Climbs 136
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 276m a.s.l

Red © Jemma McGuinness

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Peak Bouldering

The Peak Bouldering Rockfax is a massive book covering a huge area including all the main bouldering venues of the Peak District. It includes many more low-grade problems than have ever been documented before including 17 circuits with problems at V0+ 5a and under, and a further 21 circuits with problems at V2 5c and below.
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Peak Limestone

Selected guidebook covering the best trad and sport limestone crags in the Peak District.
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really enjoyed the day here! relatively unpolished (compared to everywhere else) so i recommend it!
masonwoods101 - 04/Jun/11
Although there have been no reported access problems it is worth noting that all crags in Blackwell Dale (including the Beginner's Wall Section) lie on private land.
Highpeak - 11/Jan/09
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Climbs at this crag

Climb name Grade
 Streamside Buttress 
 Lower Buttress 
3Commit Dirty Act
E2 5b  
4Elvis Gets My Bus
E2 5c  
5Powerful Torches, Officer
E2 5c * 
6Hot Thighs
VS 4c 1
7Jubilee GrooveE5 4c !  
8The Idol
HVS 5a  
9Bone Idol
HVS 5a  
 Big Youth Buttress 
11Giant Haystacks8b **4
12Yoot's Manoeuvre7c+ **6
13The Enchanted PlaceHVS 5a * 
14Little Jordan
HVS 5a  
16Big Daddy
17Big Youth
E5 6b  
18Little Wimp
HVS 5b  
 Beginner's Wall Section 
20The Chisholm TrailVS 4b  
21The Midges Bite Back7a+ 14
22CitadelE1 5b 2
23A Bit on the Sidef7A 6
24O'Leanna the Butler Dunn It!7c+ 2
25Recreational Violence LHf8A *2
26Recreational Violencef8A+ ** 
27The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil8a+ 1
28The Love of Money Startf7B 13
29Fossil Wall Startf7A *82
30Fossil Wall7c **10
31Lets Get Physical (Original)8a+ **1
32Let's Get Physical (Right Hand)7c *5
33Let's Get Fossilised7c+ **8
34Man of Steelf7B **46
35Swing Timef7A+ **79
36It's a Traverstyf7B+ *7
37Advanced Trainingf7C *10
38Mike's Problemf7C+ 3
39Mike's Problem Sitstart *V11  
40Beginner's Wall7b+ *52
41Neil's Wallf7B+ *21
42Neil's Wall RH *V11  
43Middle Age Spread7b+ 11
44A Bigger Slap7b+ *1
45Groovef6B 13
46Ivory Poacher
E3 6c  
47Elephants Never Forget
E2 6a  
49Roof Left
f6A 3
50Back in Blackf7B+ 1
 The Cave 
52Unof6A 33
53Somebody's Headf7A *36
54Orange Sif7B *18
55Twice a Slicef6C *31
56My Friend Flickaf7B+ *13
57Witchettygrubf7B+ **4
58Fudgef7A *43
59Don't Jumpf6C *43
61Push Me Pull Youf6B+ *52
62Push Me Pull You - Eliminatef7A+ *10
63Byker Groovef7C *7
64Spunggie *V10  
65Paint it Blackf7C **69
66Paint It Black Directf7C+ **5
67Back to Blackf8A **8
68Back to Black Standf7B+ **9
69Working 9-5V12 1
70Working 9-5 Standing Startf7C+ **15
72Naughty Corner *f7C  
73Sean's Rooff8A+ **8
74Uptown Beaverf7A *1
75Plaster Lankf7A+ 2
76Dole Technician
E4 6a * 
77Social Security Snooper
HVS 5b  
78Somebody's Left *V3+ 1
80Left of Abattoirf6B *104
81Like a Motorwayf6C 13
82Free Range Abattoirf7A+ **55
83Red or Deadf7A+ ***120
84Any Hole's a Goalf7C 10
85Top Shop (low)f7B+ *10
86Top Shop (middle)f7B+ 6
87Top Shop (high)f7B+ 22
88Deranged Abbottf7B 4
89A Lack of Colourf7B **26
90Jerry's Traversef7A+ **140
91Jerry's Traverse Reverse
f7A+ **34
92J Walkingf7B+ *7
 Griff's/Sheep Buttress 
94Ru's Traversef8A **8
95Ru's Traverse (short) *f7C+ 1
96Mint Sauce
f7C 10
97Mint Sauce sit
f7C+ *5
98Ovinef7B **59
99Ovine Low Leftf7C **9
100Mutton Bustingf8A+ **13
101Bovine (original)f7B+ 4
102Bovinef7B 46
103Lovinef7C *5
104Griff's Traversef7C 3
105Griff's Trav/Bovinef7B **9
106King of lambs *f8A 1
 Black and Decker Buttress 
108Black & Deckoutf7A+ ***2
109Andy's Problemf7A+ *1
110Black by Popular Demandf7A *2
111Cross & Blackwellf6B *4
112Black, Sack & Crackf7B+ 3
113Blackoutf7C ***9
114Piggy Blackf7C **4
115Young, Black & Giftedf7A ***11
116Whoa Black Bettyf7C 1
117Black Powerf7B *5
118Bog Standard
f6C+ ***1
122Dances With Woolf7A+  
123The Flakef6B 5
124Upf6B 4
126Move up from the side pull to the shelf.
f5 9
127PLN Problem 69
f6A 11
128PLN Problem 70
f6C 7
129PLN Problem 71
f6B+ 11
130Black is the colour
f6A 2
131Wedgief6B 1
132Bunglef6C 1
133Blackwell Scoopf7A+ 2
134Mint Sauce Left Sit Startf7C+ *** 
135Bo Peepf8A 1
136Traverse Into Shelf Problemf6B *2
 Hunky Roof 
138There's Method to my Madness7b+ **3
139More Hunky than Funky7c **3
140Zippy's Roof7b+ 2
141Spok *V6  
142Vulcan *V8  
143Aurora *V9 *3
144Black Don't Crack *f7B+ *1
145Red or Dead Stand Start *f6C *3
146Free Range Abattoir Stand Start *f6C *2
147Pork Chop *f8A+ ** 
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