Climbs 40
Rocktype Conglomerate
Altitude 314m a.s.l
Faces all

Sharpcliffe Rock © Fiend

Access Advice

The crag lies in the grounds of Sharpcliffe Hall, and the current owners are not keen on climbers. If asked to leave, please do so and report the incident to The BMC.

it is soon to be blown up with c4 soon to stop all climbers for good !
descender8 - 15/May/11
"The Planning Inspectorate have allowed the appeal the Rocks are no longer designated as open access," --- that's not really something to celebrate though. An interesting and tranquil little crag, well worth a visit for enthusiasts. Despite being on private land, it is well away from any tracks, houses, farm buildings etc (although it is in a clay pigeon shooting area - obviously to be avoided if any shooting is going on), and discreet visits are highly unlikely to have any actual detrimental effect on the hall nor it's residents. The odd dab of chalk and quiet clinking of gear pales in comparison to the vast amount of clay pigeon debris and shells that are littered around this otherwise beautiful spot....
Fiend - 15/Aug/08
The Planning Inspectorate have allowed the appeal the Rocks are no longer designated as open access, they are private property and climbing,walking or any access is strictly forbidden. I would be pleased if you will notify your members accordingly.
Cartwright, Sharpcliffe Hall - 16/May/06
Climbing is strictly forbidden on the Rocks, they are private property and have no access from the public highway.
cartwright - 29/Dec/05
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Straw Boulders and Blurred Buttress 
2Peep ShowV0 1
3CabanaVS 4b *2
4PebblesvilleV0+ 1
5Hush PuppyVD 1
6Hot DogV0 2
7Johnson'sVilleHVS 5a 3
8Bowcocks ChimneyVD 1
9Cannabis ArmV3  
10Puffed WheatHVS 5b 3
 Grogan Buttress 
12GorgonzolaV0 2
13Mr GroganHVS 5b *2
14Charlie FarleyHVS 4c *8
15Rusks and RyeV2  
16ComebackS 3
17Clinic KidD 3
 Trouble and Strife Buttress 
19GenetixV1 1
20Bond ItV3  
21Blu TacE1 5c *2
22StickyfastHVS 5b 1
23RavenVS 4b 2
24SpirellaV0+ 1
25MeningesVB 1
 Sharpcliffe Rock 
27Underhung ChimneyS 4a  
28Konsolation PrizeHS 4a *1
29Marsden's EliminateM 1
30KnossosE3 5c *** 
31Knossos DirectE5 6a  
32KrushnaE4 6a * 
33KenyattaE3 5c * 
34KaleidoscopeE1 5a ***5
35KilljoyE2 5b **3
36KoboldE3 5c  
37Special KHVS 4c **1
38KrakatoaE4 5c 1
39Krakatoa RighthandVS 4c  
40KudosVS 5a 1
41Golden SovereignVB 2
42DoubloonV0+ *3
43Pieces of EightMVS 4a 3

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