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A list of all hills over 500m in height (Hewitts & Deweys) in the Pennines. Includes the North Pennines AONB, Yorkshire Dales NP, Forest of Bowland AONB, and the Peak District NP.

Meldon Hill   © Pete Pozman
Meldon Hill
© Pete Pozman, Dec 2021

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The final approach on a grim wet day.

Meugher summit
The final approach on a grim wet day.
© John Hunt

Great Whernside from Priest's Tarn with Bog Asphodel

Meugher summit
Great Whernside from Priest's Tarn with Bog Asphodel
© Pete Pozman

Trig and Moon, Blotting Raise

Blotting Raise summit
Trig and Moon, Blotting Raise
© petegunn

Cold Fell summit

Cold Fell summit
Cold Fell summit
© Pete Pozman

Looking back towards Blencathra from the summit of Blotting Raise

Blotting Raise summit
Looking back towards Blencathra from the summit of Blotting Raise
© petegunn

Scordale descending Little Fell

Little Fell summit
Scordale descending Little Fell
© Pete Pozman

Mam Tor Trig Point

Mam Tor (summit)
Mam Tor Trig Point
© David Carpenter

Meldon Hill

Meldon Hill summit
Meldon Hill
© Pete Pozman

Darnbrook Fell summit with Pen y Ghent behind

Darnbrook Fell summit
Darnbrook Fell summit with Pen y Ghent behind
© Pete Pozman

Great Pinseat not the summit

Great Pinseat summit
Great Pinseat not the summit
© Pete Pozman

Harland Hill summit mini cairn

Harland Hill summit
Harland Hill summit mini cairn
© Pete Pozman

Looking up Barbondale from Aye Gill Pike

Aye Gill Pike summit
Looking up Barbondale from Aye Gill Pike
© Pete Pozman

Add Hill name Grade Ticks? Height Area name
Cross Fell summit 123 893m Cumbria
Great Dun Fell summit 72 847m Cumbria
Little Dun Fell summit 58 842m Cumbria
Knock Fell summit 40 794m Cumbria
Mickle Fell summit 32 788m County Durham
Meldon Hill summit 23 767m Cumbria
Little Fell summit 20 746m Cumbria
Burnhope Seat summit 38 746m County Durham
Dead Stones summit 22 710m County Durham
Melmerby Fell summit 27 711m Cumbria
Great Stony Hill summit 23 708m County Durham
Chapelfell Top summit 23 700m County Durham
Round Hill summit 24 686m Cumbria
Murton Fell summit 28 675m Cumbria
Westernhope Moor (James's Hill) summit 22 675m County Durham
Killhope Law summit 31 673m County Durham
Black Fell summit 23 664m Cumbria
Nine Standards Rigg summit 68 662m Cumbria
Grey Nag summit 25 656m Northumberland
Three Pikes summit 21 651m County Durham
Herdship Fell summit 21 643m County Durham
Cold Fell summit 54 621m Cumbria
Bink Moss summit 19 619m County Durham
The Dodd summit 24 614m Northumberland
Flinty Fell summit 23 614m Cumbria
Middlehope Moor (Burtree Fell) summit 24 612m County Durham
Thack Moor summit 11 610m Cumbria
Murton Pike summit 12 594m Cumbria
Roman Fell summit 1 594m Cumbria
Blotting Raise summit 4 591m Cumbria
Middle Fell summit 1 580m Cumbria
Dry Rigg summit 3 566m County Durham
Iron Band summit 1 563m Cumbria
Tailbridge Hill summit 1 547m Cumbria
Hard Rigg summit 1 546m Cumbria
Bolt's Law summit 8 541m County Durham
Cuns Fell summit 1 539m Cumbria
Brownley Hill summit 3 533m Northumberland
Pike Rigg summit 1 525m Northumberland
Ayle Common summit 1 524m Northumberland
Moudy Mea summit 1 522m Cumbria
High Greygrits summit 1 522m Cumbria
Horseshoe Hill summit 4 519m County Durham
Brownber Hill summit 1 519m Cumbria
Collier Law summit 8 516m County Durham
Great Knipe summit 1 515m Cumbria
Park Fell summit - 511m Cumbria
Whernside summit 545 736m North Yorkshire
Ingleborough summit 751 723m North Yorkshire
Great Shunner Fell summit 92 716m North Yorkshire
High Seat summit 45 709m North Yorkshire
Wild Boar Fell summit 84 708m Cumbria
Great Whernside summit 176 704m North Yorkshire
Buckden Pike summit 165 702m North Yorkshire
Pen-y-ghent summit 716 694m North Yorkshire
Great Coum summit 75 687m Cumbria
Swarth Fell summit 51 681m Cumbria
Plover Hill summit 102 680m North Yorkshire
Baugh Fell - Tarn Rigg Hill summit 37 678m Cumbria
Lovely Seat summit 47 675m North Yorkshire
Great Knoutberry Hill summit 54 672m Cumbria
Rogan's Seat summit 33 672m North Yorkshire
Dodd Fell Hill summit 54 668m North Yorkshire
Fountains Fell summit 98 668m North Yorkshire
Little Fell Brae summit 28 667m North Yorkshire
Simon Fell summit 88 650m North Yorkshire
Middle Tongue (Yockenthwaite Moor) summit 36 643m North Yorkshire
Gragareth summit 76 627m Lancashire
Darnbrook Fell summit 39 624m North Yorkshire
Drumaldrace summit 40 614m North Yorkshire
Birks Fell summit 58 610m North Yorkshire
Calf Top summit 31 609m Cumbria
Horse Head Moor summit 20 609m North Yorkshire
Little Whernside summit 10 604m North Yorkshire
High Green Field Knott summit 5 602m North Yorkshire
Woldside summit 1 596m North Yorkshire
Oxnop Common (Blackstone) summit 1 584m North Yorkshire
Brown Haw summit 2 584m North Yorkshire
Great Pinseat summit 4 583m North Yorkshire
Meugher summit 5 575m North Yorkshire
Naughtberry Hill summit 1 573m North Yorkshire
Pickerstone Ridge summit 3 565m North Yorkshire
Park Fell summit 16 563m North Yorkshire
Wold Fell summit 6 558m Cumbria
Aye Gill Pike summit 20 556m Cumbria
Hoove summit 16 553m North Yorkshire
Grizedales summit 5 553m North Yorkshire
Height of Hazely summit 10 553m North Yorkshire
Conny Tammy Currack summit 2 551m North Yorkshire
Rye Loaf Hill summit 6 547m North Yorkshire
Kirkby Fell summit 7 546m North Yorkshire
Dead Man's Hill summit 3 546m North Yorkshire
Redshaw Moss (Snaizeholme Fell) summit 1 545m North Yorkshire
Castle Knott summit 7 538m North Yorkshire
Parson's Pulpit summit 4 538m North Yorkshire
Blea Moor summit 4 535m North Yorkshire
Harland Hill summit 4 535m North Yorkshire
Proctor High Mark summit 2 531m North Yorkshire
Blaydike Moss summit 2 510m North Yorkshire
Cracoe Fell summit 11 508m North Yorkshire
Cam Rakes summit - 503m North Yorkshire
The Calf summit 150 676m Cumbria
Calders summit 72 674m Cumbria
Yarlside summit 59 639m Cumbria
Randygill Top summit 52 624m Cumbria
Fell Head summit 50 623m Cumbria
Arant Haw summit 26 605m Cumbria
Green Bell summit 12 605m Cumbria
Simon's Seat summit 4 587m Cumbria
Hooksey summit 3 586m Cumbria
Hazelgill Knott summit 2 578m Cumbria
Kensgriff summit 13 574m Cumbria
West Fell summit 3 542m Cumbria
Uldale Head summit 12 532m Cumbria
Harter Fell summit 4 521m Cumbria
Ward's Stone summit 33 561m Lancashire
Pendle Hill summit 153 557m Lancashire
White Hill summit 22 544m Lancashire
Wolfhole Crag Summit summit 3 527m Lancashire
Fair Snape Fell summit 32 520m Lancashire
Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law summit 31 517m Lancashire
Kinder Scout summit 571 636m Derbyshire
Bleaklow Head summit 248 633m Derbyshire
Black Hill summit 144 582m Greater Manchester
Shining Tor summit 200 559m Derbyshire
Brown Knoll summit 118 569m Derbyshire
Axe Edge Moor summit 36 551m Derbyshire
High Stones summit 52 550m South Yorkshire
Lord's Seat summit 114 546m Derbyshire
Whetstone Ridge summit 12 546m Cheshire
Featherbed Moss summit 12 522m Greater Manchester
Mill Hill summit 74 544m Derbyshire
Black Chew Head summit 35 542m Derbyshire
Back Tor summit 88 538m South Yorkshire
Horse Stone Naze summit 4 527m South Yorkshire
Cats Tor summit 43 519m Cheshire
Mam Tor (summit) summit 500 517m Derbyshire
Oliver Hill summit 21 513m Staffordshire
Black Edge summit 15 507m Derbyshire
Shutlingsloe summit 268 506m Cheshire
The Roaches summit 124 505m Staffordshire
Combs Head summit 12 503m Derbyshire
West Nab summit 30 500m West Yorkshire
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