Climbs 1
Rocktype Sandstone (soft)
Altitude 571m a.s.l

Crag features

Glacier capped mountain on the opposite side of Jokulvatnet to Storfjellet.

Mountain Location Information:

UTM33X: N8678810, E564700

UTM35X: N8693660, E290890

UTM37X: N8764120, E25510

DD.DDDD: 78.1691°N, 17.8277°Ø

DDMM.MM: 78°10.15'N, 17°49.66'Ø

DDMMSS: 78°10'8"N, 17°49'39"Ø

Navigation Information:

Latitude: 78° 9' 25.4" N

Longitude: 17° 51' 29.8" E

Magnetic declination: 8° 43' EAST

Declination is POSITIVE

Inclination: 82° 13'

Magnetic field strength: 54839.2 nT

Approach notes

Access to the mountain can be gained by foot/ski/snowmobile expedition from Longyearbyen via way of Sassendalen, or via Helicopter to Marmorbreen... Or the summit if you're that way inclined. Sysselmannen requires notification of any expeditions to this area.


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