Climbs 139
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 410m a.s.l
Faces S

Amazing end to the day. Bridestones, Yorkshire © Jamie Moss

Crag features

Excellent bouldering venue, with good landings. On top of a moor and hence exposed to weather (but also quick-drying). A quality venue with a unique feel, pebbles and slopers galore and some great sequences. Take care with the eroding rock.(I have used V grades and Font grades for all problems.) Still some hard lines to go up here...

Approach notes

Access from car park at Sportsman's Inn on Kebs Road across the moors between Burnley and Hebden Bridge. From the car park walk 200m towards Hebden Bridge, then use the public footpath to walk up to the trig point. The Bridestones are just a few metres to the S.

Not to be confused with the Bridestones in N Yorks.

Tried the Hawkstones Sunday morning but access is closed for lambing. Climbed at Brides instead and was horrified to discover a dozen 12mm holes drilled into the rock at he top of the castle area, sorry no pictures but there not hard to spot. ?
Damian Ramsden - 28/Apr/15
I'm afraid to say this crag is well and truly knackered, most of the problems have completely changed in nature due to the erosion of holds, the rock is in a fragile state, and, in some cases some problems have completely lost to erosion/wear and tear.
j3z - 14/Apr/15
What's the line opposite Nine (near Bridestone)? Good climbing protected by a tricky start.
rice boy - 25/May/14
Could we get some buttress's/areas added on here?
agolay - 11/Mar/14
Some of the problems at the Bridestones are undergraded - for example there is a route called Tea Break or something on area G there. This route is graded 5a but probably 5c.
Dave Stocks - 11/Jul/02
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Spyhole Pinnacle 
2Bottleneckf7A+ * 
3The mantleshelff7A * 
4Voyeurf6A+ 3
5Big Bulgerf5 10
6Cleopatraf7A ***64
7Cleopatra (SDS)f7A ***6
8Cleopatra Rightf7A **11
9Face achef6A+ 8
10Short Cornerf4 11
11Short Sightedf6A+ 10
12Out of Sightf7A *23
13Unamed Problemf7B *9
 The Indians Head 
15Long knife leftf6A+ **9
16Long Knife RHf5+ 9
17Bridge To Safetyf6B+ 4
18Cochisef6B+ ***4
19Warpathf6A ***6
20Tete de ChienV7 **5
21Crucifixionf7B+ ***2
22Horror Aretef6C ***178
23Arete across gap from Horror Aretef6B 23
 Big Sister, Little Brother 
25Big Sisterf4 43
26Area 3 Problem 7V1 7
27Phat sloperf6B+ 8
28Sad Sisterf5 *35
29Twisted Sister SSf6B+ **5
30The Cement Gardenf7B+ * 
31Sisters Of Mercyf6C 9
32Big Sister Eliminatef7A *8
33Soul Sisterf6B+ *35
34The Hanging Flakef3 67
35The Sisterhood
f5+ 21
36Brotherly Lovef6B *51
37Oh Brotherf5 *93
38A Little Pain
f5 27
 The Castle 
40The Castle Problem 1f4 18
41The Castle Problem 2f4+ 11
42Chink in the Armourf6B 61
43Rounded arete above Chink in Armour SDf6A+ 8
44Keep Crackf4 17
45Initial wallf5 *47
46Crenallationf4+ 10
47The Peter EaterV2 *3
48Castle Crackf4+ 13
49Low Rider Traversef7A *2
50Knight's Honourf6B+ *8
51knot tonightf4+ 14
52The Castle Flakef3+ 15
 Tilted Pinnacle 
54Captains Chairf6A+ 5
55The Wormf7C+ 2
56Lean and Meanf6B+ *22
57Earpachef6C *13
58Ear'oulef4+ 13
59Traditionally ungradeable mantelf5+ *16
 Small Bay 
61Small Bay Problem 1f4 17
62Discrimination (SS)f6C 1
63Small Bay Problem 2f4+ 18
64Small Bay Problem 4f5+ 19
65Small Bay Problem 5f6A 9
 Big Bay 
67Contorted wall SDSf6B+ *5
68Block offf4+ *19
69Not cadburysf5+ 17
70Corner climb (traverse)f7A **3
71Tea Breakf6B+ 17
72Coffeef3 13
73Big Bay Problem 12V1 10
74Duckf3+ 21
75Divef6A 12
 Bruiser Area 
77A mouth full of crystalsf6C 10
78Problem Right of Mouth Full.f6C 9
79Bulging wallf6C *6
80Ribbed wall in bruiser areaf5+ *10
81Problem 8 - Bruiser Areaf5 6
82Balancef5 10
83Bruiserf5 *21
84Nice tryf5 14
 Obscene Cleft 
86Obscene cleftE6 6c 1
87Obscene Cleft Start Onlyf7A *5
88Black Cheekf6B+ *13
89Beta blockerf6B *9
 Jerrys Arete 
91Tom's Wallf6C *3
92Jerry's Aretef7B+ ***21
93Jerrys Rightf7B+ *** 
94The Big Body Squirmf3 25
95Slapf6A+ 13
96Whillans' Jamf5 26
97The Groovef3 18
 Fish and Chips 
99Fish Withf2+ 42
100Fish Withoutf5+ 36
101Fish And Chips, Mellow Aretef2 18
102Fingersf5 10
103Jesus Traversef5+ 4
 Mysterious Bits 
105Springf6C *1
106Pushf6B+ 1
107Mysterious bits traversef6B+ 1
 Small Smart Wall 
109Problem 2 Area 14f6B 8
110The Villainf5+ *161
111Problem 4 Area 14f6B 7
112Damn And Be Jammedf2+ 44
113The aretef4 44
114Perfectionf5 *102
115Left side aretef4 29
116Its A CrackerS 27
117The Far Sidef6C *5
118Straight and Narrowf5 *36
119Rampartf6A *91
120Charlotte ramplingf6B+ *115
121Charlotte Rampling Directf7B *4
122Face Slapf4 *70
123Small and Smartf6B+ **108
124Smarterf6B+ **92
125Holdlessf6B+ **31
126Pointlessf7A+ *19
127Flake Outf5+ *44
128Flake Offf5+ *60
129Big nosef6B 50
130Things to Comef5+ 12
 The Cheeseblock 
132Cheese Block Left Aretef7A+ **3
133Undercut Eliminate (Cheese Block)f7B+ * 
134Cheeseblockf7B+ **4
135Deviousf6A+ *4
136Bridesmaidf6A+ 51
137The big cheesef7C+ **1
138Honour And Obeyf4 *25
 The Bridestone 
140Hole (SDS)f5+ 2
141The Right Holef6B+ 2
142Shorty (SDS)f6B+ 2
143Last love directV2 *34
144Big Bashf6B+ **36
145Solemn Promisef4+ 15
146Ninef7A **13
147Damned Spankyf7A+ **5
148Damned Spanky Sit Startf7B **1
149The Bridestone P. 17 (Runnel eliminate)f6A+ 11
150Cheeseblock left arĂȘte extensionf7B+ **1
151OblivionV7 **1
152Poops crack *V3 ** 
153Area 14 Problem 11 *V0 1
154(no name) Blunt arete *VE 1
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