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Rocktype Limestone
Altitude Tidal
Faces S

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Moving Away From The Pulsebeat © Karen

Crag features

Opinions on Huntsman's Leap vary from the "best crag in the World" to "a grotty hole in the ground", but they rarely venture into the "quite good" category - you will either love it or you will hate it. For those to whom it does appeal, the experience of climbing in this dramatic location is unforgettable and once you have started tackling the routes, you will continually be looking for the next one to tackle as you creep up the grade ladder.

Most people will make their first acquaintance with the slabbier routes on the East Wall where the rock isn't quite as good, but the best lines are well-cleaned and popular. Routes like Shape Up (E1 and the easiest exit), Beast from the Undergrowth (E2), Strap-Up (E3) and Quiet Waters (E2) are all top-notch challenges. Further seaward is the well-named Monster Face with its spooky routes at the narrowest section of the Leap - Mythical Monster (E3) and The Honey Monster (E2) being the classics here.

The true connoisseur though will spend most of their time on the West Wall since this is where the best of the Leap's treasures lie. The entry level is quite tough though - Bloody Sunday, an E4 for ambitious E3 leaders. After that the tick list opens up with virtually every route being a classic - check the table to the right to monitor your progress and maybe you can become one of the elite group of professors!

Approach notes

Tidal on almost every route.

Restricted Access

Night firing normally occurs on Tues & Thurs but can alternate to Mon & Wed.

Seasonal Restrictions

Dates: 1 March to 1 August

Reason: Nesting Birds

The restriction from 'Charybdis' to 'Leap of Faith' (Boulder Choke area) remains in place until Aug 1st. The main parts of the Leap are not affected.

Rockfax App

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This new app version of the Pembroke Rockfax has been significantly updated with 350 extra routes, new geo-located maps and updates to the existing information. The print guide from 2009 had 650 routes and this new app package has nearly 1000! The update includes many easier routes plus extra lines at the main crags covered in the book. It also has extensive deep water soloing coverage with the majority of the crags from Mike Robertson's 2007 Deep Water book added to the mix.
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This book from 2009 covers all the classic routes on the most popular crags of Pembroke. It covers the beautiful slab climbing around St. David's and all the best crags of Range East and the Lydstep areas, as far as Mother Carey's Kitchen. The range and variety of routes is enough to keep any climber happy; from those leading moderate grades keen to have a look for the first time, all the way to those who have developed lifelong obsessions for the place!
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Replaced the crucial second thread on 'Moving away from the pulsebeat' which ends a long runout. Probably still E5 for the insecure nature of the climbing up to it. The lower thread can be backed up. As good as the other leap E5s!
Ed morris - 28/Nov/14
I was down in Pembroke last week and on the one rainy days we got I decided to to something productive. I cut loads of old threads off the walls of Huntsman's Leap and replaced them. I replaced the threads on Mythical Monster (there was 8 in-situ - almost a clip up!), Beast From the Undegrowth, the three threads just above the ground on Feeding the Beast, Scorched Earth/Another Day has new threads, as does Scare City (thinking it was Head Hunter, only to find out later that it wasn't). In addition the threads on Bloody Sunday are in good condition. So, if ever there was a time to go to the Leap, it is now! (Threads replaced Aug 2013)
Dan Lane - 21/Aug/13
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
  West Wall
2 Charybdis
E4 6a  
3 Orion
E4 5c ** 1
4 Crack-Up
E2 5c 2
5 Got It Taped
E3 6a * 5
6 Defender of the Deep
E5 6c *  
7 The Wind Tunnel
E4 6a *  
8 Woeful E5 6b *** 1
9 Creature
E6 6b  
10 Darkness at Noon E5 6a *** 59
11 The Veterinary
E6 6b  
12 Night-Seeker E6 6b ** 1
13 Hunter-Killer E6 6b *** 19
14 Nothing to Fear E8 6b *** 1
15 Terminal Twilight E7 6b *** 3
16 Dusk Till Dawn E8 6c ** 5
17 Do You Know Where Your Children Are? E8 6c *** 2
18 The Black Lagoon E7 6b *** 3
19 Light at the End of the Runnel E6 6b *** 10
20 Little Hunt E6 6b ** 5
21 Witch Hunt E4 6b *** 108
22 Chupacabra E8 6c *** 1
23 Boat to Naxos E7 6b *** 23
24 Souls E6 6b *** 26
25 Half Man, Half Beast E6 6b ** 3
Climb name Grade
26 The Minotaur E5 6a *** 214
27 Theseus E6 6c *  
28 The Subterranean E6 6b ** 5
29 Head Hunter E5 6a ** 191
30 Snake Charmer E5 6c ** 10
31 The White Hotel E6 6c ** 3
32 The Witching Hour E6 6b * 4
33 Wicked Witch of the West E6 6b ** 4
34 Bloody Sunday E4 6a *** 520
35 Scorch the Earth E4 6a ** 32
36 Just Another Day E4 6a ** 56
37 Just Another Day/Scorch the Earth E5 6a *** 189
38 Day Release
E4 6a 3
39 The Kill
E3 5b  
  East Wall
41 End at the Beginning
E5 6a 2
42 Bewitched
E5 6b 1
43 Magazine People E5 6b ** 25
44 Specimen Hunter E5 6b * 27
45 Quiet Waters
E3 6b ** 145
46 Quiet Waters Direct E3 5c ** 244
47 Shape-Up E1 5b ** 530
48 Wild Frontier E1 5b * 24
49 Fitzcarraldo E5 6a ** 80
50 Slap-Up E3 6a ** 28
Climb name Grade
51 Fitz-In E5 6b * 4
52 Wrap-Up E3 6a * 74
53 The Beast from the Undergrowth E2 5b ** 631
54 Feeding on the Beast E2 5c 3
55 The Pulsebeat E5 6b ** 23
56 Compulsion E6 6a ** 1
57 Moving Away from the Pulsebeat E4 6a * 24
58 Strap-Up E3 5c ** 106
59 Vladimir and the Beast E4 6a *** 9
60 Down and Out E1 5b 3
61 Vladimir on the Rocks E4 6a ** 35
62 Larkhill
E3 5c 17
63 Thunderbox
XS 5b 1
64 Monster Growth from the Underbeast E5 6a ** 1
65 Monsterosity E5 6b ** 1
66 Monster Modello E5 6b * 7
67 The Monster Mash E3 6a * 13
68 Mythical Monster E2 5c ** 164
69 The Honey Monster E2 5b *** 110
70 The Monster from Outer Space
E4 6a 1
71 Meet the Monster Tonight E4 6a *** 19
72 Release the Bats E5 6a ** 2
73 The Ducking Stool E5 6a *** 2
74 Scylla
E3 5c *  
75 King Vamp
E4 6a  

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