Climbs 3
Rocktype Sandstone (soft)
Altitude 739m a.s.l

Crag features

A sub peak of Wimanfjellet, Criocerasaksla is a mountain aptly named after the Aptian aged Ammonite, Crioceras. Even more fittingly so as the mountain is composed of a succession of rocks, ageing from the Triassic through to the Cretaceous.

Mountain Location Information:

UTM33X: N8694310, E522060

UTM35X: N8717540, E252280

DD.DDDD: 78.3204°N, 15.9760°Ø

DDMM.MM: 78°19.22'N, 15°58.56'Ø

DDMMSS: 78°19'13"N, 15°58'33"Ø

Navigation Information:

Latitude: 78° 19' 49.9" N

Longitude: 15° 56' 8.4" E

Magnetic declination: 7° 20' EAST

Declination is POSITIVE

Inclination: 82° 16'

Magnetic field strength: 54812.6 nT

Approach notes

Alike Botneheia further along the coast of Sassenfjord, Criocerasaksla is within management zone 10 and outside of any nature reserves so access to the mountain is available to all.

Popular summer methods of access are via guided polarsirkel, canoe or by foot from Longyearbyen, either by following the coast or short-cutting through Hanaskogdalen.

In winter access is suitable only via dog-sled, snowmobile (approved snowmobile tracks pass the mountain on their way to Vindodden) or by ski.

More exotic methods of access, like much of Svalbard include cruise ships (either commercial or private hire) or helicopter.


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