American Don Wood enjoying the rough rock of Indian Summer, Fine View Wall.
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North Wales Sport 2016 ticklist

contributed by Riverbankrumpus Jul/15

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1 James Worthington 34% 3 May, 2019
2 wynaptomos 25% 25 Jun, 2019
3 Hidden 11% 26 Jul, 2020
4 Charlie Zephyr Booth 9% 28 Jun, 2015
5 halo 2% 27 Sep, 2011

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School Mam 6a * 1400 19m Castle Inn Quarry
Indian Summer 6a+ * 907 15m Castle Inn Quarry
School Mam 6a * 1400 19m Castle Inn Quarry
Open Your Legs 6b * 310 8m Castle Inn Quarry
The Cake Walk 6b+ ** 866 19m Castle Inn Quarry
The Cake Walk 6b+ ** 866 19m Castle Inn Quarry
Secret Garden 6c+ * 80 18m Castle Inn Quarry
Driving the Dumper 6c+ * 107 15m Castle Inn Quarry
Cross Winds 6c+ ** 194 15m Castle Inn Quarry
Udder Head 6a 290 16m Llanddulas Cave
The Man with the Indiarubber Head 6a 306 16m Llanddulas Cave
Mad Hatter 6a 22 7m Llanddulas Cave
Hole in One 6a 23 7m Llanddulas Cave
Name of the Pose 6a+ 201 16m Llanddulas Cave
Guano on Sight 6a+ * 178 12m Llanddulas Cave
Misfits 6a+ 34 18m Llanddulas Cave
Crack of Dawn 6b 58 13m Llanddulas Cave
White Man's Burden 6b * 185 16m Llanddulas Cave
Afterglow 6b 43 ? Llanddulas Cave
Adolescent Stimuli 6b 42 ? Llanddulas Cave
Mad Hatter Left-hand 6b 6 7m Llanddulas Cave
Rala Rwdins 6b+ * 303 16m Llanddulas Cave
Zoidburg 6c * 42 15m Llanddulas Cave
Vegas Nights 6c+ * 79 18m Llanddulas Cave
Beauty is Only 6a ** 461 20m Lower Pen Trwyn
Dolphin Therapy 6a+ 80 16m Lower Pen Trwyn
Skin Game 6a+ ** 495 20m Lower Pen Trwyn
Skin Deep 6a+ * 434 20m Lower Pen Trwyn
Under the Boardwalk 6c *** 884 18m Lower Pen Trwyn
Mad O'Rourke's Kipper House 6c+ * 114 23m Lower Pen Trwyn
The Pink Pinkie Snuffs It 7a ** 365 23m Lower Pen Trwyn
Mumbo Jumbo 6a+ * 312 15m Pen Trwyn
Belay Bunny Bounces Back 6a ** 275 16m Pen Trwyn
Treat Me Like a Person 6b * 46 12m Pen Trwyn
Captain Percival 6a+ 172 12m Pen Trwyn
Tears as Souvenirs Direct Finish 6b 99 15m Pen Trwyn
Clutching at Squaws 6b+ 94 12m Pen Trwyn
Tears as Souvenirs 6b 158 12m Pen Trwyn
The Graduate 6b 99 12m Pen Trwyn
Hom Rescue 6b 85 12m Pen Trwyn
Secondhand Daylight 6c+ ** 15 12m Pen Trwyn
String of Pearls 6b+ *** 567 13m Pen Trwyn
Adequate Compensation 6b+ * 43 12m Pen Trwyn
38 stars 12,740 619m 43
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