Climbs 153
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 440m a.s.l
Faces N

The Trinnacle on Ravenstones Brow, Saddleworth Moor. © Andy Hemingway

Crag features

An excellent mountain crag of rough moorland grit up to 20m high set in a superbly exposed situation (most routes feel like the second pitch!). Green early in the year, best visited afternons and evenings in summer when the crag gets the sun. Plenty of routes of all grades, the isolated location adding a serious air. Lower grade classics include Grey's Wall (HS 4b), Wedgewood Crack (VS 4c,4b) and Trinnacle East (HVS 5a). Best extremes are True Grit (E2 5c), Stranger Than Friction (E3 5c), Welcome to Greenfield... (E3 5c) and No Time To Pose (E5 6b). The stunning Black Mountain College (E7 6b) awaits a repeat!

Approach notes

The following information has changed since the publication of Western Grit Rockfax; please amend your copy. The crag should now only be approached from the Binn Green picnic/parking area. Drop down to the reservoir, take a left turn and walk up the valley until below the cliff up on the right (Standing Stones is up on the left) which is reached by a steep ascent - about 40 to 50 mins.

Since the introduction of CRoW, the approach described in the book now crosses access land and so is OK again!


Western Grit

The 2009 edition of the award-winning guidebook to Staffordshire, Kinder, Bleaklow, Chew, Lancashire and Cheshire areas covered with photo-topos and descriptions.
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More Guidebooks:
Over the Moors (2012)
Moorland Gritstone - Chew Valley (1988)

Out of print:
I lost a wild country xenon when I was here about a month ago. Only just found out you can ask on UKC. I know it's a long shot, but has anyone found it?
AdamFreeman - 14/Sep/16
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
1West's WayVS 4c *2
2Problem WallHVS 5b 1
3Scoop WallVD 3
4Little ExtraS 4a 1
5Eastern WallHVS 5b  
6Eastern AreteVD 5
7Swing Low Sweet ChariotHVS 5b * 
8The ChapterE1 5c  
9Cioch BlockVS 5b * 
10StrenuosityVS 4c 9
11Cockney's TraverseHS 4b *7
12Hang-gliderE2 5b *2
13SlanterVS 4c *14
14AlphaVD *25
15BetaD 8
16Grooved WallHS 4b *17
17Eastern SlabD *24
18Deep ChimneyM 11
19Green WallHS 4b **39
20Boy's OwnE1 5b 3
21Nil DesperandumS 4a **42
22Pulpit RidgeHVS 4c ***52
23Over the MoorsE5 6b ***5
24Over The Moors DirectE7 6b 2
25The Bigger PictureE7 6c  
26Black Mountain CollageE7 6c 2
27The DrainpipeS 4a ***23
28Guerrilla ActionE2 5b **6
29Welcome to Greenfield, Gateway to the ValleyE3 6a **4
30Undun CrackVS 4c 2
31Slime CrackD 1
32Little Kern KnottsS 4a 2
33Waterloo ClimbHS 4b  
34The PlonkerHVS 5b * 
35Muddy CrackVD  
36No Time to PoseE5 6b ***3
37Napoleon's DirectE2 5c *1
38Mark IVD *8
39Mark IIVD 2
40The DerivativesVD 10
41RollupE1 5c *4
42RizlaHVS 5a **21
43Stranger Than FrictionE3 5c **9
44Wedgewood CrackVS 4c **42
45Wall of ChinaE4 6b * 
46True GritE3 5c ***47
47Sniffer DogE1 5b *35
48SpilonHS * 
49Vanishing Chimney
D 5
50West Wall Traverse
HS *2
51Trinnacle EastHVS 5a **43
52The Left MonolithHS ***111
53Spare RibVS 4c 1
54Trinnacle ChimneyM *27
55The Right MonolithHVS 5a *19
56Trinnacle WestE1 5b *11
57Nuke the WhaleE4 6b * 
58K. CornerVD 1
59Private InvestigationsE3 5b *1
60Raven RibHVS 5a **10
61Flake ChimneyM 5
62The StingVS 5a  
63Nevermore AreteHVS 5a * 
64Jam Block ChimneyM 3
65Magic WandE1 5a **3
66AbracadabraE1 5b **8
67Wall and Crack ClimbS 4a 4
68Colombia Lift-offVS 4c 1
69Impending CrackHS 4b *7
70TaoiseachHVS 5a  
71Subtending WallHS 4b 2
72StairwayD 2
73Spring Box CrackVS 4c *1
74Yellow FeverVD  
75Spring FeverS 4a 1
76TrioS 4a 2
77Being BoiledE1 5b *1
78Under PressureE1 5a *1
79SmilosityD 1
80Silent Knight
D 1
81Funny ThingVS 4c **3
82The PlinVD  
83Plinth ChimneyVD *4
84Altered StatesE3 5b *1
85Safety PlinS 4a *5
86Plinth AreteS 4a *1
87Twit Wall
VS 4b  
88Finger WallVS 4c  
89Cracked NoseVS 4c  
90Writer's CrampVS 4c **1
91Pocket Climb
92Sue's Route
D 2
93EaracheS 1
94Cemented Block
95Pinnacle Wall
VS 4b  
96Left Wall
VD 1
98BebopHS 4b 2
99DroppingsVD *2
100Gray's WallHS 4b **2
101Ernie's ChimnackHVD *1
102Y ClimbD 1
103Wrinkled WallHS 4b *1
104Thin CrackVD 1
105Black ChimneyVD 2
106Dead End
VD 1
107Jack's Route
D 1
108Hanging Ridge
VD * 
109A Near Do
VD *2
111Smiler's Wall
112Pot Arm
M 1
113Inverted Apex
114Tattered Ridge
VS 4c * 
115Tattoo Crack
VS 4c  
M 1
S 1
120Rimsky RidgeS 4a 3
121ChoppinHS 4b  
122Concerto CrackHS 4b  
123Wild ThingHVS 4c * 
124OverchewerVS 4c ** 
125ShantelmelfVS 4b * 
126The BluesVS 4c * 
127RhythmHS 4b * 
128Trad DadS 4a * 
129Beale StreetS 4a  
130Basin StreetS 4a  
132BillE1 5c  
133BenE2 5b * 
134Down Up Corner
135Up Down Groove
137Rimmon AreteVS 4c *1
138Rimmon WallVS 4b **2
139Rimmon SlabE1 5b * 
140AlphinS 4b  
141LollupVD 1
142Joe's Crack
143Joe's Wall
VS 4b  
144Trapezium Slab
M 1
145Not Another Slab
146The Bookie
147The Jump
D 1
148C'Mon Lad
HD 1
149Photo Finish
150Finishing Post
M 2
151Ravenstones Stomach Traversenone x-vd ***3
153Birchen Clough1 3
154Birchen CloughI  

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