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Yorkshire Limestone Graded List ticklist

contributed by samwillo May/15

The best of Yorkshire limestone from the graded list of the 2005 Yorkshire Limestone Edition.

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Featuristic7a *2715mGordale Scar
Rock and Roll7a **5921mTrow Gill
Pillar Talk7a **5415mBlue Scar
Open for Business7a **5618mTrow Gill
Distant Lands7a **148?Trow Gill
The Best Medicine7a *11314mGiggleswick South
t'Inglesportonia Wall7a **9320mRobin Proctor's Scar
Rose Coronary7a **101112mMalham Cove
Yew Terrace7a *7720mYew Cogar
Clink7a **12020mTrow Gill
Against the Grain7a+ **22422mMalham Cove
Sycophants7a *41910mMalham Cove
The Jim Grin7a ***58415mTroller's Gill
Passion and Warfare7a **7018mDib Scar
Rampage7a *72?Giggleswick North
Gallows Humour7a **2628mGordale Scar
Barguest7a **16320mTroller's Gill
Sven Vath7a *3724mAttermire Scar
Flights of Fancy7a+ *42?Giggleswick North
Pimp with a Limp7a+ ***12822mTrow Gill
Sweet Nothing7a+ *2722mTroller's Gill
Angel Delight7a+ **29018mTroller's Gill
The Wizard's Wynd7b **447m• 2Trow Gill
Free and Even Easier7a+ **67512mMalham Cove
Yosemite Wall7a+ ***49722mMalham Cove
Appetite7a+ **41820mMalham Cove
Slap Happy7a+ ***4616mLoup Scar
Cop Out7b **15?Langcliffe Quarry
The Road to Iraq and Ruin7a+ **625mTrow Gill
Quiet Flight Direct7a+ ***36516mKilnsey
Crash Test Dummy7a+ 614mGordale Scar
Out of the Limelight7a+ **5410mGiggleswick South
Finger of Fun7a+ *4715mGiggleswick South
Forever Young7a+ **15220mRobin Proctor's Scar
Hardy Annual7a+ *174?Kilnsey
Holiday Blues7a+ 1?Blue Scar
Time Out of Mind7a+ ***19?Blue Scar
Sassenach7a+ ***2227mDib Scar
Witches Brew7b **15722mKilnsey
One Previous Owner7a+ **1816mBlue Scar
Market Forces7b **322mTrow Gill
Lost in Howling7b *1?Attermire Scar
Something Stupid7b *34712mMalham Cove
Hardcore Ecstasy7b **2720mTrow Gill
Seventh Aardvark7b **45012mMalham Cove
Haslam7b+ ***22315mTroller's Gill
Pursuit of Excellence7b+ ***4321mTrow Gill
Guided Muscle7b **1212mLoup Scar
Smooth Torquer7a+ *21912mKilnsey
Ground Effect7b **273?Kilnsey
Sticky Wicket7b *322?Kilnsey
Well Hung7b ***1738mGordale Scar
Strictly Ballroom7a *17525mGordale Scar
Ventura7b **1022mGordale Scar
Haggard Herring7b *28?Giggleswick North
Silent Laughter7b ***12414mGiggleswick South
Blue Green Algae7b **1417mTrow Gill
Cruisin' for a Bruisin'7b+ ***14115mYew Cogar
Revival7b+ ***4729mGordale Scar
Louphole7b+ *518mLoup Scar
Trowgerbirge Wall7b ***7122mTrow Gill
Throbscottle7b+ 1?Blue Scar
Extremes of Opulence7b+ **417mTrow Gill
Smouldering Globules of Lust7c **9516mTroller's Gill
Where the Time Goes7b+ **520mTrow Gill
Harry Tuttle, Heating Engineer7b+ 458mGiggleswick South
The Angel Gabriella7b+ *1726mMalham Cove
Strictly B Team7c *218mYew Cogar
Pantomime7b+ **176?Kilnsey
Frankie Comes to Kilnsey7b+ ***218?Kilnsey
Ocean Blue7b+ **1?Hull Pot
Nothing Lasts Forever7b+ *3715mGordale Scar
Obsession7b+ ***30520mMalham Cove
Stunned Mullett7b+ 5?Giggleswick North
The Fish and the Scales7b+ **520mDib Scar
Illywacker7b+ ***136?Giggleswick North
Soft Centre7b+ *720mMalham Cove
Lost In Thought and Lost In Time7b+ ***2825mAttermire Scar
Sunset Boulevard7c ***121?Giggleswick North
Soulsports7c **1225mAttermire Scar
Devil's Grip7c **3216mYew Cogar
Final Demand7b **220mDib Scar
Leap of Faith7c **417mTrow Gill
Lonely Traveller7c ***620mTrow Gill
Free and Easy7c **6520mMalham Cove
Serious Young Toads7c **2418mMalham Cove
Chiselling the Dragon7c *11712mMalham Cove
New Dawn7c ***31222mMalham Cove
Minimum Fuss7c **1323mMalham Cove
Tremelo7c ***16922mMalham Cove
More Rhubarb Faster7c+ *12?Kilnsey
Central Crack7b+ **416mLoup Scar
Dominatrix7c ***245?Kilnsey
Comedy7c ***428?Kilnsey
Biological Need7c ***17120mKilnsey
Strictly Masochism7c+ ***835mGordale Scar
Blue Afternoon7c *-20mBlue Scar
Divine Brown7c+ **3825mGiggleswick North
Space Invaders7c+ **4610mMalham Cove
Herbie7c+ ***13420mMalham Cove
Route 277c+ *114mTrow Gill
Vorsprung Durch Technik7c+ ***2820mYew Cogar
The Maximum7c+ **6812mMalham Cove
Mescalito7c+ ***15623mMalham Cove
The Ashes7c+ ***152?Kilnsey
Renaissance8a ***1020mMalham Cove
Defcon 38a ***6830mGordale Scar
Dreamtime7c+ ***35?Kilnsey
Dogpoint (Last Dog + Pierrepoint L2 + L3 )7c+ ***6440mGordale Scar
L'Ob Session7c+ ***6320mMalham Cove
The Power and the Glory8a **620mYew Cogar
A Grand Day Out7c+ ***250mGordale Scar
Man With A Gun7c+ **78?Kilnsey
Main Overhang8a **6117mMalham Cove
Dibatable7c+ 1?Dib Scar
The Gemini Incident7c+ ***422mDib Scar
Scavenger8a *911mMalham Cove
Mr Nice7c+ **3721mKilnsey
Jump Start8a **117mTrow Gill
Angel Heart7c+ *5616mTroller's Gill
Breach of the Peace8a ***612mMalham Cove
The New Age Traveller8a ***6320mMalham Cove
Toadal Recall8a **6818mMalham Cove
Conceptual Continuity8a **622mMalham Cove
Raindogs8a ***29812mMalham Cove
Connect 48a **4512mMalham Cove
Twisted8a **512mMalham Cove
Zoolook8a ***14722mMalham Cove
Subculture8a **148?Kilnsey
Kleptomania8a **50?Giggleswick North
The Thumb8a ***62?Kilnsey
Victorious8a **1127mAttermire Scar
The Bulge (aka Let Them Eat Jellybeans)8a ***123?Kilnsey
Mirage8a ***225mGordale Scar
Cold Steal8a ***47?Kilnsey
The Groove8a+ ***6732mMalham Cove
Supercool8a+ ***8332mGordale Scar
Urgent Action (aka Under the Thumb)8a+ ***71?Kilnsey
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