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31 crags found
Black Crag (Gable & Pillar)
Cumbria, ENGLAND
16 climbs, Rhyolite, Faces: NW
Low Water Crag & Low Water Beck
Cumbria, ENGLAND
11 climbs, UNKNOWN, Faces: ?
High Pennard & The Great Tower
Swansea, WALES
2 climbs, Limestone, Faces: ?
Gairloch coast, Ross & Cromarty, Highland
Highland, SCOTLAND
13 climbs, Sandstone (hard), Faces: SW
Loch nam Breac, Gairloch, Ross & Cromarty
Highland, SCOTLAND
15 climbs, Sandstone (hard), Faces: W
Pine Alp & Blar Ban Crags
Highland, SCOTLAND
30 climbs, Mica schist, Faces: NW
Jackdaw & Croy Quarries
Lanarkshire, SCOTLAND
4 climbs, Dolerite, Faces: N
Ross Point
Stirlingshire, SCOTLAND
10 climbs, Slate, Faces: NW
Meikle Ross
Dumfries and Galloway, SCOTLAND
113 climbs, Greywacke, Faces: SE
Girvan & Lendalfoot
Ayrshire, SCOTLAND
10 climbs, Volcanic tuff, Faces: W
Restonica (bloc) Jé & Mathieu
Corsica, FRANCE
32 climbs, Granite, Faces: ?
Ozein Mont Ross
Valle d'Aosta, ITALY
54 climbs, Limestone, Faces: NW
Fort Ross Boulders
CA North, USA
1 climb, Sandstone (hard), Faces: all
RMNP Bouldering - Emerald, Chaos & surrounding
CO North Colorado, USA
57 climbs, Gneiss, Faces: all
First Creek Canyon & Mount Wilson
NV Red Rocks, USA
25 climbs, Sandstone (hard), Faces: N
Sunny & Steep
NV Red Rocks, USA
19 climbs, Sandstone (hard), Faces: S
The Southern Outcrops & Mud Springs Canyon
NV Red Rocks, USA
30 climbs, Sandstone (hard), Faces: ?
Brasenose & Kaik Wall
Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND
29 climbs, UNKNOWN, Faces: ?
Grimface, Matriarch & Macabre
Aberdeen Columns, CANADA
1 climb, Granite, Faces: ?
Langer Berg Wände & Münchser Wand
Frankenjura, GERMANY
99 climbs, Limestone, Faces: NW
Braut & Bräutigam
Rhineland-Palatinate, GERMANY
6 climbs, Sandstone (hard), Faces: all
Bremker & Dohnsener Klippen
Lower Saxony, GERMANY
84 climbs, Limestone, Faces: SW
Frankendorfer Klettergarten 5&6
Bavaria, GERMANY
32 climbs, Limestone, Faces: ?
Frankendorfer Klettergarten 7 & 8
Bavaria, GERMANY
34 climbs, Limestone, Faces: ?
Predigtstuhl & Weißer Fels
Bavaria, GERMANY
26 climbs, Granite, Faces: all
Waldkopf & Ratsfelsen
Bavaria, GERMANY
62 climbs, Granite, Faces: all
Finger & Thumb
Souss-Massa, MOROCCO
4 climbs, Quartzite, Faces: N
Tizgut Gorge (Crag R & Crag S)
Souss-Massa, MOROCCO
43 climbs, Quartzite, Faces: W
Aggenstein Nord & Nordostwand
12 climbs, Limestone, Faces: N
Humuspfeiler & Schluchtwand
Carinthia, AUSTRIA
5 climbs, Granite, Faces: W
La Yunta & Guajiro Ecologico
Pinar del Rio, CUBA
43 climbs, Limestone, Faces: S
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