Climbs 1
Rocktype Shale
Altitude 436m a.s.l
Faces all

Crag features

The northernmost and 454 m high peak of Miseryfjellet, Bjørnøya.

Mountain Location Information:

UTM33X: E625870, N8264210

UTM35X: E267000, N8275060

DD.DDDD: 74.4277°N, 19.2039°E

DDMM.MM: 74°25.66'N, 19°12.23'E

DDMMSS: 74°25'39"N, 19°12'13"E

Navigation Information:

Latitude: 74° 25' 54" N

Longitude: 19° 12' 54.3" E

Magnetic declination: +9° 8' EAST

Declination is POSITIVE

Inclination: 80° 29'

Magnetic field strength: 54267.7 nT


After Skuld, one of the three Norns in Norse mythology. The Norns are sometimes compared to the greek fates, three supernatural women who tend the Yggdrasil and determine fate.


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