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11 crags found
Cuenca, SPAIN
1100 climbs, Limestone
Cuenca, SPAIN
27 climbs, Limestone
Cuenca, SPAIN
3 climbs, Limestone
Cueva de la Zarza
Cuenca, SPAIN
51 climbs, Limestone
El Camino
Cuenca, SPAIN
13 climbs, Limestone
Martin Alajha
Cuenca, SPAIN
600 climbs, Limestone
Cuenca, SPAIN
35 climbs, Limestone
Punta Maria Luisa
Cuenca, SPAIN
?? climbs, Granite
Rincon de la Ermita
Cuenca, SPAIN
33 climbs, Limestone
Cuenca, SPAIN
10 climbs, Limestone
Valdecabras Sur
Cuenca, SPAIN
130 climbs, UNKNOWN