Logbooks Help Page

This page has answers to some of the most popular questions about the Logbooks system. If you can't find help for your problem here, then please Contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Q1: How do I create a Logbook?
Firstly you need to be Login as Existing User, or Register as a New User – it's quick and free. Once you are logged in, simply use the Add to Logbook page to start off your logbook.

Q2: How do I add climbs to my Logbook?

  1. By climb name - enter one climb at a time, by typing in part of the climb name and waiting for the climb to appear in the list. Sometimes you need to type quite a lot of the name in order for the correct climb to appear. Please try and spell the climb correctly (check the guidebook if you are unsure). If the climb doesn't appear then see Q9.
  2. By crag name - list all the climbs on a crag, by typing in part of the crag name or using the map search. Then tick the climbs to add to your logbook, without typing in all the names.
  3. By ticklists - if you know your climb is in a ticklist. e.g., Classic Rock, Eastern Grit Top 50, etc. Tick the climbs you wish to add to your logbook, without having to type any names. Subscribe to see a running total of how much of the list you've completed.

Q3: How do I edit or remove climbs in my Logbook?
To edit the details of your logbook entry, go to your logbook page and click on the climb you wish to edit. On the climb page, there is a link [ edit log ] under the Your Logbook section.

Q4: I have added some climbs but they have not appeared in my Logbook
There is a reload bug in Explorer 7 which occasionally prevents new climbs from appearing just after you have entered them. To get round the problem refresh the page (Ctrl key+reload button). Alternatively, sort your logbook page "by Edited" using the pull-down menu also works, as it will fetch a new page.

Q5: How do I stop people from reading my Logbook?
We hope that most people will want to share their logbook with the rest of UKClimbing.com, but there are several levels of privacy that you can choose from using the User Options page. Firstly your Logbook can be public, which means that everyone else on the site can look at it. Or if you set up a list of your climbing partners using the Edit Partners page, you can restrict access so that only those registered users can look at your logbook. Finally you could make your logbook completely private.

Q6: How do I link my climbing partners to their Logbooks?
For each climbing partner that you create in your Edit Partners page, you can link that name to a registered user. Some of your partners may not be registered users yet, but for those that are, simply enter their UKC User Name in the form.

Q7: How do I copy climbs from my partners' Logbooks?
If your climbing partner also has a Logbook then you can easily copy climbs that you did together from their Logbook using the Add logs from my Partners feature. Both partners must be linked from each other's logbook for this to work.

Q8: What do all the Styles of Ascent mean?
Some people will want to record just the fact that they "climbed" a route or boulder problem in their Logbooks, while others want to distinguish between leading with prior knowledge and a clean ascent of a climb that they have done before. You can enter as much or as little information as you like.

Styles of ascent
Alternate Leads
Optional details
O/SClean onsightno falls/rests, no prior knowledge of the climb
βClean with betano falls/rests, but prior knowledge about holds, protection, etc
G/UClean ground uppossible falls, but each attempt was from the ground
rptRepeat ascentno falls/rests, repeating a climb that you've done in the past
RPClean after practice 
"headpointing" / "redpointing" / working a climb which may include top-roping it or resting on gear, before doing a final clean ascent
DogWith falls/rests"dogged" got to the top, somehow! falls, rests, pulling on gear, etc
DNFDid not finishdidn't make it to the top

"redpointing" is a term typically used by sport climbers to refer to a final clean lead of a route (with or without the quickdraws already placed), after practicing it on a top-rope or with rests/falls. "headpointing" is the same thing but for trad climbs, and the gear is not normally pre-placed.

Q9: I've found a mistake in the UKC Climbs database
With so many thousands of climbs in our database, there are bound to be mistakes, so please point them out when you see them. If you disagree with the grade or the star-rating of a climb, then use the voting system. If the description is wrong (or there isn't one) then use the "edit climb" link, which is on the page for each climb. Alternatively you can email the volunteer moderator for that crag, who is shown on the crag page.

Q10: I can't find a climb in the UKC Climbs database
First of all, check that you've spelt it right - you might want to Find Crags and list all the climbs for that crag. If you are absolutely sure that the climb isn't in the list, and keep in mind the fact that every major climb and the majority of minor climbs in the UK are already listed, then you can Add a missing Climb. Give your own description of the climb if you want to, or just the name, grade and star-rating. The climb is added to our database immediately, so you can put it in your logbook or wishlist straight away.

Q11: How do I quickly add lots of missing climbs?
If you'd like to contribute lots of missing climbs at once, then you can use Upload file of missing climbs to upload a file of climb details from your computer. The page give instructions on how to easily do this in a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, or even with a simple text editor.

Q12: Can I save a copy of my logbook as a backup?
You can save a data file of your logbook using the link on the My Logbook page. This will download a comma-separated text file of the data in a .csv file format which is openable by all main database programs like Excel and Access.

Q13: Can I print out my logbook?
When displaying your logbook there is a Print command next to the Sort menu. After sorting the logbook into the order you wish, you can print out each page individually.

Q14: What is crag moderation?
The Logbooks system relies on a team of hundreds of volunteer moderators to look after the climb data for their local crags. You can read more about what the job involves and how to join the team at the Moderators Help Page.

Q15: Crags don't appear on the map?
We don't have map locations for all of the crags in our database yet, so if you'd like to help out, please visit Most Wanted! Crag map locations and enter locations for any areas that you know about. You don't need to be a crag moderator, just click on the crag name and click on the map to set the crag location.

Q16: Facebook Climbing application no longer posts to my Wall?
The latest update by Facebook broke the Logbook app. We're working on getting this back up and running as soon as possible. Sorry about this!

Q17: How can I use Logbook to keep record of my climbs for my MLTE Mountain Leader or SPA Award?
On the My Logbook page you can use the 'Print' option to print out your Logbook in a format which is very close to the MLTE format. You need to do this Page by Page. Alternatively, you can use the 'Download All' option to create a comma-separated text file of the data in a .csv file format which is openable by all main spreadsheet programs like Excel and Numbers.