340m. DWS F6a+ and S1 if you follow the Rockfax description which extends section 1 with extra shenanigans inside the Blue Grotto. The original section 1 was at climbed with ropes at HVS 5a (VI) and the Blue Grotto was passed by swimming/Tyrolean. Take a low tide with you if you want to avoid swimming past the Green Grotto. Alternatively try safer but harder variations at a higher tide and swim past this cave. The cave sections can feel a lot harder on humid days.

R.Baillie, J.Cleare (31st Dec 1967). FFA Frank Cannings & Peter Biven 03/Jan/1968

Ticklists: Victim Of Mathematics' Ticklist of Extreme Justice, West Country Climbs, South coast sport/DWS ticklist.

tommoulds 29/Oct/16 DWS

crazy after 1mile kayak in!

with Schramm
Hidden 02/Oct/16 DWS O/S
Hidden 16/Sep/16 DWS
Hidden 16/Sep/16 DWS rpt
Hidden 16/Sep/16 DWS
Ramon Marin 14/Sep/16 DWS O/S
with Tom le fanu
TomJ 04/Sep/16 DWS

Simply amazing, and somehow managed to surpass expectations. The blue grotto is particularly memorable (and if you take the high line feels a bit out-there on a low tide!). We did the route on a falling tide, which probably meant some sections were more slippery than if we had waited (particularly the great cave - where I managed to fall in all of 10 m into the route!). Probably worth wearing a helmet if it is your first DWS trip, as there is potential for a few sketchy falls in the caves/grottos

with Tim
SiW 02/Sep/16 DWS

Dropped in near the end of the extension due to low tide. fun fun

John Sheehan 29/Aug/16 DWS

Fell in twice

with Stephen Price
GrahamGiles 29/Aug/16 DWS O/S

Absolutely sublime! No matter what grade you climb at, climb this!

Chris Ebbutt 29/Aug/16 DWS

Came in by boat to the start of Moonraker. Traversed south to the green grotto high neap tide allowed a swim through green grotto and out the blue grotto. Tombstones off the headland swam back to green grotto and reversed MMI with swims to Moonraker, then up to this to the crux, bottled it and jumped. Awesome day out with the kids.

Tophe 29/Aug/16 DWS β
with Nina , Fiona, Ben Corbey, Jonny P
timreynolds 27/Aug/16 DWS

Right to left inc' Blue Grotto. Slipped off in Blue Grotto on very slimy holds

Sam Husband 27/Aug/16 Solo O/S

Great fun, swum the second grotto and did a bit of the 6c exit but proved to hard with wet chalk bag! Definite four star route, the cruxes are hard (6b?) but safer.

with Woger, Ed, Tom
Hidden 27/Aug/16 DWS dnf
John Tanner 27/Aug/16 DWS rpt

Club Send Train

Matt Smith 27/Aug/16 DWS rpt

SUMC send train! 24 of us, one after the other! Greasier than the day before, so a lot harder. Up to my waist coming out of the great cave. Got further than day before, cheeky bridge at hanging block this time. But still off at the crux and swimming at the end, but on a route this good, who cares?!

BenL 27/Aug/16 DWS O/S
Hidden 27/Aug/16 DWS rpt
gidmord 27/Aug/16 Solo dnf
mikespooner 27/Aug/16 DWS dnf

Trying to conquer the DWS fear, after finally relaxing and starting to enjoy it fell in after heading the wrong way before the green grotto. Have to go back! Best SUMC send train ever :)

with Shane Donnelly, Gideon Mordecai, tombushell, Jonny P, Fiona Adie, Paddy Williams, John Tanner, Becky Jay, Zoe Taylor, Ben Harper, Amy Horton, Ben Lloyd, Robin Uren, Roger Kirke, Sam Husband, Matt Smith, Edward Hastrop, Chris Smith, Caitlin Ripley, Joe Premier
Stroppy 27/Aug/16 Solo O/S
with Ben Lloyd, Jack Westall, Mike Spooner, Roger Kirke, Tom Bushell, Sam Husband
Amy Horton 27/Aug/16 DWS rpt

SUMC send train, fell off just before the end, so frustrating! Enjoyed a party ledge or two.

Caitlin 27/Aug/16 DWS

Super social climbing/swimming

RKirke 27/Aug/16 DWS O/S
slowmotion 27/Aug/16 DWS β

I especially liked the party ledges. Probably would have fallen in if Jonny hadn't grabbed my foot at one point...

ninastirrup 27/Aug/16 Solo
mrstarwarsman 27/Aug/16 DWS
funsized 27/Aug/16 DWS O/S

What a Party!

with SUMC Party Traverse
Robs_Uren 27/Aug/16 DWS dnf
with Spooner
Matt Smith 26/Aug/16 DWS dnf

What a trip! Lovely traversing on enormous jugs with the odd fiddly bit. Had to swim both grottos and took an early dip going too low but got back on and reclimbed that section, meant I was wet and had no chalk for crux so fell off that. Most social climb I've ever been on!

Hidden 26/Aug/16 DWS O/S
katiep 26/Aug/16 DWS O/S

SUMC send train - amazing route, only had to swim at the two grottos because of high tide.

Amy Horton 26/Aug/16 DWS

Too much pump!

Digga 26/Aug/16 DWS rpt

Got it clean this time, wonderful climb!

remus 20/Aug/16 DWS rpt

All very pleasant to the blue grotto, where things got a bit spicier.

AlexD 14/Aug/16 Solo rpt
brian watson 14/Aug/16 DWS O/S

OMG everyone should do this, sooo good !! :-)

with AlexD
broc 13/Aug/16 DWS

Great fun! Several splashdowns and a close encounter with a seal!

with Sarah
Michael_Love 13/Aug/16 DWS O/S
Hidden 12/Aug/16 DWS
dbrooks 06/Aug/16 DWS RP

technically a RP I guess, don't think I have previously actually managed to do this without falling off! Spring high tide, made the climbing more interesting, pretty tricky staying dry through the great cave

with Gareth, John
jamie_bkc 06/Aug/16 DWS O/S
James Oswald 06/Aug/16 Lead O/S

Low tide.

pete1993 06/Aug/16 DWS O/S

Just brilliant, mid-low tide which made some bits a bit scary but huge jugs the whole way, would be good value for a 6a+ leader!

jhobbs 05/Aug/16 Solo

Absolutely amazing! First outing on this beauty. Started about 2hrs before high tide so found a lot of the foot holds at/below the watermark making it a bit harder but safer. Took a few dunks but the sea was beautiful, even had a few seals bobbing along next to us. Wonderful adventure.

Hidden 05/Aug/16 Solo
lankysod ??/2016 -
lukewilliams 17/Oct/15 DWS

Got out the other side of the great cave, the waves were bashing in really hard so we decide to turn back.

UpWear 03/Oct/15 DWS β

Absolutely amazing traverse, the tide was a little low which made it feel more severe! Would love to try again with a lower tide! Epic :)

nickdonohue 03/Oct/15 DWS
benjaminloveday 02/Oct/15 DWS O/S
lukewilliams 26/Sep/15 -

with dean an ben

Joe Costello 19/Sep/15 DWS

Once more into the breach!

Hidden 18/Sep/15 DWS O/S
tobydunford 06/Sep/15 DWS O/S
nickdonohue 03/Sep/15 DWS
with Tom Lawfield
Hidden 01/Sep/15 Solo rpt
EcoClimber 31/Aug/15 DWS dnf

Great route, came off half way along at an overhanging slab. Lots of fun. thx Ruth!

rufusbell 31/Aug/15 DWS
highrepute 29/Aug/15 DWS O/S
Joe Costello 29/Aug/15 -
snook 16/Aug/15 DWS rpt

never tires :)

with Auguste, Jack Gray, stephen ashworth
Jackislav 16/Aug/15 DWS β
stephen ashworth 16/Aug/15 DWS
with Jack gray, Alex cox
remus 15/Aug/15 DWS rpt

Not many 6a+s I og for the repeat on because they're so good.

francois 09/Aug/15 -

Greased off at the start after the chasm and once more in the final bit of the Great Cave traverse. Done a few hours after low tide.

with Joe
snook 09/Aug/15 DWS rpt
Ed Babs 08/Aug/15 DWS O/S

L-R. Amazing. Much better than I expected - lots of 6a climbing. And we met the guy who wrote the book on it at the green grotto. Class day.

Hidden 08/Aug/15 DWS β
LucasHarazin 08/Aug/15 DWS β
john lynch 08/Aug/15 Solo O/S

With big crew for lewis's birthday such a good journey, did the final step accross bit through the cave, epic!

Dan 85 08/Aug/15 DWS rpt
James Mitchelmore 08/Aug/15 Solo rpt
Joe Costello 06/Aug/15 Solo

Left to right. Probably better then the other way but tis all good fun! I reckon a tide of around 2 metres or less should allow you to keep your feet dry the whole way!

freudy_love 02/Aug/15 DWS β
with Jamie Murray
remus 01/Aug/15 DWS O/S

Best DWS at the grade? Section through blue grotto is too good.

with Sadie Renwick, Simon Brice
adam 24 01/Aug/15 DWS rpt

So much fun!

with Caroline
Chris_barr 01/Aug/15 DWS β
with DWS Team
NDD 01/Aug/15 DWS β
with Team
Hidden 01/Aug/15 DWS
James Oswald 01/Aug/15 DWS O/S

With everyone and a worryingly low tide..

Hidden ?/Aug/15 Lead O/S
kingholmesy ??/2015 Solo
Hidden 24/Sep/14 Solo O/S
Dan 85 21/Sep/14 Solo rpt
ferdia 21/Sep/14 Solo
with Burton
DredStripe 20/Sep/14 Solo β

Massive thanks to Kafoozelem for guidance and beta.

Brian H 20/Sep/14 Solo rpt
snook 20/Sep/14 Solo β

First proper DWS route - what a stunner. Thanks to Tim for organising the day and Pete Saunders for the guided tour. We did it right to left after initially looking to start at the other end in a big group but the first cave was super wet and slimey so decided to leave that treat untill the end! Went too high at the midpoint crux and nearly had a splashdown (apologies to Steve who followed me and ended up a tad damp) managed to reverse climb then down climb the proper route - never been so pumped and not fallen off before! So much so i could not open the liquid chalk bottle for about a minute after. haha Supurb holds for the majority and even managed to get through the minging cave (Blue Grotto) at the end with a funky step across to start the last traverse. Had to swim about 10ft a Green Grotto due to the tide. Not gonna forget this one in a hurry.

stephen ashworth 20/Sep/14 Solo
with Brian H, Alex cox
Digga 20/Sep/14 Solo

Superb adventure. Less than fit so took a few splashdowns but mostly wonderful climbing on excellent rock. Big thanks to Kafoozalem for the beta.

tim newton 11/Sep/14 DWS O/S

Finished through the blue grotto

KDhruev 09/Sep/14 Solo
dbrooks 07/Sep/14 Solo dnf

off at the crux... high tide and knackered at the end of a long day..climbed back on and finished wet... annoying!

richiebongo 07/Sep/14 Solo

Third time but from left to right at full tide and quite impossible for me at the green grotto where i took a very high line accross the lip of the roof before dropping off rather than solo over the ledge. Will and Dan both took multiple splash downs and we finished in the fading light.

with Will, Dan Perrot
John Tanner 07/Sep/14 Solo rpt
Joe Costello 04/Sep/14 Solo β

Excellent after-work session at lowish tide. Right to left, some very wet rock (I.e. totally soaked) at the start and finish but managed not to fall until after the bridging bit and I thought it had finished here anyway so I'm taking it ;). Memorably a seal popped up underneath me on the crux and had a quick growl whilst I tried desperately not to fall off the soaked flatties! Grade irrelevant on this one.

tessa teapot ?/Sep/14 DWS
Hidden 31/Aug/14 Solo rpt
Brian H 31/Aug/14 Solo rpt

First time L to R - low tide and no swimming involved. Lovely.

Stuart Johnston 23/Aug/14 Solo O/S

Full 420m version. Simply epic.

adam 24 23/Aug/14 Solo O/S

Lives up to its name! Short swim through an impassable section of the zawn

Gilster 12/Aug/14 Solo rpt


with James
James Mitchelmore 11/Aug/14 Solo rpt
KDhruev 09/Aug/14 Solo O/S
with andy
andrewmc 09/Aug/14 DWS β

Amazing! With the blue grotto extension as in Rockfax. Low-mid rising tide. Just made an awkward crawl out of the Great Cave (higher route available), had to wade the Green Grotto thigh-deep. Managed the step-across bit in the Blue Grotto by bridging across rather than falling. Parts (particularly a bit just before Green Grotto?) were quite hard!

JackMac 09/Aug/14 Solo β

Great afternoon with friends

Dan 85 09/Aug/14 Solo O/S
with Jack, Ellis
Ellis Butler-Barker 09/Aug/14 Solo O/S
with JackMac, Dan
Phil79 09/Aug/14 Solo

Did after Moonraker, mid tide and rising, managed the crux wall and most of blue grotto before pumping out.

with Steve H
Phil79 07/Aug/14 Solo

2nd attempt - off at the crux again. High tide.

hankyc 04/Aug/14 Solo O/S

MIND BLOWN!!! the funnest thing in contemplation, did on rising mid tide so just made it out of the great cave with dry feet, then just spectacular steep, bewideringly fun climbing all the way, went through arch and bridged across then up the headland out the other side... that bit was my favorite but seems harder than 6a+, bridging across the two walls feels awesome,, would highly recommend this tide state as if done low tide it looks tempting to go on the barnacles!

James Mitchelmore 04/Aug/14 Solo rpt

Excellent climbing! I never get tired of this! Finished through Blue Grotto and onto the ledges on the other side. Fantastic!

Motown 03/Aug/14 Solo rpt
Dhonny_Jaws 03/Aug/14 Solo O/S
with Daniel Gibson, AJ, Andrew Porter, Michael Porter
Lee_Meaden 03/Aug/14 Solo O/S
with Luke Robinson, Justin Hill
Misha 02/Aug/14 Solo O/S

Magic! Arrived at 2pm due to lots of jams on the M5 but that was fine as it was approaching low tide. Fantastic jugfest all the way! Loads of good, fun climbing, with only really two hard bits but there are a few other tricky sections as well. On the initial traverse along the far side of the Great Cave I took a very steep low traverse line which was hard for the grade (the following day I found the high traverse line which foot traversed where I had hand traversed - much easier but tricky to spot the line in the gloom of the cave!). The other hard bit was about half way across where you go up on mega jugs to an arÍte and then descend gently before dropping down - easy to misread/miss the downclimb and it's a bit pumpy. Managed to boulder hop across the Green Grotto as the tide was out. At the Blue Grotto had a look round the corner into the narrow inlet but wasn't sure how far it went or how hard it was so opted for the swim instead (apparently it's only 5b to go into and back out of the inlet - looked harder!). There was no swell and the water was chilly (average British?) but bearable and it's only a few metres to swim across anyway. A barnacle scramble led to the tip of the headland and a walk off up the ridge in sunshine - fantastic!

with Eszter
brices 02/Aug/14 DWS rpt
with Gav
claudia Hesleden 02/Aug/14 DWS O/S

First completed DWS .. Such a fun route

with Jo Stadden
Hidden 02/Aug/14 Solo
lewisrichardson ?/Aug/14 Solo β
with dad
francois ??/2014 Solo

Quite tired today so fell off twice

Ianhansen ??/2014 -
Ianhansen ??/2014 -
James Mitchelmore 06/Oct/13 Solo rpt
Chubbard 21/Sep/13 Solo

Amazing. Lots of wet holds and swimming. Very well named.

with Paz
petecallaghan 15/Sep/13 Solo

Mass traverse by SDMC - we had 10 climbers: Joe, Chawn, David, Ben, Laura, Mark, Tim, Steve, Hector and myself.

timreynolds 14/Sep/13 DWS O/S

Left to right - Wow!

Hidden 14/Sep/13 Solo rpt
Phil79 14/Sep/13 Solo

Fantastic - fell at the crux and bailed out after a quick try at the Blue Grotto. Good incentive to get fit again.

with Steve H
Hidden 05/Sep/13 Solo
Hidden 03/Sep/13 Solo O/S
andrea83 31/Aug/13 Solo β

Brilliant! A huge thanks to the two guys Tom and Simon who arrived at the same time and gave Hamish and I all the beta. Would have had a few more dips in the sea otherwise! Clean on the way there, fell into the sea on the way back. Tom pointed out a beautiful large jellyfish which was good to see.

with Hamish
Hamish777 31/Aug/13 Solo β

Thanks to Simon and Tom, I could not have done this without you.

with Andrea
ledifer 31/Aug/13 Solo O/S

Did it 2 hours after low tide. Fell in twice, great fun. Much less scary once you've fallen in once.

with Dave
grey wolf 30/Aug/13 Solo O/S

what an adventure!

ollie_e 26/Aug/13 Solo rpt

Even better than the last time, turns out we finished in the wrong place the first time, the correct finish is even better. So so good.

northcave 26/Aug/13 Solo O/S

Super cool and accessed at high tide with feet getting wet at beginning. Variety of routes to make it harded but take a dry bag to cross a section in the middle without getting your chalk wet.

ian d f 26/Aug/13 Solo O/S

went in the sea twice

with Pete H
Hidden 25/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 25/Aug/13 DWS O/S
chrisscutt 25/Aug/13 Solo rpt
with ro, oly
red_rhodesha 25/Aug/13 Solo

An EPIC adventure!

BenNorman 24/Aug/13 Solo O/S

Great fun but pulled a hold off and landed badly on some rocks because of a low tide, perfect on a mid/high tide I would say

Hidden 21/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Hidden 18/Aug/13 Solo dnf
Hidden 11/Aug/13 Solo O/S
R2B 10/Aug/13 Solo O/S

What a brilliant adventure! I would recommend this to absolutely anyone.

with Matt W
Hidden 10/Aug/13 Solo
petegruf 10/Aug/13 Solo

Started at the great cave one hr after high tide. Mostly 2 or 3m above the water. Juggy steep solid rock. Swam green and blue grotto and jumped in once. Water even felt warm 1 st time. Jellyfish. An hr later could have stepped across the green grotto. Awesome.

Hidden 10/Aug/13 Solo rpt
Chad123 08/Aug/13 Solo rpt

Super low spring tide made it very exciting today, but plenty of low barnacle options, and walking through the green grotto was a novelty. Gave up part way through blue grotto, after a long days climbing.

sgl 08/Aug/13 Solo
with ben, emily
andy south devon 08/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Gilster 07/Aug/13 Solo

Brilliant! despite man eating seals circling waiting for me to fall off ;)

with James, Ethel
Hidden 03/Aug/13 Solo RP
AJM 03/Aug/13 Solo β

Left to right. Ace. Started by going through the Blue Grotto, finished at the great cave. Swam green grotto but otherwise dry. Very sociable fun day out.

Hidden 03/Aug/13 DWS O/S
Tubs 03/Aug/13 Solo

Excellent fun and only swam the Blue and Green Grottos. Wearing a wetsuit made for maximum barnacle protection but minimum style.

with Stuart, AJM
Hidden 03/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Sophie Nunn 03/Aug/13 Solo rpt
with Rob, Mel B, Rich P, Martin
Souljah 03/Aug/13 Solo
with Gus, Andi, Paul
Rob84 03/Aug/13 Solo
with Martin, Sophie, Mel, Rich Patterson
Tom Livingstone 03/Aug/13 Solo O/S
Dan Lane 03/Aug/13 Solo O/S

Great fun. At no point is it too hard, though there is a couple of very steep sections. A nice dip in the sea the end before climbing out to cool down. A great adventure going to some really cool places. How amazing is the Old Redoubt!?

James Mitchelmore 03/Aug/13 Solo rpt
cymjt ?/Aug/13 -
shaunnorfolk ?/Aug/13 DWS β
LauraTejada ?/Aug/13 DWS
noelj ??/2013 Solo

a splashdown at the crux due to very slippery conditions

supersouthward ??/2013 -
Hidden 30/Dec/12 Solo
Hidden 30/Dec/12 Solo
jcook1980 14/Oct/12 Solo
with Leo
leohl 14/Oct/12 Solo
andy_pemberton 30/Sep/12 Solo

Tried to get onto Moonraker, but tide too high to solo in with ropes and gear. Dumped the kit and did this instead. Great fun and much harder than last time I did it as the tide was higher. Great moves and steeeep in places!

with Dan Lear
AndyBryce 21/Sep/12 Solo
with Oliver Whitby
Rupey 16/Sep/12 Solo O/S
Hidden 15/Sep/12 Solo rpt
tom169 15/Sep/12 Solo O/S
with Amy, Darren
Hidden 09/Sep/12 Solo rpt
Tim M 09/Sep/12 Solo O/S

Left to right. Rather damp in the caves but great route

with Frank
Hidden 08/Sep/12 Solo O/S
Wendy Watthews 08/Sep/12 Solo

best fun climbing ever didn't really do it properly got very wet and had fun swimming :)

arandall 08/Sep/12 Solo

Swam all of the difficult bits, was brilliant fun. Shame there isn't a solo/swim option :)

ollie_e 01/Sep/12 Solo

More of an experience than a "route". Stunning, great day out.

rustaldo 01/Sep/12 Solo O/S

kit fell in! mega lulz

with Jack S, Kit Perry
brices 01/Sep/12 DWS O/S
with Jamie, Jack, Gav
Hidden 01/Sep/12 Solo
chrisscutt 01/Sep/12 Solo
with oly
Laurence Everitt 26/Aug/12 DWS O/S
Hidden 26/Aug/12 Solo β
Ciro 26/Aug/12 Solo
theotherpetehill 25/Aug/12 Solo O/S

With a swim across the Blue Grotto and finishing through the Green Grotto. Excellent!

Hidden 22/Aug/12 Solo
Justin T 10/Aug/12 Solo O/S

Lowish neap tide, just got past green grotto without a swim with some very bunched silliness, low variants on most sections, awesome route!

with Mark Bullock
Sophie Nunn 04/Aug/12 Solo rpt
Mr Powly 03/Aug/12 Solo
with Ian B, Hertha, Rozzy
burto 03/Aug/12 Solo rpt
with liz, tom powell, mike, rozzy, hertha
Hidden 03/Aug/12 -
Hidden 03/Aug/12 DWS
Hidden ?/Aug/12 Solo
Hertha 08/Oct/11 -

First DWS, Dogged lovely hot day lots of swimming

with Burto
Jonathan Emett 02/Oct/11 Solo dnf

tide was so low the entire thing was on barnacles. not nice.

Hidden 02/Oct/11 Solo
TCCB 02/Oct/11 Solo O/S

Rubbish! Whole thing on barnacles at a spring low tide, and after all the rubbishness we still had to swim, what a let down :(

burto 01/Oct/11 Solo O/S
with hertha
philhilo 01/Oct/11 Solo dnf

Helens 1st DWS. Did on a low tide. One section before the crux steep over rocks - worrying. Got to crux over on the arete and went too high into the corner over the ledges then ran out of gas before working out how to go low - splash! Helen followedsoon afterward. Swam to next exit. Fantastic swim around the blue grotto with a seal. As Arnie said 'I'll be back'.

with Helen E
nickdonohue ?/Oct/11 Solo
JonHarvey 29/Sep/11 Solo dnf

Fell off on 2nd crux, swam last part due to really low tide. Bloody awesome though!

with Gid, Dave Moir
Hidden 29/Sep/11 Solo O/S
gidmord 29/Sep/11 Solo dnf
with John, dmoir
Hidden 28/Sep/11 Solo
Compo 26/Sep/11 Solo O/S
with Kaveh, Kev Faux
Hidden 26/Sep/11 Solo
Kevster 26/Sep/11 Solo O/S
domskezz 24/Sep/11 -

One of my best climbing experiences so far. Stayed dry until the swim across blue grotto. Managed to just cross green grotto low down without getting wet. One really strenuous section around an overhang on big holds where Jamma took a dip. A fitting end to a magical south west tour.

krispy_fish2000 24/Sep/11 -

A truly awesome crag and location. Also an excellent introduction to DWS. Did enjoy despite repeated falls into the sea- Sept produced a not too unpleasant temperature as long as the wind isn't blowing... definitely be back perhaps same time next year to do it dry to the end.

TerryLines 24/Sep/11 Lead O/S
Cailean Harker 23/Sep/11 Solo O/S
petecallaghan 18/Sep/11 Solo O/S

Perfect state of the tide - just after high tide. We traversed into the blue grotto at the lower level and made the bridge across to the other side (just), then out again, to traverse to green grotto.

Chris Ebbutt 18/Sep/11 DWS

Blue grotto to great cave no falls dry (swim green grotto)Got tide level spot on after Saturday, start at high tide gives good water in blue grotto, rising traverse to bigger holds on crux wall and still enough water for high level in great cave. Recommend morning start at blue grotto exit, on a 4m/3.8m high tide, head north to great cave swim green grotto with chalk bag on head.top quality adventure, positions and joy.

Chris Ebbutt 17/Sep/11 DWS

fell off in blue grotto, to high on guano buttress fell off, going south to north starting at exit of blue grotto, finishing at great cave.

with stuartf
Graham Atkins 04/Sep/11 Solo O/S

So cool. Alone @ 0730 on a sunday morning. Blue Grotto solo is a special place to be. Do it.

Stone Muppet 03/Sep/11 Solo

with Ami, Jo, Will, Adele, Paul and Dan. Tide a bit low, wet in places, fell off a few times - principally after getting pumped on some insanely overhanging low variation. Gotta go back for the redpoint! Amazing!

Dritz186 03/Sep/11 Solo RP

fell in a few times mainly around crux pitch

Hidden 02/Sep/11 Solo
Hidden 02/Sep/11 Sent O/S
davidliu 29/Aug/11 Solo O/S
tedj234 29/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Oddjob 29/Aug/11 DWS β
timrowland 29/Aug/11 Solo
with Rob H, jmjw
skittles 28/Aug/11 Solo


Hidden 27/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 27/Aug/11 Solo dnf
Hidden 24/Aug/11 Solo RP
AlexD 22/Aug/11 Solo

Amazing rock! Perfect water a few hours from high tide. 3 hard bits, firstly traversing the wet starting cave, second swinging round a big hanging block, and last going round a steep arete (splash oops) lovely rock high up but probably easier to stay low.

with Ceri
richiebongo 22/Aug/11 Solo O/S
James Oswald 22/Aug/11 Solo O/S

The best 6a+ ever? Scary bits - wet bits. A couple of steep bits, a very scary step across to the other side of the grotto. Managed to rip a jug off an easy section and go swimming...

with Chris White
Ceridwen 22/Aug/11 Solo rpt

Fell in twice

jacobjlloyd 20/Aug/11 Solo

Reverse to the blue cave, then back out again. Impressively greasy, but awesome!

nutcracker 20/Aug/11 Solo
with Mark Barrett
Marky B 20/Aug/11 Solo
MBarraclough 19/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 16/Aug/11 Solo O/S
lukehodson 13/Aug/11 Solo O/S

Amazing! Very low tide

with Charlotte Latter, Dave Bone, Steve, Mel, Charlotte
Chad123 13/Aug/11 Solo rpt

Felt easy today with plenty of rests waiting for Mallard! Also felt a lot higher above low spring tide! Still uber fun...

with Jo
thomb 09/Aug/11 Solo rpt

40min completion. need to step it up a gear to get sub-30min!

with Andrew
sarpedon 07/Aug/11 Solo O/S
dannyboy83 06/Aug/11 Solo O/S
Ben Harper 06/Aug/11 Solo β
Motown 05/Aug/11 Solo

Hangover must have raised the grade - sweating out Jagermeister.

Hidden 03/Aug/11 Solo
Cheese Monkey 01/Aug/11 Solo

AWESOME. Crux was going around the savage overhang for me, fell twice with wet hands and holds, made it on the third attempt but fell again due to being too pumped. Swam a few small sections to avoid climbing above rocks/shelves. Lovely warm up coming out of the great cave, pumpy but easy. Nice swim back too. Low tide. Very happy I got to do this before I leave the UK

with Goss
LouiseCowie 31/Jul/11 Solo β
quiffhanger 31/Jul/11 Solo O/S
Pete Scott 31/Jul/11 Solo dnf
Hidden 31/Jul/11 Solo dnf
thomb 31/Jul/11 Solo
with Pete
J5Kay 31/Jul/11 Lead O/S
paul reah ?/Jul/11 -

amazing traverse through the cave, stunning views and great fun, a tad sketchy on the climb down to the start, a few bits of old gear to hang onto:)

Marcus B ??/2011 Solo dnf

Great fun!!

Hidden 25/Oct/10 Solo
Hidden 20/Sep/10 Solo
Mike W 20/Sep/10 Solo O/S
sdi 19/Sep/10 Solo
with Tom K
Popkids 18/Sep/10 Solo

Fell in just after the overhang,Pumped out and fell.

with Kafoozalem
Macca_7 18/Sep/10 DWS rpt

Completed all the way to the finish this time with a chalk bag above the head swim across the green grotto. Done at a highish tide so a fair bit pumpier than my previous visits. Superb!!

with Max Coney, Si O'Hora
Silum 13/Sep/10 Solo
with AJ, Emma, Lewis, Ed
Jonathan Emett 12/Sep/10 Solo O/S


with crispin
Toby Dunn 12/Sep/10 Solo
coombs ?/Sep/10 Solo
Hidden ?/Sep/10 Solo
Bristoldave 31/Aug/10 Solo O/S
with Andy
jakenichol 30/Aug/10 Solo O/S
Rob Laird 29/Aug/10 DWS O/S
Hidden 29/Aug/10 Solo rpt
mr random 29/Aug/10 Solo RP
with Ian Peg, Rob Laird-
catt 28/Aug/10 Solo

Got wet, much to others amusement! We were up down and all over the place. Awesome fun.

with George, Will, Hardin
Wilbur 28/Aug/10 Solo O/S

Wow. 400m of adventure. Obviously the best bit was watching Iain fall in on Hardin's 6b+ variant that we all followed ;o) Oh, that and the swim at the end. Stonking and unmissable...

with Hardin, George, Iain
irish paul 28/Aug/10 Solo O/S
with Sarah Joyce
Hidden 28/Aug/10 Solo rpt
mark schramm 22/Aug/10 -

Got pumped silly after what I think was the crux, and then went swimming.

with Chris E, steve P
Chris Ebbutt 22/Aug/10 DWS

with a couple of swims

steveprice.exmouth 22/Aug/10 DWS
Hidden 19/Aug/10 Solo O/S
masa-alpin 19/Aug/10 Solo O/S

My first DWS route. Simul-soloed with Dan in high tide. The crux was hard and scary, as there was a good chance to hit the rock in a fall. Fantastic mega route!!

with Dan W
bercolano 15/Aug/10 Solo

some climbing... some swimming... loads of fun!

Chad123 13/Aug/10 Solo rpt

Greasier than last time, Em did well to on-sight it all....

with Emily
Alex More 12/Aug/10 Solo O/S

a mind bendingly good route

MH123 11/Aug/10 Solo
with Jack Folland, Sam Farnsworth
Jack_F 11/Aug/10 Lead O/S
with sam farnsworth
noelj 08/Aug/10 Solo O/S
with Mal
Wendy 08/Aug/10 Lead O/S

DWS - life changing!!!

francois 08/Aug/10 Solo rpt
with Catherine, Doug
sparkass 08/Aug/10 Solo O/S

No swimming - incredible route.Four stars!

Hidden 08/Aug/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 08/Aug/10 Solo
Shaw Brown 07/Aug/10 Solo

Swam the Green grotto, tide too high for climbing. As the guide says, a life changing experience

with Loz
Chad123 05/Aug/10 Solo O/S

Great fun though felt hard for 6a+! (was high tide though) One quick swim past the green grotto. Went off route a few times which increased the pump!

Hidden 03/Aug/10 Solo
tuftynick 03/Aug/10 Solo rpt
with nick warren
Ceridwen 01/Aug/10 Solo rpt
Sophie Nunn 01/Aug/10 Solo O/S
Motown ?/Aug/10 Solo dnf

Went to high on crux, then too low. Hope to sort it this summer.

with Jim
joshen ?/Aug/10 Solo
Hidden ?/Aug/10 Solo O/S
Andrew Jennings ?/Aug/10 DWS
georgel 27/Apr/10 Solo O/S

Brilliant. A Must do... made even more spicy by the enforced swim at the end

with will
jld579 ??/2010 Solo O/S
Hidden ??/2010 Solo RP
Hidden 26/Sep/09 Solo
francois 26/Sep/09 Solo O/S

Done on a high neap tide. Will try the Green Grotto through route next time!

with Chawn, Ben
Hidden 07/Sep/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 07/Sep/09 Solo O/S
suffolknick 06/Sep/09 Solo

First DWS experience, sweeet

with luke
Hidden 05/Sep/09 Solo O/S
lukewilliams 05/Sep/09 -
dan gibson 05/Sep/09 Solo O/S
with michael porter
Helen Gibson 05/Sep/09 Solo

loadsa fun

with mikey P, dan
Hidden 29/Aug/09 Solo
thomb 28/Aug/09 Solo O/S
Hidden 25/Aug/09 Solo O/S
henbot 19/Aug/09 Solo

being pumped beyond belief resulted in a good fall from the crux

with Hendo Henderson + Macca
James Mitchelmore 17/Aug/09 Solo O/S
msoldn 17/Aug/09 AltLd O/S
with Pau, Jason
tuftynick 09/Aug/09 Solo rpt
with nick warren
Greg Pittam 09/Aug/09 Solo O/S
nblackbeard 08/Aug/09 Solo

Fantastic. The roof near the beginning is by far the best part. We did the green cave extension involving the high step across = 1 fall. Did on low spring tide.

with Darren Russell & Jo Bulger
jbulger 08/Aug/09 Solo
with Darren Russell and Nick Blackbeard
dmoir 07/Aug/09 Solo O/S
with Mayer, Lauran, Tanner, Ceri, Paddy
Lauren Davies 07/Aug/09 Solo O/S
with Dave and Mayer
Milnes 02/Aug/09 Solo O/S
with Ben O'Connor
JPGR ?/Aug/09 Solo O/S
with Steve Ahern
Hidden ?/Aug/09 Solo
Grabtheslab 20/May/09 Solo
Macca_7 28/Sep/08 DWS O/S

Done to the first grotto and back as tide was too high to get across such an amazing trip!

Brown 25/Aug/08 Solo O/S
Hidden 17/Aug/08 Solo
Macca_7 08/Aug/08 DWS O/S

What a line done on a low tide so slightly easier in places? Ran out of time so had to swim back from the grotto!

Hidden 03/Aug/08 Solo rpt
Greg Pittam 01/Aug/08 Solo RP


_m.cox_ ?/Aug/08 Solo O/S
Boy ??/2008 -
Hidden ??/2008 -
Frostie 18/Sep/07 Solo
lukewilliams 15/Sep/07 -
Jus ?/Sep/07 Solo O/S
Hidden 31/Aug/07 Solo
AJM 30/Aug/07 Solo

One fall plus one jump. Done on a low spring tide so a lower line than the usual one. Awesome fun, keen to go back and do again at different tide levels in future!

with Alex Gaastra, Tim Wait
Hidden 27/Aug/07 Solo O/S
AJ007 27/Aug/07 Solo

2 splash downs

with Andrew, Michael P
Dhonny_Jaws 27/Aug/07 Solo O/S
stp 23/Aug/07 Solo

Ace fun.

Marti999 05/Aug/07 Solo β
with Joff Cook
bigie bob 05/Aug/07 Solo O/S
feeko 05/Aug/07 Solo O/S
lukewilliams 05/Aug/07 -
feilx 04/Aug/07 Solo O/S
Richard Horn 04/Aug/07 Solo O/S
climber sim ??/2007 -
Hidden ?/Sep/06 Solo O/S
Hidden ?/Aug/06 Solo
Hidden ?/May/06 Solo O/S
Mickdenali ??/2006 Solo
with Richard Lake-Bullen
Rob Greenwood - UKClimbing ?/Sep/05 Solo O/S

The mystery comes from the hallucinogenic properties of the guano en-route!

Hidden 10/Aug/05 AltLd O/S
Tim Steward 01/Aug/04 Solo
jonnie3430 01/Aug/04 Solo O/S
with Rich, Neil
Okecroak 18/Aug/02 Solo

Fair amount of swimming

Chris Ebbutt 18/Aug/02 Solo

with a couple of splashdowns

with Dave R.
Bullybones ??/2000 -
pigeonjim ??/1999 DWS
Hidden ?/Aug/89 DWS
Hidden 05/Mar/88 DWS O/S
ukb shark 26/Oct/87 Solo O/S
Nick Biven ??/1980 -
Simon cook ?/Aug/76 Solo
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