This is a Font style circuit of 29 high, generally lower grade, quality problems. The difficult is comparable with a Font Blue circuit with a couple of harder problems thrown in.

1) No. 1 Route, 3a*
; 2) Friday Fill, 4a**
; 3) Friar’s Mantle 5b***
; 4) Ungava 5a*
; 5) Silver’s Route, 4c*
; 6) Commercial Route, 4c**
; 7) Erewhon, 5c**
; 8) Chowbok, 4c**
; 9) Red Streak, 5c
; 10) Steptoe, 4c*
; 11) Tam’s Route, 5c
; 12) Zig Zag, 5b***
; 13) Pullover, 5a*
; 14) PTO, 5a
; 15) The Blue Meanie, 5c***
; 16) Home Rule, 6a**
; 17) Snooker Shelf, 5a**
; 18) Skint Knuckles, 5b*
; 19) Magic Wand, 5b
; 20) Imposter Arete, 4c**
; 21) Astronomy, 3b
; 22) Slant, 5b
; 23) Cheddar Direct, 4b***
; 24) Hard Cheddar, 5c****
; 25) Juggie, 4c
; 26) Juggie variation, 5a
; 27) Black Wall, 5c
; 28) Pendulum, 4c***

JLS 10/May/16 Sent rpt
JLS 04/Sep/14 Sent dnf
Hidden 13/Aug/14 Sent β
JLS 27/Apr/14 Sent dnf
JLS 06/Aug/13 Sent dnf
JLS 25/Jun/13 Sent dnf
JLS 18/Jun/13 Sent dnf
with Koon
JLS 12/Jun/13 Sent dnf
with Koon
JLS 09/Jun/13 Sent dnf
JLS 06/Jun/13 Sent dnf
with Koon
JLS 04/Jun/13 Sent dnf
with Koon
JLS 30/May/13 Sent dnf
with Koon
JLS 25/May/13 Sent dnf
with Koon
JLS 07/Apr/13 Sent dnf
JLS 04/Sep/12 Sent rpt

2 laps

JLS 26/Aug/12 Sent rpt

Two laps.

JLS 18/Aug/12 Sent rpt
JLS 31/Jul/12 Sent dnf
JLS 30/Jun/12 Sent dnf
Kevin Woods 02/Jun/12 Sent

Given the tour with JLS. Didn't finish, arms gave out on the Black Wall. And didn't get Home Rule. Next time, maybe!

with JLS
JLS 02/Jun/12 Sent rpt
JLS 09/May/12 Sent rpt
JLS 03/May/12 Sent dnf
JLS 01/May/12 Sent dnf
JLS 29/Mar/12 Sent dnf
JLS 28/Mar/12 Sent dnf
JLS 27/Mar/12 Sent dnf
with Eve B.
JLS 05/Mar/12 Sent dnf
JLS 17/Sep/11 Sent dnf
JLS 09/Aug/11 Sent rpt

No tam's, no no1

JLS 11/Jun/11 Sent dnf

Rain stops play.

JLS 30/May/11 Sent rpt
JLS 26/Feb/11 Sent rpt

Good conditions until rain stopped play a couple of problems from the end.

JLS 01/Sep/10 Sent dnf
JLS 29/Aug/10 Sent dnf
JLS 28/Aug/10 Sent dnf
JLS 07/Aug/10 Sent dnf
JLS 03/Aug/10 Sent rpt

missed out tam's and snooker shelf

JLS 20/Jun/10 Sent dnf
JLS 16/Jun/10 Sent dnf
JLS 22/Apr/10 Sent dnf
with Burnsie, Pete R.
JLS 17/Apr/10 Sent rpt
JLS 13/Mar/10 Sent x

Failed on tam's, passed on home rule

with Burnsie, Pete R.
JLS 11/Jun/09 Sent dnf

Zero mojo

JLS 09/Jun/09 Sent dnf
with Polish team
JLS 07/Jun/09 Sent dnf

few few problems only

with David M.
JLS 04/Jun/09 Sent rpt

as tuesday

with Jacqui
JLS 02/Jun/09 Sent rpt

pasted on Tam's, Meanie & Homerule

JLS 04/Sep/08 Sent dnf
with Jacqui
JLS 04/Jul/08 Sent rpt

Missed/Failed on... Red Streak Tam's Route Pullover Hard Cheddar Juggie variation

JLS 06/Jun/08 Sent x

Didn't do... Homerule Juggie Variation Pendulum Black Wall Traverse

JLS 16/Apr/08 Sent rpt

Various bits of the circuit.

JLS 15/Apr/08 Sent rpt

Some of the usual circuit.

JLS 13/Apr/08 Sent rpt

Didn't do... Tam’s Route, Magic Wand, Slant, Cheddar Direct, Juggie, Juggie variation, Skint Knuckles, Snooker Shelf, Black Wall

JLS 06/Apr/08 Sent rpt

Friday Fill, Friar’s Mantl, Ungava, Pullover, Zig Zag, PTO, Home Rule, , Silver’s Route, Commercial Route, Erewhon, Chowbok, Red Streak, Steptoe, Magic Wand, Imposter Arete, Astronomy, Slant, Cheddar Direct, Skint Knuckles, Black Wall. (plus crack behind BNI - name???)

JLS 03/Apr/08 Sent rpt

Friday Fill, Friar’s Mantle, Ungava, Zig Zag, The Blue Meanie, Home Rule , Silver’s Route, Commercial Route, Erewhon, Chowbok, Red Streak, Steptoe

JLS 09/Aug/07 Sent x

failed on: blue meanie homerule missed out: tam's route

JLS 02/Aug/07 Sent x

Failed on... Tam’s Route Hard Cheddar Missed out... Juggie Juggie variation Skint Knuckles Snooker Shelf Black Wall

JLS 31/Jul/07 Sent x

Only missed 'Tam's Route' from the circuit tonight.

JLS 10/Jul/07 Sent x

Missed out - Blue Meanie & Tam's Route Failed on - Home Rule & Juggy variation

JLS 17/Jun/07 Sent x

Missed out 'No. 1 Route', 'Tams Route', 'Blue Meanie' & 'Home Rule'

JLS 06/Jun/07 Sent rpt

Did... 1) No. 1 Route, 3a* ; 2) Friday Fill, 4a** ; 3) Friar’s Mantle 5b*** ; 4) Ungava 5a* ; 5) Pullover, 5a* ; 6) Zig Zag, 5b*** ; 7) PTO, 5a ; 8) Silver’s Route, 4c* ; 9) Commercial Route, 4c** ; 10) Erewhon, 5c** ; 11) Chowbok, 4c** ; 12) Red Streak, 5c ; 13) Steptoe, 4c* ; 14) Magic Wand, 5b ; 15) Imposter Arete, 4c** ; 16) Astronomy, 3b ; 17) Slant, 5b ; 18) Cheddar Direct, 4b*** ; 19) Juggie, 4c

JLS 11/Apr/07 Sent

Missed out Tam's Route; The Blue Meanie; Home Rule

JLS 05/Apr/07 Sent x

Missed out the following problems today- Tam’s Route, 5c ; The Blue Meanie, 5c ; Juggie, 4c ; Juggie variation, 5a? ; Imposter Arete, 4c ; Snooker Shelf, 5a

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