Climbs 1
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 1m a.s.l

Crag features

Situated at the mouth of Van Mijenfjord, Akseløya is a commodity of an island and is only present due to the interesting nature of its geology. Formed in the 'Western Spitsbergen Fold and Thrust Belt'. The island is composed of the same vertically orientated rocks that can be seen at the infamous coastline of Festningen.

There is a notable ridge line of summits traversing the length of the island and it is also home to some remote and interesting free for all bouldering*, though there are no climbing routes yet reported here.

*The Permian cherts are sharp... prepare for big flappers!

Location Information:

UTM33X: N8626690, E492320

UTM35X: N8657340, E209360

DD.DDDD: 77.7159°N, 14.6765°Ø

DDMM.MM: 77°42.96'N, 14°40.59'Ø

DDMMSS: 77°42'57"N, 14°40'35"Ø

Navigation Information:

Latitude: 77° 42' 33.3" N

Longitude: 14° 43' 27.9" E

Magnetic declination: 6° 20' EAST

Declination is POSITIVE

Inclination: 81° 57'

Magnetic field strength: 54666.1 nT


After the schooner "Aksel Thordsen", Tromsø, which was chartered by A. E. Nordeskiöld's Spitsbergen expedition in 1864. Meteorological observations carried out here by the hunting expedition of Johan Hagerup September 1898-August 1899, September 1900-July 1901, September 1904-June 1905, and September 1906-June 1907. The Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition (led by N. Russeltvedt) had one of its stations on this island September 1902-July 1903 and astronomical observations were also carried out.

Approach notes

The island is easiest accessed by boat from Svea, needless to say getting to Svea poses a logistical challenge in itself. Alternatives include cruise ship from Longyearbyen or by helicopter for the luxury inclined.


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