Climbs 60
Rocktype Gritstone
Altitude 603m a.s.l
Faces all

Audrey Seguy on The Tortoise (f6C+) in the Galapagos Boulders © Adrian Berry

Crag features

This large boulderfield on Kinder is at first glance a bouldering paradise that makes you wonder why you haven't heard more about it. Unfortunately most of the boulders are just a bit too small, and the rock typically has a dusty surface which can spit you off at any moment no matter what the conditions. Don't be put off - it's still well worth a visit and there is more than enough good bouldering to justify the long approach, especially in the mid to lower grades.

Approach notes

The Woolpacks are approached from the Edale Valley which is also the start of the Pennine Way. Drive up the valley, past Edale (train station) to Barber Booth where the road veers left. Turn right here and drive along a minor road and park near a railway bridge. Continue on foot. After a kilometre the track turns sharp right. Continue along the track and onto the Pennine Way heading west. Continue up the steep climb (known as Jacob's Ladder) and stick to paths leading off to the right, following the rim of the plateau. The path will take you right into the heart of the boulderfield. The walk is about 6km in total and takes around 90 minutes if you're reasonably fit. It is also possible to approach, or descend, via Crowden Clough, but this is steeper.

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Peak Bouldering

The Peak Bouldering Rockfax is a massive book covering a huge area including all the main bouldering venues of the Peak District. It includes many more low-grade problems than have ever been documented before including 17 circuits with problems at V0+ 5a and under, and a further 21 circuits with problems at V2 5c and below.
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  The Three Stooges
2 Larry's Launch f5+ 1
3 Vaudeville Crack f5+ 4
4 Slap Stick. f6A * 1
5 Short 'n' Curly f6B+ **  
6 Curly's Crack f5 * 2
7 Moe's Meander f3+ * 9
8 Knee-bar Crack f5+ * 2
9 Nertsery Crack f3+ * 2
  The Butter Block
11 Green Runnel f6A  
12 Butter Knife f5+ * 4
13 Butter Scoop f4+ ** 3
14 Pancake Wall f3+ * 4
15 Pancake Edge f3+ * 8
16 Salt f5+ **  
17 Pepper f5 * 1
  The Night Garden
19 Pontipine Scoop f5+ *  
20 Wottinger Scoop f5+ * 1
21 Makka Pakka's Press f6A  
Climb name Grade
22 Tombliboo Trouble f6A *  
23 Upsy Daisy f5 ** 1
24 Iggle f6B *  
25 Piggle f6C  
26 Haahoo f4 * 4
27 Pinky Ponk f5+ *  
28 Ninky Nonk f5+ * 2
29 Og-Pog f3+ * 4
  The Poc Poc Block
31 Poc Poc f5+ **  
32 Bop f6C+ **  
33 Neep f6A+ 1
34 Gully Crack f5+ *  
  Blockbuster Rocks
36 The Runnel f3+ * 6
37 Jaws f3+ * 6
38 Holds Actually f5+ **  
39 Pocket Money f5+ *  
40 High School Musical f4+ **  
41 The Edge of Love f3+ * 4
42 The Edge of Reason f5 * 2
Climb name Grade
43 Wide Eyes Shut f6B *  
44 Pressed f6A  
  The Beach
46 Parallel Universe f6A  
47 Shark Attack f5 1
48 Maya f3+ 4
49 Novel Adaptation f6A *  
50 Phi Phi f4+ * 5
51 Hidden Paradise f4+ ** 3
  The Galapagos Boulders
53 Solly's Island f5+ **  
54 The Tortoise f6C+  
55 Baltra Flake f4+ * 2
56 Darwin's Crack f5+ *  
57 Genovesa f5+ *  
58 Isabela Slab f3+ * 2
59 The Piano f6B+ *  
60 Volcan Wolf f5 **  
61 Grapsus f4 * 2

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