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13 crags found
Cuneo, ITALY
26 climbs, Limestone
Cuneo, ITALY
81 climbs, Limestone
Cuneo, ITALY
6 climbs, UNKNOWN
Il Torrione di Rocca Bert
Cuneo, ITALY
28 climbs, Gneiss
Monte Bracco
Cuneo, ITALY
355 climbs, Gneiss
Monte Viso
Cuneo, ITALY
5 climbs, UNKNOWN
Palestra degli Istruttori
Cuneo, ITALY
44 climbs, Limestone
Pareti di Costagrande
Cuneo, ITALY
12 climbs, UNKNOWN
Po Valley Crags
Cuneo, ITALY
163 climbs, Limestone
Punta Roma
Cuneo, ITALY
4 climbs, UNKNOWN
Punta Udine
Cuneo, ITALY
20 climbs, UNKNOWN
Punta Venezia
Cuneo, ITALY
2 climbs, UNKNOWN
Rocca Borgognona
Cuneo, ITALY
20 climbs, Gneiss