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Climbs 13
Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 402m a.s.l
Faces SE

Crag features

A big ugly beautiful monster of a crag. As yet barely touched but with loads of scope for development both of routes and bouldering. Fairly recently landscaped and previously one face of a quarried out mineral vein. The face is deeply pitted with all manner of odd water worn scoops, runnels and tubes. The base is undercut into three semi-separate caves providing the majority of the bouldering potential. First 'found' by Dan Varian who added From Dirt Grow the Prowess. The main obstacle to development so far has been the presence of surface mud and a dusty texture to the rock below which benefits from the application of brick/rock stabilisers. It should all clean up well but will require a good amount of dedicated effort.

Access Banned

This quarry is not on Open Access land and the landowner has not given permission for anyone to access it. If you are found at the crag you are likely to be asked to leave.

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