Climbs 73
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 30m a.s.l
Faces S

Moving Away From The Pulsebeat © Karen

Crag features

Simply the most fantastic climbing for anyone operating above E1. Choose either the off-vertical west wall or the impending east wall, or the seaward walls, and have an amazing time on single- and multi-pitch routes up to 170ft. Take a 50m abseil rope. Be warned - if you are not solid at E1 you *will* have an epic, possibly involving aid and jumaring. Often cool, almost cold, on hot days because it is so narrow and deep. The classic routes are Beast From The Undergrowth (E2 5b), Mythical Monster (E3 5c), Bloody Sunday (E4 6a), Witch Hunt (E4 6b), Head Hunter (E5 6a), Minotaur (E5 6a), Darkness at Noon (E5 6a), Souls (E6 6b) and Hunter-Killer (E6 6b).

Approach notes

Tidal on almost every route.

Access Advice

Night firing normally occurs on Tues & Thurs but can alternate to Mon & Wed.

Rockfax App

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The famous Pembroke Rockfax has returned with this glorious full-colour version packed with classic routes and all the wonderful features that you have come to expect from Rockfax. It is now twice the size of the old 1995 book and has some of the biggest and clearest photo-topos that have ever been published in a UK guidebook.
More info
Replaced the crucial second thread on 'Moving away from the pulsebeat' which ends a long runout. Probably still E5 for the insecure nature of the climbing up to it. The lower thread can be backed up. As good as the other leap E5s!
Ed morris - 28/Nov/14
I was down in Pembroke last week and on the one rainy days we got I decided to to something productive. I cut loads of old threads off the walls of Huntsman's Leap and replaced them. I replaced the threads on Mythical Monster (there was 8 in-situ - almost a clip up!), Beast From the Undegrowth, the three threads just above the ground on Feeding the Beast, Scorched Earth/Another Day has new threads, as does Scare City (thinking it was Head Hunter, only to find out later that it wasn't). In addition the threads on Bloody Sunday are in good condition. So, if ever there was a time to go to the Leap, it is now! (Threads replaced Aug 2013)
Dan Lane - 21/Aug/13
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 West Wall 
E4 6a  
E4 5c ** 
E2 5c 1
5Got It Taped
E3 6a *2
6Defender of the Deep
E5 6c * 
7The Wind Tunnel
E4 6a * 
8WoefulE5 6b ***1
E6 6b  
10Darkness at NoonE5 6a ***63
11The Veterinary
E6 6b  
12Night-SeekerE6 6b ** 
13Hunter-KillerE6 6b ***12
14Nothing to FearE8 6b *** 
15Terminal TwilightE7 6b *** 
16Dusk Till DawnE8 6c **1
17Do you know where your children are?E8 6c ***1
18The Black LagoonE7 6b ***3
19Light at the End of the RunnelE6 6b ***8
20Little HuntE6 6b **4
21Witch HuntE4 6b ***100
22ChupacabraE8 6c ***1
23Boat to NaxosE7 6b ***23
24SoulsE6 6b ***28
25Half Man, Half BeastE6 6b **3
26The MinotaurE5 6a ***180
27TheseusE6 6c * 
28The SubterraneanE6 6b **3
29Head HunterE5 6a **139
30Snake CharmerE5 6c **9
31The White HotelE6 6c **2
32The Witching HourE6 6b *4
33Wicked Witch of the WestE6 6b **1
34Bloody SundayE4 6a ***420
35Just Another DayE4 6a **45
36Just another day/Scorch the earthE5 6a ***133
37Scorch the EarthE4 6a **24
38Day Release
E4 6a 3
39The Kill
E3 5b  
 East Wall 
41End at the Beginning
E5 6a 1
E5 6b 1
43Magazine PeopleE5 6b **21
44Specimen HunterE5 6b *22
45Quiet Waters
E3 6b **114
46Quiet Waters DirectE3 5c **182
47Shape-UpE1 5b **386
48Wild FrontierE1 5b 15
49FitzcarraldoE5 6a **61
E3 6a *19
51Slap-Up/Fitz-InE5 6b *4
52Wrap-UpE3 6a *60
53The Beast from the UndergrowthE2 5b **483
54Feeding on the BeastE2 5c 3
55The PulsebeatE5 6b **16
56CompulsionE6 6a **1
57Moving Away from the PulsebeatE4 6a *22
58Strap-UpE3 5c **74
59Vladimir and the BeastE4 6a ***6
60Down and OutE1 5b 3
61Vladimir on the RocksE4 6a **27
E3 5c 13
XS 5b  
64Monster Growth from the UnderbeastE5 6a **1
65MonsterosityE5 6b **1
66Monster Modello
E5 6a *5
67The Monster MashE3 6a *7
68Mythical MonsterE2 5c **139
69The Honey MonsterE2 5b **97
70The Monster from Outer Space
E4 6a 1
71Meet the Monster TonightE4 6a **14
72Release the BatsE5 6a **2
73The Ducking StoolE5 6a ***1
E3 5c * 
75King Vamp
E4 6a  

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