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Rocktype Limestone
Altitude 25m a.s.l
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Crag features

A huge disused quarry on two tiers but very loose and friable.

At the lower level however the rock seems much more consolidated and with the right amount of cleaning could possibly lend itself to bouldering.

November 2018: all climbs on: lower tier, north of pool; lower tier, south of pool; 'the outcrop', have now been consigned to history due to extensive earthworks related to the construction of the Lincoln eastern bypass. The whole of the south-eastern part of Greetwell quarry has now been lost. All route details for these sections still remain listed for historical archive reasons only. 

August 2021: The Outcrop is climbable despite the bypass works. Descriptions from 2011 match it's current state

Approach notes

A public footpath leads through the quarry although this has been impacted upon due to earthworks related to the construction of the Lincoln Eastern Bypass.

was out on saturday doing some top roping. there are currently a few projects on the face near the hill that leads down to the pond. a bit of cleaning needed due to broken glass. will put up more info when time is right.
Louis_Cowell - 07/Apr/14
I went for a look this morning, you can still get into the quarry easily via footpaths and there's no signs or anything saying not to climb. I've lived in lincoln most of my life and didn't realise the quarry was there and it's huge! landings look a little awkward for bouldering but there's much worse that's climbed a lot. there does seem to be a lot of glass and broken bottles about so a little care's worthwhile.
Sleepy_trucker - 06/Apr/14
Climbs on the outcrop by Ed look impressive considering the friability of the rock. Must take a look at this area as it opens up new possibilities on what is climbable here. Good work!
Bob Dickinson - 29/Mar/12
Hello, Has anyone tried leading or top roping the outcrop? I was looking last week at the right side corner and think it has possibilities. Regards Ed
eburki1 - 05/Aug/11
there are some areas which are climable, but as you mention a lot of it is crumbly and unstable. It's not bad considering it's the only natural rock in Lincoln near town centre. currently a few things have been set with a few problems currently being worked on. have not been up in a few weeks due to rain as when it gets very wet it can take ages to dry out. worth a check if ever near by on a dry day.
Louis_Cowell - 27/May/11
Often wondered if there could be some climbing here. What's the rock like, it seemed like it might be a bit crumbly when I looked at it from a distance.
aimaz - 16/May/11
I think stinger might be one you tried jack, it starts with crimps, then a fast lunge reach with your left hand, took me a few tries using both hands, couldn't nail it with the right. I jammed my arm against the ledge but Graham leant back, either way works, it's the same route, just a matter of how grippy your shoes are. all in all it's a good problem but I seriously recomend putting mats down as a fall could be potentially bone breaking. cheers
Louis_Cowell - 07/Apr/11
I've just added the route picture for stinger and some photos of the new area I'm clearing on the lower tier onto bouldergrouplincoln, seems to be some nice possibilities on it, any feedback or comments will be appreciated. cheers all. "love the ground you stand upon"
Louis_Cowell - 07/Apr/11
Louis, is Stinger the arete that I was trying a couple of weeks ago? Starting with the crimps and layback up the crack?
Jackwd - 05/Apr/11
In order to increase the safety of 'Nurse with wound', a bolt could be added just above the fingerpocket. Think that this could be clipped when the pocket is gained, then straight to the top with a bit more safety. Could also be used as a lower-off point. Rock looks fairly solid in this area - but needs checking...
Bob Dickinson - 04/Apr/11
'Nurse with wound' is the name now given for the project, 'Le Secret'.
Bob Dickinson - 03/Apr/11
ps it's in the area where the ground slopes up to the base of the rock...
Bob Dickinson - 03/Apr/11
I cannot disclose any more at the moment as this is my 'secret affair'! However, I need to shed a few pounds in my middle-years in order to complete 'le route'...
Bob Dickinson - 03/Apr/11
Is Le Secret the one with the mono pocket. Are you redpointing it Bob?
Jackwd - 02/Apr/11
Could 'Ginger Knob' be a traverse line taking a different horizontal break but in the same direction? Reason being is that the description refers to a lot of cleaning being necessary and if this is the BGL line, then due to the previous traffic it would'nt probably need cleaning. I have a feeling it follow the same direction as the BGL line but possibly using a different break.
Bob Dickinson - 02/Apr/11
hello all, just to let you know what has been put up as ginger knob is part of a longer traverse that bouldergroup lincoln worked on weeks ago, long traverse which goes from the furthest ledge along and then follows across to where you walk up the step like area. we didn't put up this route as we only use it as a warm up. but we unofficially named it the BGL traverse. will try and take some pics of the mentioned route and put them up for all to see. "love the ground you stand upon"
Louis_Cowell - 02/Apr/11
Think we now need to start exploring more of the upper tier, especially the walls and traverses to the left of 'Ginger Knob' (in this area lurks my shadowy project, 'Le Secret')...
Bob Dickinson - 01/Apr/11
hi guys, just to let you know, yes ginger knob is a route bouldergrouplincoln have been working on for a few weeks now, (we had unofficially named it the BGL traverse) it starts to the right of the A on a ledge and traverses all the way across to where the slope drops down on the pathway, it's a generally easy route but with a few difficult sections. just hadn't put it up as thought it wouldn't be much interest to people as we mainly use it as a warm up problem. would be good to work out some sequences over the mentioned traverse, see if we can make it more of a challenge. safe climbing people. "love the ground you stand upon"
Louis_Cowell - 01/Apr/11
Have updated the photo with the top tier southern tip routes, you may need to hit refresh to getthe new pic.
the_liquorice_man - 26/Mar/11
Follow this link for some inspirational bouldering stuff light years away from the protected confines of indoor climbing:
Bob Dickinson - 23/Mar/11
Saturday would be best as Sunday is avec la famille...
Bob Dickinson - 22/Mar/11
Louis: Your facebook group doesn't seem to exist? Bob: We shall have to meet up sometime this week/weekend to discuss our routes!
the_liquorice_man - 21/Mar/11
Excellent news: will check you out. Was out there on sunday and did a short micro-problem which shredded one finger...
Bob Dickinson - 21/Mar/11
check out our facebook page bouldergrouplincoln we meet up the quarry most weekends and at times through the week feel free to get in touch, we're only beginners but are looking for more enthusiastic people to join our group. thank you
Louis_Cowell - 21/Mar/11
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