The wall on breaks. Finish over the capping block at the same grade.

MartinG 03/Jul Sent β
Kelly D 03/Jul Sent O/S
Dr_wondering_B 17/Jun Sent
Becks87 03/Jun Sent O/S
atom 03/Jun Sent
AndyRogers 25/May Sent rpt
Tom Clough 23/May Sent
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masa-alpin 06/May Sent O/S
with Rich G
Matt Allcock 06/May -
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mtempest 12/Mar -
Jago Musgrove 12/Mar Sent
with Nancy, Ella, Mum, Dad
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Ella Musgrove ??/2017 -
with Mum, Nancy, Dad, Jago
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with Jamie, Molly-George
Josh Hadley 18/Sep/16 Solo
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with Kat Day
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with Mark
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with charley
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Betajunkie 25/Aug/15 -
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with Jeremy Windsor
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with Sion, Mark w
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with Anya
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with Seni Williams, Peter Isebor, Jonathan Ezeolizah
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with Neill McMullan, Steve Moore
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with Beth
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putt 06/Jan/13 -
The Norris 05/Jan/13 Sent O/S
with Gem
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p_won 26/Dec/12 -
with Will caesar, Rob Ceasar
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with Hannah, Hamish, Dan Williams, Fiona M, Aidan Rooney
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with Jacqui
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with Tibbett
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amorousbadger 23/Mar/12 Sent β

First outdoor boulder :D

the_liquorice_man 23/Mar/12 Sent O/S
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with Andy
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with Pirate Joe, will kelsall
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with Alex Thompson
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with andy plat
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with peteJ23
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with Mike B.
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with Bouldered
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Iain Thow 25/Sep/98 Sent
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Votes cast 3
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