Opposite the Rippled Wall. Climb the overhung boulder using the biggest holds - good footless variations/ variations on slopers exist…

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Its climbs like these that remind me of why I bother

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In socks

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Nice easy hero moves, started with a foot engaged under the roof.

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Used the big boulders to left and right for feet at first/a bit. Played around with some campusing to the right (over the scary ledge)

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Great warm up for Rippled Wall

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Fine when committed to moving up the breaks. Easy when know where the hold are.

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Great fun!

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this was cool

with UCR youth squad
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FIRST FLAPPER '10!! (gashed finger trying to show off to girls)

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nice dramatic easier problem.

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Really like this problem

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Footless fun :-)

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Add footless. Wicked fun

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Ice adds to the spice!

with Kat
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