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The slab just right of the ear is often dirty. © Rockfax

Evasion 24/Aug -
ErikWaskiewicz 26/Jul Sent O/S
with Adam, Matt, Jana
Jani_J 26/Jul Sent
Davel6 06/Jul Sent O/S
with Gordon
crimpsoplenty 03/Jul Sent O/S
abi.k.l 01/Jul Sent
with David
David Kay 01/Jul Sent rpt
jcdavy 21/Jun Sent O/S
Chris Murray 26/May Sent
Paul Hy 10/May Solo rpt
alanblyth 04/May Sent O/S
Hidden 18/Apr Sent
sabriel 18/Apr Sent O/S
MathewWright1998 02/Apr Sent O/S
iamstebarker 02/Apr Sent
tom bre 31/Mar Sent rpt
jgrigson 21/Jan Sent O/S
Overseer.Marcus ??/2017 -
Bullybones 27/Oct/16 Sent
DanChad 24/Oct/16 Sent
Hidden 24/Sep/16 Sent β
Hidden 24/Sep/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Sep/16 Sent
Hidden 02/Sep/16 -
tveeg 07/Aug/16 Sent
afx22 25/Jul/16 Sent
Caroline Furey 21/Jul/16 Sent x
tom bre 17/Jun/16 Sent O/S
NebHappyrock 05/Jun/16 Sent
Hidden 17/May/16 Sent
amywilde 16/May/16 Sent
with Bee
Bryony90 16/May/16 Sent
with Jamie
Jamieb8705 16/May/16 -
with Bryony
Jamieb8705 16/May/16 -
gaz3212 18/Apr/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 12/Apr/16 Sent rpt
Hidden 10/Apr/16 Sent O/S
Hidden 19/Mar/16 Sent O/S
PieMan 19/Mar/16 Sent rpt
with Che
Antony Mariani 19/Mar/16 Sent O/S
with Jo P
Will Murphy 08/Mar/16 Sent
Hidden 07/Mar/16 Sent
totalltosmall 01/Mar/16 Sent
Andy Myers 14/Feb/16 -
with Marcus
Analoguezombie ??/2016 -
Joe Homer ??/2016 Sent
SamN 22/Oct/15 Sent
Hidden 18/Oct/15 Sent rpt
mop449 03/Oct/15 -
Hidden 16/Sep/15 Sent
TGreen 06/Sep/15 Sent rpt
Hidden 30/Aug/15 Sent O/S
Hidden 20/Aug/15 -
Robin Nichols 18/Aug/15 Sent O/S
with Jemma
PieMan 02/Aug/15 Sent rpt
with Che
Ehmarra ?/Aug/15 Sent
Hidden 31/Jul/15 Sent x
Dirty Knees 30/Jul/15 Sent x
Hidden 30/Jul/15 Sent
Ben1983 14/Jun/15 Sent O/S
HannahGo 14/Jun/15 Sent O/S
scotchweapon 10/Jun/15 Sent
andy_e 16/May/15 Sent
Charlotte Nelson 04/May/15 Sent
D Berry 02/May/15 Sent rpt
Ben Spoon 28/Apr/15 Sent
Hidden 28/Apr/15 Sent
Hidden 21/Apr/15 Sent
mellorno1 19/Apr/15 Sent O/S
Michael Bortoluzzi 18/Apr/15 Sent
RyanOsborne 08/Apr/15 Sent
benjaminb 04/Apr/15 Sent O/S
KeenClimber 22/Mar/15 Sent
TGreen 10/Mar/15 Sent rpt
Stephen Cave 15/Feb/15 Sent O/S
Danhan 20/Nov/14 Sent O/S
Hidden 11/Oct/14 Sent O/S
db79 28/Sep/14 Sent
Scott Anderson 23/Sep/14 Sent O/S
Nick Sherring 06/Sep/14 Sent
BillO 03/Aug/14 Sent O/S
Mossog 03/Aug/14 Sent O/S
with BillO
Chris Murray 14/Jul/14 Sent
Hidden 08/Jul/14 Sent
Daniels735 24/Jun/14 -
with Clair Fowler
Andrew Abraham 18/Jun/14 Sent
with Paul Sherman
Gibbo 16/Jun/14 Sent
Dawsyboy17 ?/Jun/14 Sent
PieMan 19/Apr/14 Sent O/S
aide454 19/Apr/14 Sent O/S
magicmartin 17/Apr/14 Sent O/S
MrFreekie 16/Apr/14 Sent
with Tom
MarkyMark_7 12/Apr/14 Sent x
Hidden 12/Apr/14 Sent x
markK6 12/Apr/14 Sent
with Simon
mky77 16/Mar/14 Sent O/S
JP78 16/Mar/14 -
MarkCunnington 16/Mar/14 Sent O/S
with No One
Rosie Henstock 05/Sep/13 Sent rpt
Hidden 04/Sep/13 Sent
Hidden 03/Aug/13 Sent O/S
D Berry 13/Jul/13 Sent rpt
Hidden 13/Jul/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 10/Jul/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 10/Jul/13 Sent O/S
BenRyle 07/Jul/13 Sent O/S
freemanTom 05/Jul/13 Sent O/S
Eoinparker 29/Jun/13 Sent O/S
with Jim Morris, p3tersen, Brad Hopkins
p3tersen 29/Jun/13 -
kez1 15/Jun/13 Sent rpt
with adam selby, scott williamson, rob cannon, adam cartlidge
Monk 09/Jun/13 Sent O/S
jakethepeg 04/Jun/13 Sent
MoWalker3 02/Jun/13 Sent
PeteWilson 31/May/13 Sent

no handed version, excellent!

gjh 19/Apr/13 Sent x
D Berry 06/Apr/13 Sent rpt
Jordanh031 02/Apr/13 Sent
kez1 02/Apr/13 Sent O/S
with conor forshaw, james davies
scooba2cv 02/Apr/13 Sent O/S
Bloke on a Rope 25/Mar/13 Sent O/S
Hidden 24/Feb/13 Sent x
Broom136 24/Feb/13 Sent O/S
seanwales91 ??/2013 -
phleppy 14/Nov/12 Sent
ElvisLeg 28/Oct/12 Sent O/S
Hidden 26/Oct/12 Sent
benjizac 23/Sep/12 Sent
crazy pierre 23/Sep/12 Sent O/S
_MJC_ 09/Sep/12 Sent x
JemG 27/Aug/12 Sent x
Rafian 18/Aug/12 Sent x
JP78 28/Jul/12 Sent
Tamsyn 25/Jul/12 Sent x
TomCC 25/Jul/12 Sent x
TGreen 12/Jul/12 Sent rpt
trevor macalonan 11/Jul/12 Sent O/S
Jason.Cotterill97 09/Jul/12 Sent O/S
Ian Clare 24/Jun/12 Solo O/S
Luke Dawson 02/Jun/12 Sent O/S
Amstelator 26/May/12 Sent
Dan Geh 26/May/12 Sent O/S
Dibdawg 13/May/12 Sent O/S
Dean177 13/May/12 Sent O/S
Bullybones 16/Apr/12 Sent
stefie c 25/Mar/12 Sent
Steve13 24/Mar/12 Sent β
JohnFJP 24/Mar/12 Sent
David Kay 22/Mar/12 Sent O/S
popebenedictus 09/Mar/12 Sent O/S
with Bouldered
racerfozzy 02/Jan/12 Sent rpt
Rob Gillespie ??/2012 -
Climbfool_88 ??/2012 Sent O/S
Cowflinger 15/Oct/11 Sent
Gaz McShee 24/Sep/11 Sent
Rosie Henstock 13/Sep/11 Sent O/S
bobpilgrem 13/Sep/11 Sent O/S
with Bob/Tom
TGreen 13/Sep/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 11/Sep/11 Sent O/S
Rob Laird 11/Sep/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 01/Sep/11 Sent rpt
Hidden 24/Aug/11 Sent
mrginna 24/Aug/11 Sent O/S
lcullum7 20/Aug/11 Sent O/S
with Louis Melland, Sam Fearn
Jim Malo 24/Jul/11 Sent
TiffTiff 22/Jul/11 Sent O/S
Sparrowmonkey 10/Jul/11 Sent O/S
Gaz McShee 10/Jul/11 Sent rpt
Ander 10/Jul/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 02/Jul/11 Sent O/S
Paul Hy 30/Jun/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 20/Jun/11 -
Anthony Dixon 13/Jun/11 Sent
chrishedgehog 11/Jun/11 Solo O/S
Dan Lane 08/Jun/11 Sent
with Dave Bishop, Rick Gibbon
ian lynch 28/May/11 Sent O/S
Duffers 28/May/11 Sent
edisdead 25/May/11 Sent O/S
Blackgoby 29/Apr/11 Sent
with Kris, Tracey
rangadan 17/Apr/11 Sent
carlc75 09/Apr/11 Sent O/S
with Matthew Pearson
gb83 02/Apr/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 02/Apr/11 Sent x
Hidden 02/Apr/11 Sent O/S
Hidden 31/Mar/11 Sent rpt
Hidden 31/Mar/11 Sent
owain-1978 31/Mar/11 Sent
with Pete, davina
petegunn 31/Mar/11 Sent
with Owain
andrusht84 23/Mar/11 Sent O/S
PeteWilson 16/Mar/11 Sent
Hidden 13/Mar/11 Sent rpt
DerwentDiluted 08/Mar/11 Sent
Hidden 31/Jan/11 Sent x
phja 31/Jan/11 Sent x
with candy, zoe marshall
Hidden 29/Jan/11 Solo O/S
Hidden 09/Jan/11 -
emma benton ??/2011 Sent x
georgenvk 27/Nov/10 Sent O/S
Hidden 14/Nov/10 Sent x
Rhythm24 14/Nov/10 Sent x

With a run up!

Oliver Branagan 26/Sep/10 Sent β

I really struggle on these friction smear things. Played on this for ages trying to master the art of the smear.

with Liz B, Tommy M, Miles M
dashitboarder 04/Sep/10 Sent
with Jess
FrankW 08/Aug/10 Sent rpt
with Laura
Hidden 31/Jul/10 Sent
j.hubbard 31/Jul/10 Sent
EllieJ 04/Jul/10 -
Chris Manasseh 03/Jul/10 Sent
grubes 02/Jul/10 Sent x
marclloyd77 20/Jun/10 Sent
dean79 20/Jun/10 Sent
Simon Davenport 05/Jun/10 Sent x
simeclimb68 23/May/10 Sent rpt
Glyn Davidson 21/May/10 Sent
with John Muff
dread-i 19/May/10 Sent O/S
The Bad Cough 16/May/10 Sent O/S
Hidden 12/May/10 Sent rpt
stuckonarock 09/May/10 Sent rpt
with Rob S
D Berry 09/May/10 Sent O/S
Neil Metcalfe101 18/Apr/10 Sent
with Andy Odger, John (treeminkies), Allan Mac
Paul Robertson 06/Apr/10 Sent O/S


Hidden 04/Apr/10 Sent rpt
Hidden 01/Apr/10 Sent rpt
will randall ?/Apr/10 Sent rpt
with sarah
natalie28 28/Mar/10 Sent rpt
with Uni group and Rik
Hidden 15/Mar/10 Sent x
cymjt ??/2010 -
JLS 13/Oct/09 Sent O/S
with Jacqui
FrankW 26/Sep/09 Sent rpt
with Laura
Hidden 23/Sep/09 Sent rpt
dja 23/Sep/09 Sent O/S
Protheroe 14/Sep/09 Sent O/S
with Dave C
Hidden 13/Sep/09 Sent O/S
KillingtonT 13/Sep/09 Sent O/S
peteJ23 27/Aug/09 Sent O/S
Hidden 16/Aug/09 Sent O/S
mol 08/Aug/09 Sent
Hidden 08/Aug/09 Sent
Yanis Nayu 20/Jul/09 Sent O/S
will9911 11/Jul/09 -
givemetea 11/Jul/09 Sent O/S
benny_m 04/Jul/09 Sent O/S
PieMan 13/Jun/09 Sent O/S

Finally, after many previous attempts!

siah 28/May/09 -
natalie28 24/May/09 Sent x

I used my hands tho!! :)

with Uni Group
Hidden 12/Apr/09 Sent
Hanor ?/Apr/09 -
Hidden 17/Mar/09 Sent O/S
kylieo 04/Jan/09 Sent
with Phil
Hidden 04/Jan/09 Sent
daveagriff ??/2009 Sent 03/Oct/08 Sent
Hidden 03/Oct/08 Sent O/S
hughr ?/Aug/08 -
mic_b 26/Jul/08 Sent O/S

1st go no handed a la Johny Dawes :-)

MattT88 20/Jun/08 Sent O/S
sstanier 19/Jun/08 Sent O/S
Simon Davenport 15/Jun/08 Sent O/S
Hidden 25/May/08 Sent
john lynch 13/May/08 Sent
FrankW 19/Apr/08 Sent O/S
with Laura
Killianmurphy ??/2008 Sent x
dannyboy83 ??/2008 Sent O/S
Rampikino 16/Dec/07 Solo
with Cat
stuckonarock 03/Nov/07 Sent O/S
with Ben
Rampikino 16/Jun/07 Solo
with Cat
gibbo21 03/Jun/07 Sent O/S
with paul
gibbo38 03/Jun/07 Sent O/S
with Robert
goi.ashmore 25/Mar/07 Sent x
Birdo ??/2007 -
with Dave Bird
EAYL 23/Oct/05 Sent
Hidden 30/May/04 Sent
Hidden ??/2004 Sent O/S
Hidden 12/Mar/03 Sent O/S
Hidden 18/Jul/97 Sent
Iain Thow 02/Sep/96 Sent
rocktigger ?/Apr/95 Sent
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