads up to the Bivouac Vallot. This is an emergency shelter but some climbers sleep in it. As a result it has become fairly disgusting, with human waste and rubbish piled up in the corner. It does provide some shelter though, so most people pause here for a bite to eat before the Bosses Ridge.
7) Having passed to the right of the Bivouac Vallot, a short, steep snow slope leads to the two distinctive 'bosses' (humps) which mark the beginning of the Bosses Ridge. Go over the Grande Bosse and the Petite Bosse (which, confusingly enough, is the higher of the two) and follow the stunning and exposed snow ridge to the summit, staying mainly on the west side of the ridge. 5 to 6 hours from the Refuge du Goûter.
Descent - Either descend the route (no abseils required) or follow the Trois Monts Route down to the Aiguille du Midi. © Rockfax

UKC Logbook Description
From Les Houches, cable car and train take you to the start of the walk up to the Gouter Hut. Best to be early as possible in the day as the couloir before the steep hike up the Aig. du Gouter can be a shooting gallery. 4 hours from end of train to Gouter Hut.

From the hut, follow the tracks towards the Dome du Gouter, passing underneath and then down to the Col du Dome and then continue on toward the Vallot Bivouac Hut. From here the trail becomes more steep as you ascend the Bosses Ridge over two "false" summits to the snowy ridge that leads to the top. 6 hours from the hut to the top.

L. Stephen and F. Tuckett with M. Anderegg, J Bennen and P Perren 18/Jul/1861

Ticklists: Rebuffat's 100 Finest Routes in the Mont Blanc Massif, ROCKFAX Chamonix: Top 50, Rosie's Broken Alpine Dreaming.

Hidden 24/Sep Lead rpt
deandarvill 13/Sep -
with Paul Kenney, Ian Wilson
Hidden 06/Sep -
allyrocke 05/Sep Solo O/S
with Katie Main
Shane Nowakowski 04/Sep TR O/S
Hidden 04/Sep Solo O/S
vaiva 27/Aug Solo
tomaspkr 27/Aug Solo O/S
with vaiva
HardknottDave 07/Aug -

Wow! Just wow!! A lifetime goal achieved with massive emotions on the summit. Grand Couloir was a bit of a pig, but not quite as much as the authorities. The Mayor of Saint Gervais can go and do one.... Returned the Trois Monts .... Mont Maudit also being a bit of a pig, but at least we didn't have to suffer rockfalls.

with Peter, Fran
QuentinSu 05/Aug Lead O/S
Dougbart 03/Aug -

In decent

with Adrian
Artem Babichenko 01/Aug AltLd O/S

6h from Tete Rousse hut to the summit. 3.5h back. Cloudy at the summit

Hidden 01/Aug AltLd
JPSmith 31/Jul AltLd O/S
with Neil Palfrey
Hidden 26/Jul -
jayray 23/Jul AltLd
Hidden 20/Jul -
Pero 13/Jul -

In descent after traverse from Aiguille de Bionnassay.

norris.dan ?/Jul -

Part of Jagged Globe guided week. Spectacular end to our week and we hit the summit from the Tette Rousse and back in 10 hrs. Highest acclimatisation point was the Tette Rousse all week and really felt the altitude by the Bosses Ridges. Temperature was -5C with 20km winds. Summit cold, feet broken but we did it.

with Marius Hurley-Bennett
Oliver Smaje ?/Jul -

In descent

with Rob Taylor
Al_Mac 29/Jun -
Gemmazrobo 29/Jun Solo O/S
with Al_Mac
glencoebob ??/2018 -
mjw ??/2018 -
Ben Costello 28/Sep/17 -
with Deary65
Deary65 28/Sep/17 Lead O/S

Started from Tete Rousse hut at 2am and managed to be the first ones on the summit at 07:22ish! Perfect time for the sunrise - absolutely stunning!

Hidden 26/Sep/17 2nd rpt
msp1987 20/Sep/17 -

Climbed from the Gouter refuge. Started at half 4 and on the summit for half 9. Very cold conditions (-30°C) plus a lot of new snow made conditions tricky. Had to walk in from Bellevue cable car due to the tramway being shut. Missed the last cable car down so had an additional 2 hour walk back to Les Houches. Gutted!6

with Charlotte
Rhys Deane 16/Sep/17 AltLd O/S
with Jack Matcalf
JackM92 16/Sep/17 -

Straight up from the valley, no lifts. 6hrs from tettre rouse to summit, distinct lack of any acclimatisation. Then walked back to les houches in one go, exhausting.

Iggy_B 28/Aug/17 -
with Phil
the_ryan_thomas 26/Aug/17 Solo β
Alex Thurstans 25/Aug/17 -
steve_gibbs 22/Aug/17 AltLd O/S
with Owen Silitch
Lakesben 18/Aug/17 -

Left Tete Rousse at 2am and made the summit at 7.15am. Strong winds made it very cold and it seemed quite a few parties turned back. Totally worth it and the Grand couloir was silent.

with Anna, Sam
CameronH 15/Aug/17 -
with Mum
67hours 14/Aug/17 Lead dog

Perfect weather

TomH92 14/Aug/17 -

Slept at the Gouter hut having gotten last minute spaces in the hut. Ascended from the hut at 0240 and passed over the Bosses Ridges in the dark. There were very strong wings during the ascent and temperatures were around the -15 mark. Summitted just in time for sunrise at 0630, and back at the hut for 0830. I would not do this route again due to the 'climbing' circus. I have never seen such flagrant disregard for peoples safety: people in trainers shoved into crampons, people with no warm clothing, guides having abandoned their clients. I am glad that I have ticked off the climb, but in future I will be sticking to climbs out of the reach of the average paying punter.

with Ben Law, Ben Heinrich
Hidden 07/Aug/17 -
Duncan 88 07/Aug/17 -
Iceaxe92 03/Aug/17 Solo O/S
with Miroslaw Jelczala
bc44caesar 24/Jul/17 -
SlavaKuznetsov 21/Jul/17 Lead dnf

Had to turn around just below Gouter. Very strong winds, lenticular clouds, very high windchill. No chance of summit.

with Daniel Sowik
Matt Boyd 16/Jul/17 AltLd O/S

Walked down the Goûter as a descent from the Trois Mont route, does this still count? ????

with Neil Dickson
Hidden 15/Jul/17 Lead O/S
Marc-A Di Guisto 03/Jul/17 2nd O/S
Arthur Billaud 26/Jun/17 AltLd O/S
with nick pierce, Phil Turner
Hidden 20/Jun/17 Solo
JFT 19/Jun/17 -

Set off from Tete Rousse at 01:45 reaching the summit for 08:30; back to the Tete Rousse for 1pm. With Iain, Hayden and Jud

with Hayden
JimBee 19/Jun/17 Solo O/S

Messed up my layers. Started off from the Gouter with just a thermal at 3am - was far too cold! Had trouble with my new gloves being too stiff as well. Layered up and managed to get through the night. Then the climb above the Vallot was a lovely walk in very still conditions. Left excess kit at Vallot and just took 1.5L water.

Hidden 17/Jun/17 Lead O/S
Hidden 17/Jun/17 2nd dnf 08/Jun/17 -
gregorhogg 27/May/17 Lead O/S
jcoup ??/2017 Solo
andymcronald 18/Dec/16 2nd

Day 1 stayed at Tete Roussewinter room. After summiting stayed at Gouter Winter room.

with Paulo Tombini
Hidden 03/Nov/16 AltLd
Dougbart 03/Nov/16 AltLd
with easers
epic ed 24/Sep/16 Solo
with Adam W, Adam F
JHolland 23/Sep/16 -

Brilliant experience, with an inversion hanging around at approx 3500m whilst we made the summit. Approach safer than normal due to recent snowfalls covering the couloir, however very long without the tram to help! Snow added some interest to scramble section. Ended up on the shoulder below the summit in approx 3 hours, so waited 45 mins for the sun to come up before summiting-very cold! One awkward section after the bosses, crossing a wide crevasse then yarding up a fixed rope through a chimney (broke the monotony quite well...). All in all, brilliant to stand on the highest Alp of them all. Recommend trying to ensure you leave the hut first, as to have the summit of such a popular and iconic mountain to yourself is a superb experience

Hidden 23/Sep/16 -
Baru Miko 16/Sep/16 2nd

Coulouir in darkness quite stressful as had to listen for the falling stones. On the way down, walked alone from the summit to the couloir and the complete silence with the mountain around me was really magical although a bit frightening. The couloir was harder on the way down due to the person behind me on the rope constantly falling. He made it to the top though at 75 years old! Respect. Great experience and my first proper climbing in the alps!

CaptainAnt 07/Sep/16 Lead O/S
with Gary Marsden
zimpara 06/Sep/16 AltLd O/S

Bivi at tete rousse, grand couloir scramble at 1am is rather tricky and dangerous. Walk out is disgusting, summit was brilliant. Hard work though

with Lance
Pmalo 29/Aug/16 Solo
Ndawson 28/Aug/16 AltLd
Michael Hellyer 18/Aug/16 AltLd O/S

Party of 4 on a rope.

Wizzy 17/Aug/16 AltLd

1st alpine 4000m peak. 4 hrs from hut to summit (6.30 am ish). Back in Les Houches for 1

davkeo 16/Aug/16 Solo O/S

In decent after kuffner - mount Blanc link up. 4.5hr decent.

Paul Collins 16/Aug/16 Solo
with davkeo
Richard Kendrick 16/Aug/16 Solo
with davkeo
tingle 15/Aug/16 Lead
BALD EAGLE 14/Aug/16 Solo
with Neil Harper
Guss1 14/Aug/16 Solo O/S
ImmyRyan 08/Aug/16 AltLd
with Eduardo
R0BJ0N 08/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Jen Myo, Chris Holt
Jgresh 07/Aug/16 -
with Michael Macdonald, Joe Maltas
peachos 06/Aug/16 Lead

Left Gouter around 2:30/3am. Made it to the Vallot Hut before 6am, but the wind was mega. Waited for sun to rise in the hut, hoping we'd warm up and the wind would die down, but neither happened so we retreated, along with most other teams.

with scottidog, grizz, Paulina
CarlosTT 03/Aug/16 2nd
with Roger
Billygoat ?/Aug/16 2nd

Reached 4400m before having to turn back due to bad weather

Dan3266 25/Jul/16 AltLd O/S
with GStone
GStone 25/Jul/16 AltLd O/S
with Dan3266
Rob Pitt 20/Jul/16 -

In descent after Bonatti-Oggioni.

with Lee Roberts
Hidden 19/Jul/16 AltLd
Hidden 19/Jul/16 AltLd
James Beaumont 17/Jul/16 -

Bit too busy, great views

with Dave Beaumont
RuthW 11/Jul/16 -

In descent

Hidden 09/Jul/16 -
wlfm101 09/Jul/16 -
nicjbuk 09/Jul/16 Lead
with Jim groark, BILL BUTTERWORTH
Hidden 07/Jul/16 AltLd
glencoebob 07/Jul/16 Sent
JakeTomos 07/Jul/16 -
jhobbs 07/Jul/16 -

In descent. We were quiet slow on the rocky section between the two huts and then missed the last train down by 5 mins! Had an unplanned bivy with no bags then walked down to cable car in the morning and caught the first lift down in time for croissants at Les Houches. What a day. What an adventure.

with Mark Haward
anthonylewis 07/Jul/16 -

In descent, took a long time

BillyR 04/Jul/16 -

Almost perfect conditions although windy at the top. Night at Tete-Rousse setting out at around 4.45am. Had a break at the Gouter for tea and to leave some kit. Summit at 12.30pm. Descent to Gouter hut for the night. A tough day and really hard work over 4000.

rod757 ?/Jul/16 -

A day of type 2 fun. Very poor conditions, 12 hour day from tete rousse bivvi to summit and back to train station.

Hidden ?/Jul/16 -
ThomasO'Hagan ?/Jul/16 -

From Les Houches

with Rose Long, Micheál Murphy
DavidOola ?/Jul/16 -
leeoftroy ?/Jul/16 -
MichealMurphy 19/Jun/16 -

Walked from Les Houches. 1st bivy was slightly above Refuge du Nid d'Aigle, 2nd bivy beside the Tête Rousse Hut. Set off for the summit at 1:40 and arrived at 8:30. slept outside the old Gouter Hut from 1-5 before making the rest of the descent in the colder evening until about 1750m where we slept for the night before descending to the valley floor.

OrphusBoi 01/Oct/15 AltLd
with Chris Smith
JimBee 08/Sep/15 Lead dnf

Stayed in the Tete Rousse hut the first night, then moved up to Gouter. Decided to go for the summit same day but turned around at the Vallot. Ali was suffering with altitude / tiredness / dizziness. New height record!

with Alison Maher
Hidden 05/Sep/15 -
Shane Nowakowski 04/Sep/15 -
alex.serban 03/Sep/15 Solo O/S

Went up to Tete Rouse from Chamonix. Climbed the same night with only a few hours spent at 3000+ the day before. Took ages to gear up my climbing partner who turned back 10 mins after Gouter ref. ( 5am). 20mins after I passed Vallot I turned back to add more layers. Extreme cold and a bit of wind.(must have been under -15C) I summited at 10.30. Alone on top. Watched a solo climber saving himself with a self arrest. On the way down I tried to do a controlled slide. (big mistake!) Managed to do a self arrest and save myself.Came back on a wideout( 3-5m visibility) and high wind. 3L of water frozen and a headache. My 1st solo and 2nd 4000er and a learned a lot.

mike_L86 ?/Sep/15 AltLd O/S

Very poor weather and very cold. climbed after a bivvy the night before summit day. One of only about 4 groups to summit that day due to stormy forecast. Had the summit to ourselves after a quick photograph with one other group.

with Shane Nowakowski, Iain Dalgleish, Sean peters
catrin289 18/Aug/15 -

Beautiful inversion, but cold!

Roberttaylor 18/Aug/15 AltLd O/S

In descent, the sole came off my boot just after the vallot.

Liam Ingram 18/Aug/15 -
Jon_dL 18/Aug/15 Solo O/S


jdgaventa ?/Aug/15 -
Strife ?/Aug/15 -
JohnHartley 15/Jul/15 -
with stephen hartley
Hidden 09/Jul/15 -
squicky 09/Jul/15 2nd O/S

From the Goûter hut to the summit in about 3 hours including a half hour break at the Vaillot as we were going too quickly. Bit of wind made it slightly more interesting but it was still just a walk and cold on the summit so only stayed for a couple of pictures. Lots of rocks to avoid in the Grand Couloir then back at the train station by 1145.

IanHope 06/Jul/15 -
with Bruce goodlad
Manton 01/Jul/15 2nd
with Dave S
mrphilipoldham 25/Jun/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/Jun/15 -
Euan Todd 17/Jun/15 -

What a day! Bivvied at Tete Rousse, started around 2am, on the top for 9am. Very cold, was walking in my belay jacket from the Vallo hut. About 2 hours back down to the Gouter hut, then got stuck in crowds descending the scramble. Made it down and caught the train back to Les Houches, finished with a burger from Poco Loco. Unbelievable experience!

with Ali, Hugh Simons, Calum Hicks, DavidMcK, Adz
Hugh Simons 17/Jun/15 -

Couldn't have done it without them, amazing day and one of the hardest things i've done in my life! Started from the Tete Rousse at 02:00, on the summit for 09.00 and caught the 16:00 train back down. Altidude above 4000 m hit me pretty bad but we got there, so chuffed.

calumhicks 17/Jun/15 -

Bah, piece of piss. Crackin view, had one of those inversioney things wi the clouds. Set out from tete rousses bivy hoose at 1:30, had a wee stroll up past the grand couloir (didny seem very grand) to the gooty hoot. Ma mate popped in for a poo and then we headed up this massive dome thing. A wis gettin a bit cold by now so had tae put on waterproofs ova ma addidas trackies. Turns out theres anotha wee hut on route where you can do another poo. You could eat a vindaloo the night before and nae worry about findin a toilet on-route. My mate fell asleep here cuza altitude but I think the bojo from the night befa was hittin him bad. Wis hard walkin up the final ridge, somethin about less oxygen, but I thought that can't be the case, cuz I feel fine when I'm in a plane, and that's waaay higher. Anyway, summit wis gid. Headed back to train after and whapped out som mare bojo yasss

with Euan Todd, Hugh Simons, DavidMcK, AliRLee, Adam Harris
MightyStew 18/May/15 Solo O/S
with Ruslan Aizatulin
joelevanschamonix 10/Apr/15 -
with Tim Oliver
joelevanschamonix ??/2015 -
Hidden ??/2015 -
Alexseren 27/Sep/14 -
Webster 27/Sep/14 Solo

had the place to myselfon the way up, first to the top that day.

surf1nal-kern0w 08/Sep/14 -
Hidden 05/Sep/14 -
HP9 04/Sep/14 -
Lee0901 ?/Sep/14 -
Tinley 31/Aug/14 2nd
paul walters 27/Aug/14 -

Got to Gouter Hut by 3pm. Ready for summit attempt on 28th Aug. Never made the summit due to freezing cloud and 100km/h+ winds above Dome du Gouter.

with Chris Widdecombe
DigitalSteak 25/Aug/14 Lead O/S
Mr Sparkle 25/Aug/14 AltLd O/S
peter.ravenscroft27 25/Aug/14 AltLd O/S

Valley to summit with a lie down on the tete rousse dining room floor. set off at 1:30pm up the never ending scramble, until the sight of the gouter brought a moment's relief, before continuing up the epic slog before the pleasant bosses ridge. Weather hit hard as we summited... White out and Freezing. a completely underrated slog, but pleased in doing it.

with Joe Mann, Tosh
Jim Brownlow 25/Aug/14 AltLd O/S

Valley ascent from Les Houches and back again in two days. Harder than expected. Very bad weather for summit and descent.

Hidden 22/Aug/14 Solo
danieleaston 22/Aug/14 2nd dnf

Thwarted by high winds

with Matt 14/Aug/14 Lead

We made the summit but became trapped in bad weather so stayed the night in the Vallot emergency hut before coming down the next day at 4:00am (bit of an epic!)

with Billy Roberts, Jonathon yates
Gawyllie 08/Aug/14 Solo
picasso 06/Aug/14 -
Jon Ellis 01/Aug/14 -

Three Monts route / Trois Monts route was out of condition.

with jkellis
bobelvedere ?/Aug/14 Solo
crabtreer 30/Jul/14 -

on way to gouter hut

Nic DW 18/Jul/14 -

Used in descent. Non-technical and very busy.

with Joe Garret
Ewanski 20/Jun/14 -
Just Will ?/Jun/14 Solo O/S
with matt bazire
peakcaver ??/2014 -
Hidden ??/2014 -
mike mo ??/2014 -
JossGuyer ??/2014 -
with Will Hornby
butteredfrog 27/Sep/13 -
NickNixon 23/Sep/13 -
AdamH 22/Sep/13 -

From the Tete Rousse hut. Excellent conditions after all the snow.

Mick Riley 22/Sep/13 2nd O/S
Hidden 13/Sep/13 -
mellorno1 12/Sep/13 -
markK6 12/Sep/13 Lead

Snowy all the way from the Nid d'Aigle, Grand Couloir was qiet.Left the Gouter at 4am and stood on the summit at 8am.

Hidden 08/Sep/13 -
JasonV 24/Aug/13 -

had a very narrow weather window. Conditions were starting to worsen as we descended from the summit.

with Pete
jonskippy 23/Aug/13 -
with Edgars
D.botts87 16/Aug/13 -
with chris fielding
petejarrett 15/Aug/13 Solo O/S
AngelaC 13/Aug/13 -
with Rob B, Pete
Hidden 11/Aug/13 -
Huw Mithan 11/Aug/13 AltLd
with Sam Davidson, Steve Grigg, David Maddison
ianstevens 11/Aug/13 AltLd O/S

Moving together

David Maddison 11/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
Samuel Wainwright 11/Aug/13 Solo
Hidden 11/Aug/13 -
steve-grigg 11/Aug/13 AltLd
prwalker 11/Aug/13 -
with wupert
Hidden 05/Aug/13 -
Davie.G 05/Aug/13 -
with Pete, Gav
ClimbingGlen 04/Aug/13 Solo O/S
andyinglis 03/Aug/13 -

White-out, very strong winds, snow, hail and a pre-dawn summit. Views best from inside the hut!

with Monica, Lara T
betathief 01/Aug/13 Lead O/S
Martin Haworth 01/Aug/13 AltLd O/S
Mikejamoon 01/Aug/13 2nd
Benjaminblanc 01/Aug/13 -

Worth the training. Perfect conditions

Fellmonkey ?/Aug/13 -
leeoftroy ?/Aug/13 Solo O/S

spent night in Gouter hut (never again), left at 3am summited around 6-6.30am, back at the train station by 10am. Perfect weather and a full moon.

orb ?/Aug/13 Lead
with Mylo
Adamski1986 27/Jul/13 Lead
with Stewart Webb, kerry
Hidden 27/Jul/13 -
gronbech 25/Jul/13 -
with Ian and Terry
johnrich 23/Jul/13 -
Ciaran Mullan 18/Jul/13 -

Time from Goûter hut to summit and back: 5:15

Hidden ?/Jul/13 Lead
Hidden ?/Jul/13 Lead
natalie rees ?/Jul/13 -
Mike Hood 26/Jun/13 AltLd

descent after kuffner ridge. exhausted after hard day and stayed in the tete rousse before walking all the way to les houches. grande couloir was okay late in the evening. I would recommend three monts as an alternative and far more enjoyable way to the summit

A Walker 21/Jun/13 AltLd
NeilOMalley 21/Jun/13 Lead

A fire at the cable car station from les houches to bellvue last week meant taking the other cable car from les houches to le prarion and desending from the top to the col de voza tramway station on foot (30 mins) then as the tramway track is damaged at the moment it is only possible to go as far as bellvue station (except one tram as far as mont-lachat at the beginning and end of each day for climbers). Then a walk up to mont lachat (over the ridge) and from there a walk up the track to the Nid d'aigle. From here went up the the tete-rouse hut (snow all the way) for a meal and a few hours sleep. set off at 1.30 (snowing outside) got to the gouter hut as the sun came up and summited by 10am, back down to the tete rouse for an unplanned nights sleep 3.30pm as we realised we would probably miss the last cable car on the lower slopes. Grand coulior was still completely snow, all crevases where still covered up, snow was firm very early in the morning but was soft by 9am so avalanches and rockfall look predictable in the coming weeks, but i'm no expert.

leowestland ?/Jun/13 Solo
chris.greaves ??/2013 -
walts4 ??/2013 -
mrterrynelson 20/Sep/12 -
with Alan Park
ollyroberts 08/Sep/12 -
with spam
Ginge1972 04/Sep/12 AltLd
MSchobitz ?/Sep/12 -
with Papa
Hidden 18/Aug/12 Solo
jimmatthews 14/Aug/12 AltLd

Easy peasy. Textbook style with no dramas. Drank homemade Beech Leaf Noyau on summit.

with Nat P
Mattlamb90 13/Aug/12 Solo
with Tibbett
Hidden 11/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Rockley 09/Aug/12 AltLd O/S

Descended after three monts very busy and lift passes don't work on the train...

with evyasb
bigrik30 08/Aug/12 2nd
rg1976 04/Aug/12 Solo O/S
with Olivier Gandi, RJP, Lucy BG
paulmck ?/Aug/12 -
Adamski1986 ?/Aug/12 Lead dnf

Bad weather at 2 am, went back to bed. Finally left gouter hut for summit at 7am but winds to high. Turned back soon after leaving hut and descended to the train.

with Stewart Webb
Sankey 24/Jul/12 -

From Tete Rouse Hut, some wind from Gouter Hut to Vallot refuge, eased higher up. Very busy. Got back down to Tete Rouse while most of the Gouter face was still frozem.

with Ed
JanBella 19/Jul/12 Lead dnf

had to turn back at 4400 due to the strong wind

sjbrook 18/Jul/12 -
Dave Richards 18/Jul/12 -

Day 1 - Mont lachat Tramway to Tete Rousse Hut Day 2 - Tete Rousse Hut to Gouter Hut Day 3 - Gouter Hut to Summit and back to Mont lachat Tramway Turned back at the Petit Bosse due to high winds but after a brief period, re-attempted the ridge with less wind and made the summit.

Harry Thorpe 18/Jul/12 AltLd O/S
with Mauricio, Mark Chev, Jack Brougham
droberts 18/Jul/12 -
Mike Hewitt 03/Jul/12 -

Climbed in 2.5 days, bivied near Tete Rousse hut and luckily got a bed in the Gouter hut. Hard slog up side of Grand Couloir in snow. Perfect weather on summit day.

bleddynmawr ??/2012 -

2 and a half hours from Gouter hut to summit

nich0las 21/Sep/11 -
with Guy W
Mountain Llama 14/Sep/11 Lead
with Paul S
Jon Sutterby 08/Sep/11 2nd β

Across the couloir and a nice climb upto the Gouter hut. In good condition - no crampons required.

with Steve Bate
Martin Rowe 06/Sep/11 Solo
dkd 17/Aug/11 Lead O/S
with Al
Hidden 13/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 11/Aug/11 Solo O/S
BlackheathDiggs ?/Aug/11 2nd
Hidden 29/Jul/11 Solo O/S
Graeme High 29/Jul/11 Solo
Hidden 26/Jul/11 AltLd
Hidden 26/Jul/11 AltLd
davidrj1 15/Jul/11 Lead

Unguided, party of three, first 4000m plus peak. Camped instead of staying in the gouter hut which was awesome, felt properly secluded as we were the only ones there...

with Paul Riley
solfreak 04/Jul/11 Solo

Went to the summit from Tete Rousse hut. Beautiful views. Negotiating the rib leading to Gouter hut in darkness was the most interesting thing from "climbing" perspective.

jac00 02/Jul/11 -
jonesieboy ?/Jul/11 -

Perfect conditions. We had planned to do 3 Monts route, but OHM advised against it after fresh dump of snow. All three of us got the runs after food in Gouter hut. Acclimatisation week in Monte Rosa paid off - felt great at the summit with clear views.

Dan0Me ?/Jul/11 AltLd O/S
with Dylan, Rob
mattguy ?/Jul/11 2nd
bosa noha ?/Jul/11 -
artmal ?/Jul/11 -
jon clayton ?/Jul/11 Solo
tomtom89 ?/Jul/11 -
with jac00
rob malik 27/Jun/11 -

cheap budget, hired equipment, no guide. Stunning route, first alps climb. addicted for life now

Hidden 26/Jun/11 Solo O/S
Lawrie Brand 26/Jun/11 Solo O/S
with Sarah Laing
ksneds 24/Jun/11 Solo

With Simon and Leigh. Awsome day out .

sacdenouilles 15/Jun/11 AltLd
with J F Philippe
Petarghh 14/Jun/11 -
mschmude ??/2011 -
drew8connelly ??/2011 -
Peter Holder 11/Sep/10 -
with nv
Hidden 06/Sep/10 -
iang74 03/Sep/10 -
callum brown ?/Sep/10 -
cover09 ?/Sep/10 -
Hidden ?/Sep/10 Lead
Chris Sieradzki 31/Aug/10 -
RandomHero 26/Aug/10 AltLd
markv21 26/Aug/10 -
7toes 22/Aug/10 -
with Lozzer
RKernan 07/Aug/10 AltLd
gilmour_789 07/Aug/10 AltLd
with RKernan
philbish 04/Aug/10 -

Busy Route as expected, left Gouter Hut @ 2.45 and summited @ 7.15.

QuentinSu ?/Aug/10 Solo O/S
Krellen ?/Aug/10 Lead
Wesley Evans - BAD SELLAR 18/Jul/10 Solo β

bivved at the hut and followed the crowds in the morning!

1andrew1 15/Jul/10 AltLd dnf

Turned back with bad weather. I'll be back

with drew52
Hidden 15/Jul/10 AltLd dnf
Hidden 14/Jul/10 Lead
Hidden 06/Jul/10 -
amthalmann 06/Jul/10 -
with Barney
daviesp2 05/Jul/10 -

Climbed from Tete Rousse started out at 2:30am summit at 10am. Stopped at Gouter for some pasta on the way back down to Tete Rousse

MaccMark 05/Jul/10 -
with Victoria Moorhouse, Mat Ouillion, Si Brown
matt_ringrose 04/Jul/10 Lead
with Annete Haines
Hidden ?/Jul/10 -
Hidden ?/Jul/10 2nd O/S
Martin Rowe 30/Jun/10 Solo
roblew 28/Jun/10 -


goatee 28/Jun/10 Solo O/S
Anthony Dixon 02/Jun/10 -
Hidden ?/Jun/10 2nd
jld579 ??/2010 AltLd
Guy Wilson ??/2010 -
perfectvirus 17/Sep/09 -

turned around at dome du gouter

with MountainMing
colin fagan 10/Sep/09 -
mourndekai 10/Sep/09 -

4 hours to the Gouter hut, overnight in the Geneva convention defying hut before 3.30am start. 4 hours to the top, 6 down to the train. Caught the 1.30pm train back to the Cham

vincentvega 10/Sep/09 Lead

in decent

with danny robb
Ross L 10/Sep/09 2nd
with Jon Bracey, Ian
Tom Livingstone ?/Sep/09 -
Jenn_Stretton ?/Sep/09 -
dpe 14/Aug/09 -

Up in one day - stopped at Gouter on the way down

with Paul D
jasoncash 12/Aug/09 -

Climbed from Camping at the Tete Rousse, Early start with summit around 9:30, long walk back to Tram!

andycash 12/Aug/09 AltLd
mark-abz 11/Aug/09 -
with Alex
John HW 06/Aug/09 -
with Rhys HW, Ben HW, Cath
Hidden 06/Aug/09 -
Ben HW 06/Aug/09 -
with John HW
ian2707 05/Aug/09 -
tobydunford 04/Aug/09 Lead O/S
oldgrey ?/Aug/09 -

Perfect conditions, left from Tete Rousse Hut.

with Virgil Scott
Krumme ?/Aug/09 -
Kyuzo ?/Aug/09 -
with Richard Scott
Coops_13 30/Jul/09 2nd O/S
with Andy Cooper
Hidden 27/Jul/09 AltLd O/S
Hidden 25/Jul/09 -
jandyd05 20/Jul/09 2nd O/S
with Dave Kenyon
Julian Prieto 12/Jul/09 -
munki1971 11/Jul/09 Lead O/S
dannymoo99 11/Jul/09 Solo
groovy_nut 07/Jul/09 -
Olli-C ?/Jul/09 -
with Niall, Phil Crudge
Phil Crudge ?/Jul/09 -
with Olli-C
sargy ?/Jul/09 -
with Matt Glenister, Ed Braithwaite
Chumpatus 26/Jun/09 -
Dave Foster 26/Jun/09 -

Left Tete Rousse at 2am, summit at 6am. Thunder and lightening in the distance made it difficult to know whether or not to turn back but pushed on to a glorious sunny summit. Made it back to the valley for 2pm and just in time for the rain. Long day.

with Sandra & Paolo
stuarthorsburgh 25/Jun/09 2nd O/S

Mont Blanc Guides

Howard J 25/Jun/09 -

With John Waterhouse, Jim Waterhouse and Darren Shepherd. We'd not done much acclimatisation and the altitude made me turn back at 4390m, just above the Vallot hut. I returned to the Gouter Hut while the others summited.

John30587 ??/2009 -
_hs_ ??/2009 -
Hidden 11/Sep/08 AltLd dnf
DrJon 02/Sep/08 -
Hidden 30/Aug/08 Lead O/S
sopaz 29/Aug/08 -
Hidden 29/Aug/08 Lead
DH 25/Aug/08 -
Humpty Dangler 20/Aug/08 -

A five night adventure; first time mountaineering in the Alps and a truly awesome experience. Six of us made the summit from the Gouter hut, (Mark, Alan, J, Jordan, Rob and myself), starting at 9.15 after waiting for the weather. Small issue descending Bosses Ridge when Jordan, Rob and I all lost footing simultaneously and slid for some distance on our faces before a successful self-arrest prevented us descending the glacier faster than anticipated. Very tired on Gouter ridge, benighted approaching the Grand Couloir, (taken at a gallop), and bivvied on the Tete Rousse Glacier watching the stars and satellites passing over. The upper reaches of the Alps are stunningly beautiful. Already planning for a return trip.

Jack00 10/Aug/08 -
with Tim, Darren, Laura
Hidden 09/Aug/08 Lead
Paul Bowen 09/Aug/08 Lead O/S

Walked up from car park took bivvy above nid d,aigle friday then up to gouter saturday morning,pitched tent, ate and drank then went for summit at 3.30pm. Summited just after 7pm back at tent before 9pm. Weather was exceptional.Good sleep then down to car in the morning. Brilliant 2 days.

with bec
SebCa 05/Aug/08 Solo O/S

Day 1: Nid'D Aigle - Gouter Hut 5 Hours, snow hole over night. Left at 3am, un-guided summited at 08:45ish, terrible weather and winds Down at Nid'D Aigle for about 16:30, fell asleep at tram station, got burnt but had a great rest. Awesome. Of and was sick 4 or 5 times at about 4200m

sylwia 02/Aug/08 -

Great climb via Gouter hut. Last 300m of the climb challenging i got altitude sickness a real bitch(90 percent of people do even with acclimatisation. Even if you stay high because it is very had to acclimatise to 4800m, Cosmique hut is 3800m) but just grit your teeth and stay focussed. Definitely worth it the views are awesome if you get a clear day. The Bionassay ridge was awesome wish i could of continued down for the 3 monts but not a good idea as we didn't summit until 8am meaning bad snow melt/avalanche conditions later. PS Don't pay a guide unless you have no experience or are rich 350 euros is a joke for this route.

with 3 Irish Guys
sylwia 02/Aug/08 -

Great climb via Gouter hut. Last 300m of the climb challenging i got altitude sickness a real bitch(90 percent of people do even with acclimatisation. Even if you stay high because it is very had to acclimatise to 4800m, Cosmique hut is 3800m) but just grit your teeth and stay focussed. Definitely worth it the views are awesome if you get a clear day. The Bionassay ridge was awesome wish i could of continued down for the 3 monts but not a good idea as we didn't summit until 8am meaning bad snow melt/avalanche conditions later. PS Don't pay a guide unless you have no experience or are rich 350 euros is a joke for this route.

matty g 01/Aug/08 -
Rich Kay ?/Aug/08 Solo

Done on a beautiful sunny day unlike previous day when I got lost in storm/whiteout outside Vallot hut and spent 5 hours getting back to Gouter hut.

Adderbury Climber ?/Aug/08 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Aug/08 AltLd O/S
Conan ?/Aug/08 -

White Out most of the way from above Gouter Hut. Blizzard conditions on way day. Great day out on my 5th Ascent of MB

andybuckley ?/Aug/08 -

Bivvied out just above the Gouter Hut: excellent location, don't know why people bother with the hut given how hard it is to get a space! Then a long trudge to the summit, which was all spindrifted in. I was in a bad way, having picked up a chest infection which made aerobic exercise very hard (as discovered on the Cosmiques Arete the previous day), but pleased to have made it. A photo of me and Dave looking grumpy/knackered in the storm shelter on the way down appeared in the Sunday Times accompanying Tom's article.

with Alasdair Young, Tom Whipple, Dave Williams
trigger118 ?/Aug/08 Lead O/S
Tom Livingstone ?/Aug/08 -
gordon henderson 30/Jul/08 AltLd dnf
with MRT
vincentvega 21/Jul/08 Lead
with mike smith
Hidden 18/Jul/08 AltLd O/S
Gav Parker 17/Jul/08 2nd

Hard work

Ste Ridd 17/Jul/08 Lead

Decent route after completing Grands Mulets Route.

with C.Steel
m1ke_smith ?/Jul/08 -
with Allan Robb
kevin k ?/Jul/08 -
katie75 ?/Jul/08 Lead O/S
with dan
robertporter ?/Jul/08 -
Neil D ?/Jul/08 -
with Robert Porter
Matthallinan ?/Jul/08 -
Adam Booth 21/Jun/08 AltLd O/S
Ed Booth 21/Jun/08 AltLd
stuartm555 21/Jun/08 -
clams ??/2008 -
with CH
ianjdodd 20/Sep/07 Lead O/S
Hidden 15/Sep/07 AltLd O/S
Ste Ridd 05/Sep/07 Lead

J.Howell, M.Organ, M.Woods

with C.Steel
Hidden 26/Aug/07 Solo
Hidden 18/Aug/07 Lead
Dustin 12/Aug/07 -
with Rich Payne, JohnnyW
ceri's ?/Aug/07 AltLd
with Charles
Hidden 21/Jul/07 -
marceli 16/Jul/07 Lead O/S
with wojtek
Christina ?/Jul/07 2nd

with a guide (Julianne Clymba) as part of an alpinism course

Hidden ??/2007 -
Swiss Tony ??/2007 Solo
Peter Metcalfe 21/Sep/06 -

Left Tete Rosse hut just after 2am. On summit at 7am, just as the sun rose over France, Switzerland and Italy!

with Peter Rohde
Mike Caine 07/Sep/06 -
with David Brown
djdavies 07/Sep/06 2nd
Hidden 06/Sep/06 AltLd
PondLife 04/Sep/06 -

Left Tete Rousse Hut at 8am, summited at 2pm ish then overnighted at Gouter Hut before descending.

with Andreas & Andrea
Hidden ?/Sep/06 2nd
Hidden ?/Sep/06 2nd
deano 16/Aug/06 -

Conditions too bad to go for summit, maybe in 07???

with Ryan Stokes, Lloyd Jon Lloyd
DavPk 15/Aug/06 -
with Catherine Pearks
neil_baillie 12/Aug/06 2nd

left gouter hut (dump) at 2.30 am, summit by 6.30am. Windy and very cold, but awesome views. The most amazing alpine day. Descent via the trois mont blanc route back to the cosmiques cable cable car. Awesome.

Hidden ?/Aug/06 2nd O/S
Martin Haworth ?/Aug/06 Lead dnf

Turned back soon after the Vallot Hut due to poor weather

with val p
Ratfeeder 20/Jul/06 Solo O/S
j.anstee 20/Jul/06 -
Will Smith 13/Jul/06 -

Climbed from the Tete Rousse hut (leaving at 2am), summited at 8.30am then descended all the way back to the valley.

with Jonny and Didiere
JonBrett 13/Jul/06 -
Somerset swede basher 10/Jul/06 AltLd O/S

Desent Route

with Rich Siddle
Tom Stoddart 04/Jul/06 -

Ascended via Gouter hut, summitted at 6.30am, descended via 3 Monts route to Aiguille du Midi, back in Chamonix for lunch. Amazing views both from the summit and from the Bosses ridge as the sun rose.

with Tom Slade
Alexander123 03/Jul/06 -
with Nicholas Watt, William Watt
Watty 01/Jul/06 2nd O/S
with Mark & A.Watt
Hidden ?/Jul/06 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Jul/06 AltLd O/S
rickyclimb ?/Jul/06 2nd

With Mark Toshner. Reached 4,500m and then descended due to wind.

tommytuffa ?/Jul/06 -
with ollie b
mmalbon ?/Jul/06 -

Felt absolutely knackered getting to the Gouter Hut, then fine in the morning when we set off for the Blanc. Left the Gouter Hut at 3am, got to the top at 8am.

with Simon
Hidden 18/Jun/06 -
Hidden ??/2006 -
Boistelle 24/Sep/05 Solo
with Al Drummond
Hidden ?/Sep/05 AltLd O/S
Hidden ?/Sep/05 -
Poco Loco 31/Aug/05 Lead
with Guy Pomeroy
Hidden 23/Aug/05 -
edek_w 14/Aug/05 -
Hidden 12/Aug/05 2nd O/S
Hidden 09/Aug/05 AltLd rpt
reg_measures 05/Aug/05 AltLd O/S

In descent

with torran, timmy
will_lake 01/Aug/05 AltLd dnf
with Chris Reay
Hidden ?/Aug/05 Lead
pnorth ?/Aug/05 -


with Martin Svensson
Hidden ?/Aug/05 -
jmr 15/Jul/05 Solo

Started from Tete Rousee as Gouter full as ususal. Windy! Care was needed on the ridge above the Bosses. Much stonefall below Gouter hut on the descent.

jimorothy ?/Jul/05 AltLd

Got hit with a phantom storm - massive temperature drop froze water solid. All guided parties turned back - but we headed on, one of the few to make it in ridiculous wind speeds. What a great unforgettable peak.

with Rachel Crolla
Hidden ?/Jul/05 -
Hidden 23/Jun/05 AltLd dnf
will_lake 19/Aug/04 AltLd dnf
with Chris Reay
Hidden ?/Aug/04 Solo O/S
Alpandy ?/Aug/04 -
with Billy
Hidden 05/Jul/04 2nd
Hidden 30/Jun/04 -
James W ?/Sep/03 -

climbed from old tete rousse hut setting off at 1am, v cold and windy. Partner got frost nip on nose and cheek. long day and big mountain.

with john sanday
Alps-bound 09/Aug/03 -
davidellis53 ?/Aug/03 -
Captain Solo ?/Aug/03 Lead
with Karen
Yyonnx 15/Jul/03 -

Second alpine climb. Planned to climb solo but at the hut, someone's partner was sick with altitude so I teamed up with healthy partner and we went to summit as a roped party. Not as hard as I imagined.

Hidden 02/Jul/03 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Jul/03 -
Jacob Ram 28/Jun/03 Solo
with anthony aylett
samwelli 26/Aug/02 -
with Reuben Brown
cubehead 20/Aug/02 Lead
jamie ward 21/Jul/02 AltLd O/S
with Tony Buj
tebs ?/Jul/02 -
shaun walby ?/Jul/02 Solo dnf
with Mike Steel
industrialiceman 15/Jun/02 Lead
Hidden 08/Apr/02 AltLd
BruceG 06/Sep/01 -
Martyn ?/Sep/01 Lead rpt

All felt slightly sick. JW threw up 3 times.

with James Williams
Witsend3 ?/Sep/01 -
dan gibson ?/Aug/01 -
with helen gibson
ashpreston ??/2001 -
ashpreston ??/2001 -
Bilbo 09/Aug/00 -

Left the valley 06:30, stopped for lunch at the Gouter hut, then pressed on for the summit. Poor vis to 4400 mts then above the clouds in brilliant early evening sunshine - snow and rain below us. Had the summit to ourselves apart from a Slovenian who had run all the way from Slovenia! Descended from summit as the sun was setting - awesome. Couple of hours sleep in the Gouter hut then back to the valley.

with Steve
Taylj1 ?/Sep/99 -
with Andy
Mark Bannan ?/Jul/99 AltLd O/S

Fantastic highlight of my first season in the Alps. Grand Couloir was trouser-filling on the way down, though!

with John, Kirsty
1202alarm ?/Sep/98 -
Hidden 13/Aug/98 Solo
Phil T ?/Aug/98 2nd
adamwesthead ?/Aug/98 2nd O/S

Harry & Seb

with Taylor
seanyt ?/Aug/98 AltLd
Andy Clarke 30/Jul/98 2nd

Done with High Spirited Expeditions, partly as a high profile sponsored fund raiser to help get the money my school needed to become Specialist. Front page of local paper - thank goodness we made it! Very cold and windy - tried to take shelter in Vallot hut, but it was too full. Won't ever forget the huge shadow cast by the mountain on the dawn sky. Awe-inspiring. My first alpine route - the birth of a new passion.

with Steve Stokes, Tom Porter, Andy Topham
Les Ross ?/Jul/98 AltLd
Hidden ??/1998 -
Tarquin ??/1998 -
Martyn ?/Sep/97 Solo dnf
with Rob Boylin
Steve Pardoe 09/Jul/97 2nd

Fantastic trip, over three memorable days.

with Gilles Imbert (G), Judy P
stokesrees ?/Jun/97 Lead
with Ryan Brown, Gilles Lallane
Hidden ??/1997 -
the abmmc ??/1997 -
with karly54
Hidden ??/1997 -
timjones 31/Aug/96 -
with Warwick Hadley, Adeline Jones
colin milton 04/Jul/96 Lead
with anne dillon
Hidden ?/Aug/95 AltLd
SiRob ?/Aug/95 -
Marti999 ??/1995 Solo
tompercy 17/Jul/94 -
Hidden 03/Jul/94 Lead
Hidden 15/Jun/94 Lead
brady 03/Aug/93 -
chopin-smith 30/Jun/93 -
tjekel ??/1993 -
Ashley Hold ?/Sep/91 Solo

My partner turned back at the Vallot hut so I did the Bosses ridge solo

Sime64 ?/Aug/91 AltLd
with Gill
Stefan Jacobsen 16/Jul/91 -
with Erling Jacobsen, Mette Lidegaard, Kåre Jacobsen
Hidden 01/Jul/91 Lead
Stefan Jacobsen ?/Jul/90 -
with Kåre Jacobsen
Hidden 18/Aug/89 Solo
paul birch ?/Aug/89 -
pauldrew ?/Jul/89 AltLd

Finally made it to summit but got bad altitude sickness so don't recall much about the summit. Not helped by mixing meths into the morning tea at the bivi outside the Gouter Hut.

with Jim Hart, Lisa Cox
Conan ?/Jul/89 -

Last minute pairing up in Argentiere Campsite Great couple of days on the Mountain watching sunrise on the very cold summit.

pingora 31/Jul/88 -
pauldrew ?/Jul/87 AltLd dnf

Got to Vallot bivi hut but weather dire so had to retreat.

with Tim Whitaker
pauldrew ?/Jul/87 Solo dnf

Again got to Vallot hut and bivied there but weather turned bad and retreated again. Not destined to get up Mt Blanc that summer.

Gambit ?/Jul/87 Lead O/S
with Adam
sacdenouilles ?/Jun/87 Solo
dtalbot 20/Aug/86 -
Hidden ?/Aug/86 -
Hidden 26/Jul/86 Solo
Hidden ??/1986 -
Iain Thow 30/Jun/85 Solo
with Ian Burwood, John Tyler, Andy Sutton
biggianthead 30/Aug/84 -
with G
Richard Weller ?/Aug/84 -
with Penny Dewdney
Robmwatt ??/1984 AltLd
with Gaz Morgan
auldscotal ??/1984 Solo O/S

Set off from Goutier Hut at 11 pm - glorious ascent by moonlight, kipped in the bivvy hut for a couple of hours.

Hidden 26/Aug/81 AltLd
DonnyDave 20/Aug/80 AltLd
with Ian Freebie, Steve Sykes, Mick Ward, Tony Burden
Hidden ??/1980 -
Hidden ?/Sep/79 -
Steve Bell ??/1977 -
99bolivar ?/Aug/76 Solo
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