21m. From the foot of cracked wall move left to a crack and climb this to a ledge near the top. Step right around the arete and finish up the wall just right of the arete.

Dave Cronshaw, Les Ainsworth, John Ryden Jul/1996

Nigel Bond 02/Nov/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 30/Oct/17 Solo
Oldmanofsalford 15/Oct/17 Lead O/S
Nafclimbsrocks 15/Oct/17 2nd rpt
Adamnoblett 08/Oct/17 Lead O/S
DenzelLN 08/Oct/17 2nd O/S
with Adam
Nigel Bond 19/Sep/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 23/Aug/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 21/Aug/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 20/Aug/17 Solo
jordan taylor 17/Aug/17 2nd rpt
Nigel Bond 14/Aug/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 11/Aug/17 Lead
Nigel Bond 10/Aug/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 09/Aug/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 06/Aug/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 04/Aug/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 03/Aug/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 31/Jul/17 Solo
MikePen 25/Jul/17 Lead rpt

Challenging start

with Chris
Nigel Bond 21/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 20/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 19/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 16/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 14/Jul/17 Lead
Nigel Bond 13/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 12/Jul/17 Solo
Hidden 12/Jul/17 2nd
Nigel Bond 11/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 10/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 09/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 08/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 07/Jul/17 Solo
Dave Richards 06/Jul/17 Lead rpt
Nigel Bond 05/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 03/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 02/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 01/Jul/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 30/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 26/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 25/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 21/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 20/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 20/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 19/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 18/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 16/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 15/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 14/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 13/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 12/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 11/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 09/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 08/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 07/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 04/Jun/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 26/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 24/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 23/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 21/May/17 Solo
Hidden 18/May/17 2nd
Nigel Bond 16/May/17 Solo
Hidden 14/May/17 2nd rpt
Nigel Bond 14/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 12/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 11/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 10/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 09/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 08/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 07/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 06/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 05/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 04/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 03/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 02/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 01/May/17 Solo
Nigel Bond 30/Apr/17 Solo
Chris Hatton 06/Apr/17 2nd
with Steve Swift
Flavio 04/Mar/17 Solo O/S

Blimey. Does this Nigel Bond guy live inside the quarry?

Trevorek ?/Mar/17 Lead O/S
with Zaheer (Spiderdude)
Rob Davies 21/Oct/16 2nd

So close to adjacent routes that it's pretty pointless.

with Phil Ashton
Hidden 10/Oct/16 Lead rpt
bantamdave 20/Sep/16 2nd rpt
efdore 18/Sep/16 TR
AnitaClimb 15/Sep/16 2nd
radddogg 15/Sep/16 Lead O/S
crabtreer 24/Aug/16 Lead O/S
with Colin
munki1971 24/Aug/16 2nd
Nigel Bond 05/Jul/16 Solo
ChrisH.19 09/Jun/16 2nd
with Ken L, Allan
Nigel Bond 06/Jun/16 Solo
ChrisGreen 06/Jun/16 Lead rpt
with Rasti
Albanian 04/Jun/16 2nd
with Norman, Paul Jordan
Nigel Bond 03/Jun/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 02/Jun/16 Solo
bennidavies90 02/Jun/16 Lead
bennidavies90 23/May/16 Lead
Nigel Bond 12/May/16 Solo
FDixon 11/May/16 2nd
John Geoffrey 11/May/16 Lead
with Fiona
Nigel Bond 08/May/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 07/May/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 06/May/16 Solo
Nigel Bond 23/Apr/16 Solo
Stuart Hurworth 20/Apr/16 2nd O/S

Slightly tricky at mid height

with Clay Colon
Clay C 20/Apr/16 Lead O/S
with Stuart
Little Amy 23/Oct/15 Lead O/S
with Gareth
Hidden 19/Oct/15 -
Nigel Bond 28/Sep/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 14/Sep/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 01/Sep/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 31/Aug/15 Solo
Nigel Bond 30/Aug/15 Solo
bantamdave 06/Aug/15 Lead rpt
with Gary
Rhi Rhi 03/Aug/15 Lead dog

can do this rest required!

with Shellj1
JendeHoxar 03/Aug/15 2nd rpt
Antony Mariani 01/Aug/15 Lead O/S
with Jo P
Hidden 01/Aug/15 2nd O/S
JendeHoxar 27/Jul/15 Lead dog

In the pouring rain - slippy!

with Jim, Charlie
GrimpeurJim 27/Jul/15 2nd
Andrew Holden 16/Jul/15 Lead
Nigel Bond 03/Jul/15 Solo O/S
Hidden 23/May/15 2nd
Hidden 29/Apr/15 Lead O/S
Hidden 20/Apr/15 2nd
Hidden 14/Sep/14 Lead O/S
NickJH 13/Sep/14 2nd O/S
Matt Reed 13/Sep/14 Lead
sarahjk ?/Sep/14 Lead
philgillespie 27/Aug/14 Lead
garywalker147 20/Aug/14 Lead
with Mob
sibluer 20/Aug/14 Lead
bennidavies90 15/Aug/14 Lead
bigglesbutcha 12/Aug/14 Lead O/S
bantamdave 12/Aug/14 2nd rpt
Hidden 07/Aug/14 Lead rpt
liamcurl ?/Aug/14 TR
martintom ?/Aug/14 Lead O/S
jordan taylor 17/Jul/14 Lead O/S
MikePen 15/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with Katya
Climbster 13/Jul/14 Lead O/S
with Vick
Hidden 13/Jul/14 2nd β
Scott Dunkley 17/Jun/14 -
Hidden 12/Jun/14 Lead
jasperatus 26/May/14 2nd O/S
jasperatus 16/Apr/14 TR O/S
bgreen3761 13/Mar/14 Lead O/S
markw 29/Aug/13 2nd rpt
with Gary M
jimartin 27/Jul/13 2nd
alias dave 13/Jul/13 2nd O/S
with Dan Moran
augustus trout 16/Jun/13 Lead O/S
with Colin Maddison
bennidavies90 01/Jun/13 Lead
rocktraveller 25/May/13 Lead O/S
ColClayton 07/May/13 Lead
jimartin 27/Apr/13 Lead
Stefan Trebicki 27/Apr/13 2nd
chrisbeano ??/2013 -
Ste_b1978 14/Oct/12 2nd
with Danny
YoungYuk 07/Oct/12 TR O/S
Hidden ?/Oct/12 Lead
mamboochris 15/Sep/12 Lead
with Bruce
Stefan Trebicki 01/Sep/12 2nd
Hidden 29/Aug/12 Lead O/S
Stefan Trebicki 18/Aug/12 Lead
jimartin 18/Aug/12 2nd
Mungo Shuntobox 16/Aug/12 Lead
with Lovely Louise
Russ_Critchley 12/Jul/12 Lead O/S

With Gaz, Tom & Graham

Hidden 25/Jun/12 2nd
ChrisGreen 25/Jun/12 Lead rpt
Dave Richards 18/Jun/12 2nd O/S
with sjbrook
sjbrook 18/Jun/12 Lead O/S
Hidden 12/Jun/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 12/Jun/12 2nd
bantamdave 12/Jun/12 Lead O/S
with Emma
Stefan Trebicki 24/May/12 2nd
Matthew Cunningham 24/May/12 Lead
Donald Kelly 22/May/12 Lead O/S
with Mick PMC, Sam PMC
Hidden 16/May/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 16/May/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 16/May/12 2nd
Smiffy91 02/May/12 2nd

Seconded Colin Clayton

with Kris Fairhurst, Colin Clayton
qwidgibo 24/Apr/12 2nd O/S
Hidden 24/Apr/12 Lead O/S
wheelo 02/Mar/12 2nd
with craig
will9911 24/Aug/11 Lead O/S
TrishyP 03/Aug/11 2nd dog

Unscheduled rest stop initially then clean on TR to make it count!

with Kev
miles01 02/Aug/11 -
Legionreturns 26/Jul/11 Lead O/S
RagingSphere 24/Jul/11 Lead β
with Mick
anteater 23/Jul/11 -
Hidden 23/Jul/11 2nd
Mungo Shuntobox 01/Jul/11 TR
Mungo Shuntobox 20/Jun/11 Lead RP

right load of arsing about....

santobugito 03/Jun/11 Lead β
with Mike Webber
stratandrew 25/May/11 Lead rpt
with Blaise Harvey
happy_c 05/May/11 Lead O/S
ChrisH.19 28/Apr/11 2nd
with George
paulwaterhouse 09/Apr/11 Lead O/S
bigglesbutcha 31/Mar/11 2nd O/S
with Ade
Hidden 31/Mar/11 2nd O/S
Pete McKinlay 06/Mar/11 2nd O/S
with Andy Shaw
eccyamigo ?/Mar/11 Lead O/S

2nd lead outdoors this year on rock 3 pieces of gear.good route.

with martin knight
joe_lancs 12/Dec/10 Lead O/S
Hidden 26/Aug/10 TR O/S
santobugito 02/Jul/10 Lead β
with Mike Webber
markw 20/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with Simon Walton, Kieron, Bob, Tor, Kate
Tor 20/Jun/10 2nd O/S
with mark
dpmUK 20/Jun/10 Lead O/S
stratandrew 12/Jun/10 Lead O/S
with Carolyn Mills
Howard J 27/Apr/10 Lead O/S
plastikman 24/Apr/10 Lead O/S
with Steve
lancashirelass 13/Apr/10 2nd
nickhoward 13/Apr/10 Lead O/S
Hidden ?/Apr/10 2nd O/S
Hidden ??/2010 2nd O/S
ChrisGreen 11/Sep/09 2nd RP
with John W
wheelo 11/Sep/09 2nd
with pete and chris g
nickhoward 10/Sep/09 Lead
ruggystunts 10/Sep/09 Lead
with Selma
mickJ 27/Aug/09 2nd
with andy and simon
peewee2008 10/May/09 Lead O/S
lancashirelass 02/May/09 2nd
with kjbix
kjbix 02/May/09 Lead
Hidden 14/Apr/09 2nd
Rachel S 14/Apr/09 Lead O/S
Hidden 18/Sep/08 2nd O/S
Bowland Polkadot 14/Sep/08 2nd
with punky
markgscott 04/Aug/08 Lead
with Elaine Gililand
Hidden 24/May/08 Solo O/S
Hidden 06/May/08 2nd O/S
richorme 06/May/08 Lead
with Andy Lowe
birbeck ?/May/08 Lead O/S
TonyP 04/Apr/08 Lead O/S
with KENNY
Simon Holden (LCandCC) 03/Apr/08 Lead O/S
with Murray
wheelo 12/Feb/08 Lead
with pete
bigglesbutcha 03/Sep/07 2nd O/S
with Rich Bostock
Hidden 03/Sep/07 2nd O/S
kevd200 05/Jun/07 Lead O/S
Carl Smethurst 22/May/07 Solo rpt
Matt Bulmer 17/May/07 2nd O/S
with Rick
rick1fugazi 17/May/07 Lead O/S
with Matt (Boomer)
Hidden 08/May/07 2nd
Kaiser999 ?/May/07 Lead
with Jonoh
jrk2673 11/Mar/07 Lead
Carl Smethurst 03/May/06 Solo O/S
santobugito ??/2006 Lead RP
Hidden 20/Nov/05 2nd dnf
ChrisGreen 25/Jul/05 TR
Howard J 24/May/05 Lead O/S
with Helen Severn
George Ormerod 16/May/05 Lead O/S
with Roger
Treeking82 ??/2005 Lead O/S
pudding ?/Nov/04 TR O/S
Marvino ?/Jun/04 2nd
with jase the ace
jsw1 11/May/04 2nd O/S
tapley 05/Jul/91 Lead
with Alison Tapley
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