Climbs 77
Rocktype Sandstone (hard)
Altitude 300m a.s.l
Faces NW

Fergus launching across the 'flying hand traverse' on Thunderbird © The Big Sender

Crag features

Horizontal breaks, sandstone with pebbles (grit-like) and clean rock.

Approach notes

Seen from the road in the glen; northwest-facing. The uppermost of three tiers, the crag is set in a majestic setting. The approach has improved greatly as a path has now formed - see photo.

The approach via the gully to Glac Dhorc is hideous, the 'path' doesn't help really. Worth avoiding in favour of a route up/down the ridge as mentioned by Katherine. Pick a zig zag line through the outcrops.
Jacks20 - 10/Apr/15
Great crag once you get there! The approach via the gully as described in Gary Latter's book was awful! Climbing at Western Sector only, we found an alternative descent route through the broken ground at the north-west corner. This was much better, and I'd use that as an approach route in future, either parking in the trees below Liathach or near the bridge on the main road towards Annat.
Katherine Ross - 15/Jun/14
"Dolphin Friendly", "Bleached Whale", "Wriggle" and "Archangel" all under bedrock buttress as opposed to SMW. "Kelvinator" next to "Sandstorm" under main crag
Captain Solo - 10/Jun/13
"Heather said sunshine" and "Skye and Kyle against Trugs" under seana mheallan west as opposed to bedrock buttress.
Captain Solo - 10/Jun/13
The approach has improved greatly as a path has now formed - see photo.
Captain Solo - 07/May/13
An approach similar to that of Mordor, greeted by paridise. (could've just taken the giant eagles to start with)
felixyoung - 20/Oct/11
Have to agree with both comments. A horrible approach made worthwhile by the great climbing. I'll definately be returning.
Sutty22 - 18/Apr/11
Absolutely bloody ridiculously good outcrop climbing. Worth the grim approach.
Fiend - 11/Nov/08
Superb sandstone in a magnificent setting. The approach can best be described as a 40 degree swamp but the effort will be amply rewarded.
The Purple Pimpernel - 17/Oct/07
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
1The Dark OneE2 5b,5b * 
2Seana Mheallan summit
summit 1
3Edge of Enlightenment
E3 5c ***6
4Path of Righteousness
E2 5c **2
5Elbow Room
HVS 5b * 
6Dog-leg Crack
E1 5a 1
S 3
8A Touch too Much
E3 5c ***12
9Seams Obvious
E1 5b **39
10Seams the Same
HVS 5a **16
11Looks DifferentHVS 5b 10
12Sqeeze 'Em In
E1 5b  
13Wide Deceiver
E1 5b * 
14In The Groove
HVS 5a *5
E4 6a **3
16Rock Around the Block
E2 5c *3
17Shoot the Cuckoo
HVS 5a *2
18Hunter Killer
E4 6b ***5
E3 5c **5
E3 6a *2
21The Deerstalker
VS 4c **26
22Route With a View
HVS 5a *28
23Mark of a Skyver
E2 5c **24
24View to a Hill
E1 5b *6
25Crack of Ages
E2 5b **72
E3 5c 1
HVS 5b **24
E3 6a **1
E3 6a **5
30Present TenseE9 7a  
31KolusE8 6c  
32The TorridonianE3 6a ***61
33Middle of the RoadE3 5c **10
34Left in the LurchE1 5b **15
35Dirty Dancing
E2 5c 1
36Skirting The Issue
VS 4c 4
37Forgotten CornerVS 4c  
38RejectionHVS 5a *3
VS 5a 4
40Rowantree CrackHVS 5a **16
41Mackintosh Slab
E1 5b 1
42No Brats
E2 5b  
43StagVS 4b 2
44HindVD 3
45Neville the Hedgehog
VS 5a *4
 Seanna Mheallan West 
47OutswingerE2 5c *7
48Nasal Abuse
E1 5b **31
49Fish and Chips
E1 5b **50
50Hadrian's Wall
E1 5b **34
HS 4b **55
VD *22
53Off With Her Head
VS 4b *37
54SkateHVS 5b *44
55Dolphin Friendly
E1 5b **23
56Bleached Whale
E2 5c **28
57The Age of Confusion
E3 5c ***13
58Mechanical Sheep
E2 6a ***26
59Clockwork Rat
E2 5b *6
VS 4c 6
VS 5a *27
62IncognitoE1 5b **16
63KelvinatorE8 6c ** 
 Bedrock Buttress 
65Porpoise Scandal
E1 5c 3
66The Knob
HVS 5b *10
67Heather Said Sunshine
HVS 5a *10
68Skye and Kyle against Trugs
HVS 5a *11
69FleecedHS 4c *17
70Terra IncognitaE2 5c *3
71LaplandS 4a *12
72Quartz Warts
S 4a *14
73The Black Queen
S 4a 8
74Sky Blue and Black *E3 6a *1
75Something Fine *E1 5b ** 
76Trench at Top *VD *4
77Polythene Bag *
S 4b 3
78Bedrock *
S 4a 4
79cairn Terrier *VS 5a *5
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